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I’m Going To Giveaway $50 To A Blog Commenter

image - $50 GiveawayFor almost a week now, I’ve been working on a little learning project by going through every single podcast by Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is an amazing blogger and has more to teach than almost anyone else I can think of. What’s most amazing about Pat is his transparency and his quest to help others find success. Those two traits jive with me in a big way. So what’s that have to do with a $50 giveaway? Nothing, not directly, but bear with me.

UPDATE: I’m sad to say I had to keep my $50, we didn’t quite make the goal. I REALLY wanted to give that cash away but there will be other chances very soon. I’d like to thank everyone that stopped by Mitch’s post to comment and who shared this post. You are fantastic and I’m blessed to have such awesome readers. 🙂

On Pat’s Podcast page he has one post with well over 600 comments, a lot even for his blog. I jumped ahead in the list because I had to know why the post was so special. It turned out that that particular podcast was an interview with Noah Kagan from AppSumo. Noah Kagan is a super cool guy and I invite you to listen to the podcast. Almost there, I promise. 😉

So near the end of the interview, Noah offers a cool prize to one of Pat’s readers IF that post beat Pat’s record number of comments at the time. I was so impressed with that gesture because Noah was doing what he could to help another blog. I’m going to replicate that gesture on a smaller scale; I don’t have the wealth of Noah Kagan – yet. So here we go…

The Giveaway

I was just interviewed by a blogger that I have a ton of respect for and I want to make that post one of his biggest. I’d like to see that post break his record number of comments for any other post, which happens to be 135.

So, if we can get 140+ comments ON THAT POST by this time next week (by 20 Aug 2013), I’ll use to select one of those commenters and put $50 into their PayPal account. We’ll announce the winner next week.

What Makes This The Coolest Giveaway?

The great thing about this type of giveaway is without sharing, no one wins. The more sharing we do, the more comments Mitch gets and then someone wins $50, maybe you. Just in case someone missed it, Mitch’s site is called I’m Just Sharing, how cool is that?

So all you have to do is jump over to my interview, read the post and leave a great comment that will get past Mitch’s strict standards. Trust me; he’ll know if you read the post and will spam you out if it’s not a great comment. Once you’ve done that, share this post everywhere you can and encourage everyone to comment – that’s the only way you have a chance to win. That’s all I have so click over right away and leave a comment there. Good luck. 🙂