What They Don’t Tell You About Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers - What you need to know

In this post I hope to pass on a couple of important things I’ve learned in the past six years of having a dedicated server that you should consider before making that leap. [Continue reading]

Getting The Most From Swipe Files & Quick-Start Guide

Swipe Files

In this post I'm going to explain exactly what swipe files are, how to use them to create unique and creative content titles, which tools I personally use, along with some helpful tips and guidance. But First - Before you get the wrong idea, I want … [Continue reading]

Do you think Web Push Notifications will replace feed readers in 2015?

Web Push Notifications

Push notifications are no longer just for mobile apps, we're seeing Website Push Notification for Safari browsers and both Firefox & Google Chrome are to follow very soon. How will this new trend help or affect bloggers and is it something we … [Continue reading]

Check Out This Free WordPress Table of Contents Plugin

TOC - Table of Contents

In this post we'll take a deep dive into the free WordPress plugin - Table of Contents Plus. I don't know about you but every now and then I get a little long winded when writing a blog post. Adding a Table of Contents (TOC) to longer posts can make … [Continue reading]

6 Things Your Daddy Never Told You About WordPress Themes

Six WordPress Theme Questions To Ask

Questions to ask yourself before buying that next premium theme We all know and understand the value of a great looking blog and most of us understand the basic questions to ask a developer before buying our next premium WordPress theme. This … [Continue reading]