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Best Blogging TipsBest Blogging Tip Tweets is where I post tweets giving or promoting the best blog tips. Each tweet below is just as on Twitter so you’ll be able to click the links included. You can even follow, reply, retweet and favorite right from this blog.

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@joshuazamora On Pinging

I’m big on pinging blog posts, including other blogs that I have commented on but Joshua just took it to the next level with How To Quickly get your Backlinks Indexed in 3 Easy Steps. This blogging and backlink tip is top shelf and a must read! Prepare to be impressed.



@WordpressWB On Google AdSense Section Targeting

This a quick and easy tip where Mitz shows you how to add Google AdSense section targeting on your blog  Google uses the actual content on the page or post to generate the ads, not the content in the sidebars and footers.


@smartbloggerz On Getting Traffic To Your Blog

An Ultimate Guide To Get Traffic To Your Blog is a guest post on by Devesh from Devesh give some nice tips on getting traffic to your blog. What I liked most about the post was the fact he named and linked to specific resources.

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  • Isabel Singh

    It is a great way to scatter blogs. I think using twitter will give you a chance to increase followers.

  • Herbert

    Quote: How To Quickly get your Backlinks Indexed in 3 Easy Steps

    Im also using Bulkping and it really works like charm. Very easy to use and very effective.

    • admin

      Hi Herbert, I love the way you can do it all right from BulkPing:
      Create the RSS feed, submit the feed and ping the list of blog links and feeds.

      • Herbert

        BulkPing is a one hellova tool 😀

  • Steve


    Love the way you set this up with good links and through twitter. I will just have to remember to use that hashtag sometimes!


    • admin

      Thanks Steve, I’m using a plugin called Blackbird Pie. It’s pretty cool.

  • Aaron

    This way best tweets get more exposure and related blog get targeted traffic.

    • admin

      Thanks Aaron, I don’t have all the answers and this is my way of helping subscribers and readers with great blogging tips out there. It also helps the bloggers being featured.

  • Ana

    Great to see my name on your blog, Brian – thank you.

    I am curious to check out Dev’s post; off to do that.


    • admin

      My pleasure Ana, that was a great post and a lot of bloggers can benefit from it.

  • Ana

    PS on Joshua’s post: turns out Google automatically indexes .com sites – no need to worry about doing anything about it.

    Check this out:

    • admin

      Thanks Ana, I think it was more about re-indexing after commenting but Google might do that as well, I’m not sure. Plus it’s pinging a bunch of engines.

  • Sire

    Hey Brian, this is a novel way of introducing good tips to your readers. Good on you mate for coming up with it. Having people come up with new ways of doing things is what keeps things interesting.

    • admin

      Thanks Sire, I’m always trying to come up with unique ways to bring n the best information and this is a very easy post for me.

  • Duy

    Awesome tweets Brian!

    I’ve opened them all and I think I will dive straight into them to read. I really like the 1st and the 4th tweets. Thanks for sharing this list :)


    • admin

      Thanks Duy, tell them Brian sent you. 😉

  • reeha

    very useful tweets. I think ANA,s suggestion for promoting and starting your blog in 100$ is nice and great.

    • Brian Hawkins

      I love reading Ana’s blog Reeha, I think every blogger would do themselves a favor by subscribing to both her feed and newsletter.

  • Tessa

    Good and useful collection of twitter feeds. Your posts seems to be new method of blogging. Good thought and it is very helpful Brian.

    • Brian Hawkins

      Thanks Tessa, I appreciate that.

  • Lonnie Ebel

    job well done Brian! thanks for this great and valuable post.. very helpful and good content.

    • Brian Hawkins

      My pleasure Lonnie.

  • Jarrod

    These are good collections of tweets. Thanks for sharing. I really find @WordpressWB’s tweet very useful. Please keep them coming.