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Ben Barden Becomes A Newsletter Partner

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image - Ben BardenFor those not already familiar with the Hot Blog Tips Newsletter, it’s not MY newsletter, it’s a collaboration of several (three) pro bloggers and “Newsletter Partners.” Today I’m excited to announce a third newsletter partner; Ben Barden with Ben will take over the Quick Blogging Tips Thursday edition. Can you think of a better fit, the owner of Quick Blog Tips writing our Quick Blogging Tips? Very cool.

A Little About Ben

Ben Barden is a pro blogger with five years of experience and thirteen years in the IT industry. Ben guest posted for us back January and he did a fantastic job.  In fact, that was one of the best guest blog posts we’ve had here on Hot Blog Tips.

The Newsletter Partners – Four Reasons To Subscribe Today

  1. Ben Barden‘s first quick Blog Tip goes out today! That’s right; you can get in on the ground floor. Sorry, that’s just the marketer part of me shining through. ;)
  2. Mitch Mitchell – Just his name demands respect. Every blogger worth their salt knows of Mitch. Mitch is a well respected blogger, and as his friend, I’m here to tell you, €œMitch cares€. I can’t put it any better than that; Mitch has heart and he knows his stuff €“ plain and simple.
  3. Sheryl Loch is a long time personal friend but I had no idea she was one of the best researchers on the net. Seriously, the video tips she shares are often brand new, never heard, and pure gold. No one has done more to insure the success of both our newsletter and this blog.
  4. Brian D. Hawkins – That’s me and I’m not too shy to say you can’t go wrong with me either. Sure, I’m a long time blogger but where I really shine is I’m willing to share everything I know. I’m not blogging about one thing and doing another. What you see, or read, is what you get.

You can get to know our team a little better by visiting our newsletter page or, better yet, visit each partner’s blog – Sheryl, Mitch and Ben.

If you’re not already subscribed, consider subscribing now and PLEASE give Ben a warm welcome.


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