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Top Ten Blog Commenting Tips – Don’t Look Like A Spammer

Updated 11 Sep 2014

For this week’s Quick Blogging Tip, I’ll offer a few blog commenting tips that will help you with blogging success; after all, that’€™s what we do here. Thanks to you, we get a lot of blog comments. Unfortunately, we have to delete many blog comments either because they did not read our comment policy or the commenter just doesn’t understand blogging etiquette. The following blog commenting tips are for the group of blog commenters (newbie bloggers) that want to improve their blog commenting success.

A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.
~ Lee Odden (in his book: Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing).

Why Are You Leaving A Comment?

I think the first thing we need to ask ourselves is, “Why are we leaving a comments?” Now, I could jump on the bandwagon and say the only legitimate reason to comment on a blog is to engage with everyone because we should all be social butterflies.  Oh what a wonderful world. Okay, back to reality; there are a number of reasons to leave a blog comment, some good and some bad:

Right reasons to comment:

  • You see people you know and like and want to join in on the discussion.
  • You know the topic and can offer additional advice, validation, or overall value.
  • You have a question on the topic.
  • You see something you disagree with and want to respectfully challenge or question it.
  • You know you can leave an impressive comment that’s going to bring others to your blog wanting more.
  • You want to develope a relationship with the community or author.

There is some blogging jerk out there who feels he can generalize his way to validity.
~ Neil Young in Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream

Wrong reasons to comment:

  • You love the blog and want to tell the blogger.
  • You need backlinks to your website.
  • You have a question about something else and it looks like a good way of contact.
  • You know this stuff better than the writer and want to “outshine” them.
  • You don’t care for the author, or one of the commenters, and want to slam them every chance you can.
  • You want to drop a link to your latest post or product everywhere you can.

Top Ten Blog Commenting Tips

  1. Add Value: Post a comment that adds to the quality of the discussion. Do NOT leave a lame comment like, Nice post, I enjoyed it“.
  2. GET AN AVATAR! You can register free at that will show an avatar on most blogs. This Avatar is simply an image that is displayed along with your comment on blogs that have this feature enabled. This avatar/image doesn’t have to be your headshot; it can be anything you like. The plain default or blank avatar with comments screams either comment spam or newbie and sends a red flag to every blog admin.
  3. Stay On Topic: This one should be easy but a lot of bloggers fail at it. You should actually READ THE BLOG POST! Pretty simple right? You would think so.
  4. Interact And Engage: Interact with the other commenters. If you have a relevant comment, suggestion or answer for another comment already posted, hit the reply button by that blogger’s name and reply directly to the comment in question. This interaction will build online relationships and your blogging success.
  5. Be Respectful: If you find an error or disagree with the blog post author or another comment, please show some respect. Addressing the issue is fine but personal and/or professional attacks will not be tolerated on this blog and will ruin your reputation on blogs that let the comment stay.
  6. Brand Your Name: Using Keywords is important and that is why we use CommentLuv Premium$ which includes KeywordLuv BUT branding your name is also important. Ana Hoffman wrote a post for Yaro Starak that really shows the importance of branding your name.
  7. Comment Policy: Find and read the blog’s Comment Policy if they have one. The quickest way to get your blog comment deleted is to ignore the blog’s policies.
  8. Don’t Suck-Up: You don’t always have to agree with everything and tell the blog post author how great he/she is. We know we’re great {joking} but you should always be honest. If you disagree or have a different opinion, then say so – just be respectful (Refer to Blog Commenting Tips #5).
  9. No Deceptive Tactics: When you list your blog/website URL on the comment form and ‘trick‘ our CommentLuv into displaying another blog URL you are using cheap deceptive blog tactics and risk getting banned. This is a common blog commenting tactic used by blog spammers selling SEO backlinks and blog traffic via blog commenting (See Blog Commenting Tips #10).
  10. NEVER EVER Buy Blog Comments: Out of the other blog commenting tips, this may be the most important, “Never Ever buy links or traffic from blog commenting“. These low-life blog commenting sites will ruin your blog and your reputation as a blogger.

Join the discussion…

What Blog Commenting Tips do you have to offer? Any blog commenting stories to share? Are you using the best blog commenting strategies? I’d love to hear your opinions and comments.