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AdSense Blogging Is Alive And Well

Here we go, this is how an old school blogger starts, “Well, back in the day…” lol. A few years ago I got pretty excited about keyword research and how easy it was to manipulate Google and the other search engines. I know this sounds strange and a little arrogant but it was what it was and Google has cleaned house since the days of AdSense blogging and I was one of those swept under the rug.

Panda updates officially launched February 24th 2011. By April, Panda was affecting all English speaking countries and we’ve seen updates as recent as last month.

Google’s Panda update was against thin (low-quality) content and keyword stuffed articles and AdSense blogging was right in the middle of that low quality crowd.

So What’s Next For AdSense Blogging?

So Panda gave many of us a good spanking and I decided to get my act together and get back to blogging… real blogging. Other bloggers stuck through it and learned from the Panda lessons and re-worked the content and built quality sites rather than just shut them down. Many bloggers had to wait months to see if their improvement would do the job and, for many, it was a good decision.

So can bloggers still earn decent money from AdSense earnings? The answer is a resounding,

But here’s the difference… You can’t get to those shady AdSense days that I was involved in. You have to build high-quality blogs, in the right niche, optimized to the gills. You need qualified traffic and all of the things we, as bloggers, do right now for our blogs has to be done on niche AdSense blogs as well.

Keyword research is an absolute must BEFORE even deciding on a niche blog to setup. Not only to check potential traffic and how much competition, but to see if there’s going to be any AdSense revenue available. For example, I happen to own With the latest in high speed rail initiatives by our Government, that’s a great domain to have, but it would be a pretty lousy AdSense site. Why? There are no AdWords advertisers with a product targeted at those people that might search for high speed rail.

So What Can Make Money?

So we see what doesn’t make money with AdSense, let’s see what does. Let’s move onto our case study and introduce a niche site owned but popular blogger and podcaster, Pat Flynn. Pat owns several sites and blogs but today I’d like to look at just one example,

AdSense Earnings = $2,878.65 For December 2012 is different than all of those niches AdSense blogs we used to see. is a high quality website in its own right that happens to earn some AdSense income. Actually, it earns a lot with AdSense but the point here is solid; quality is mandatory to build a profitable site today.

I don’t want to put words into Pat’s mouth or pretend to know his secret but I do know he works hard and I can see there is a lot of time in that site. For example, at the time of this post, this particular website has earned 113 +1s. Those don’t normally just appear, they are worked for.

113 Plus Ones

I see a Google PageRank of 02/10 and an Alexa of 63,542. That means optimization and traffic. Anyone that knows Pat doesn’t have to wonder if that Alexa rank has been manipulated; its real traffic, I’m sure of that.

The Takeaway

I think the main takeaway is there is money to be made in AdSense earning using niche blogging but it takes real work and promotion. We’re not going to be able to throw up one niche site a week like we did in the day. We need research, content, optimization, social marketing and that’s just to get things going.

I’€™m Going To Try One

I think it would be cool to build a nice Niche blog with several streams of income. We could all learn together as it grows, or fails. And if it grows well, can you think of a better contest prize? We could build it, learn from it and then offer the whole thing up as a contest prize. Are you in?

Do You Agree?

Do you still use AdSense? Are you building niche blogs or thinking about it? Is this a topic you’d like to see more of on Hot Blog Tips? Your comments are welcome here. 🙂

Niche AdSense Blogs, Do They Still Work?