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Bloogers - mispelled

I know how to spell Bloggers, it just looks better like that. lol

In an earlier blog post I wrote about Bloggers Helping Bloggers and I want to take things a step further by giving all bloggers that offer helpful blog tips, advice and resources a chance to promote their blogs and list ways we can connect.

The Deal

So here’s the deal, connect with me and I’ll connect back. Hopefully as the list grows more and more bloggers will connect and engage with each other from the information you include; connecting already comes natural in this niche.

Who’s Invited?

Correction: On second thought, I want to connect with site visitors and subscribers. Your blog niche shouldn’t matter, we’re all bloggers. Let’s connect! I would like to keep this invitation close to this niche. I’m looking for bloggers that are offering helpful tips and resources that help other bloggers. I’m interested in many other areas but it wouldn’t make sense for a photography blog, for example, to be listed here. I sure wouldn’t want all of the AdSense sites coming out of the woodwork either.

What To Do

It’s easy, Just subscribe, like, follow, review, comment, or any other connection. Let me know in the comments below and leave your information. Together we can grow or connections, site traffic and rankings.

Once you connect, simply leave your short bio, blog link and connections in a comment below. I will try to engage with you in every way I can.

NOTE: Even if we’re already connected, post your information so others have access to it.

Here’s my bio and an example of what you might leave in your comment. Add whatever social and bookmarking profiles you like:

My name is Brian Hawkins and I’ve been a blogger since the beginning of the niche. Before that I had internet marketing websites, forums and even safelists. Blogging is my passion and building this blogging tips website is already very satisfying.

My Blog:
VIP LIST (Newsletter):
RSS Feed:
YouTube Channel:

Now your turn, don’t be shy…

Inspired by Ana Hoffman and Gail Gardner

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  • william

    Hi Brian, First let me say that i am not in the niche you have mentioned. However I just wanted to express my application for the effort you are putting forward to assist other bloggers. As a newbie to the internet marketing world this is the kind of support that people like myself, who cannot afford, at the beginning stage the cost of some of the courses being offered, need in order to get a star. again i am not in the niche nor am i a spammer but i would love to pick up some tips to improve myself and my blogging ability. cheers.

    • admin

      Hi William, we can still connect on Twitter and such. Go ahead and leave your links. I’m going to fix that invite in the post, I want to connect with site visitors, not just blogging blogs. My mistake.

  • Olawale Daniel

    My names are Olawale Daniel Tayo, I am a full time blogger and writer. I love to blog about people’s problems by offering them real-time solutions that can help them improve their lives better.
    Here are my social profiles and details.
    My Blog:
    YouTube Channel:

    • admin

      Great job Olawale, hopefully others will follow your example by adding their info and following each other’s links.

      We’re already connected on Twitter and G+.
      I subscribed to your blog and your newsletter.
      I followed you on Digg and dugg a couple posts.
      I left a Technorati review.
      I left an Alexa review.
      I subscribed to your YouTube channel and sent a friend request.
      Your StumbleUpon link seems broken. Leave the correct URL and I’ll correct it above.

  • Cara Tan

    Hello Brian,

    Its good that you’ve started this deal to help other bloggers. I understand that you must stay close to your niche and I hope that some one like you can do this and unite other bloggers on different niches.

    • admin

      Hi Cara, Just because we’re not working the same niche doesn’t mean we can’t connect. I don’t read Hebrew but we can still connect in any English social site we’re both using. Feel free to post them.

  • faissal alhaithami

    Hi Brian! I love this idea a lot!! thanks !!
    it will be pleasure to connect with you and share our stuff..

    I’m Faissal and I’ve been blogging for less than a year !! but I have had my first website about 5 years ago! I started to write about facebook marketing 3 to 4 months on my personal blog then I started my new blog as I felt like i want a better place to write about facebook marketing !!and it’s just completed a month!

    • admin

      Very nice Faissal, I’m running out the door but I will hit each one of those this evening when I get home. I just started a FB group last night using the same concept. It’s at Thanks

      • Faissal Alhaithami

        THANKS !!

        I have subscribed to your RSS, followed you in twitter and circled you in Google..

        hope we can be in connect for ever!

    • admin

      Hi Faissal, let’s see…
      I subscribed to your blog, both in a reader and by email/newsletter, plus left another comment.
      I was already following on Twitter and Google+.
      Liked your Facebook page. Very cool page by the way
      Thanks for connecting.

  • Suresh Khanal

    Hi Brian,

    I’m Suresh Khanal from SEO MMO Tips blog. I love to share Blogging experience. search engine optimization, monetization options and different blogging tools are my prime interest.

    My Blog:
    Google+: h

    • admin

      Ok Suresh, before I get started I have to say I just finished reading, and commenting on, This is why your blog is not on the first page of Google. Wow! I was so impressed I actually had to share it with my StumbleUpon friends and leave a review which I rarely do.

      Here we go:
      I subscribed to your blog.
      Following on Twitter and G+.
      Friended you on StumbleUpon (CSC4U) and submitted the above mentioned post.
      Friended you on Digg (extremeezine) and submitted the post above.
      Left an awesome review on Alexa for your blog.

  • Ted

    Cool idea for a post Brian. I am looking to connect with other bloggers too.

    StumbleUpon –

    Followed you on Twitter and StumbleUpon. Looking forward to connecting.

    • admin

      Thanks Ted, I followed back on Twitter and StumbleUpon. Subscribed top your blog and left a comment. I look forward to more from Part Time Ted. 😉

  • admin

    Absolutely Sooreneccs, I have subscribed to your blog and am following you on Twitter. Thanks.

  • Sire

    Hey Brian, I’m going to join your list and tweet this post. I reckon we are already connected in many ways but perhaps I can interest others in connecting with me 😉

    My lottery blog where I aim to make most of my money –
    My Twitter – AussieSire
    Google+ –
    Linkedin –

    Reckon that will keep them going for a bit 😀

    • admin

      Thanks Sire, I subscribed to LottoMan’s blog and sent an invite on LinkedIn. Like you said, we have a lot of connections. Hopefully one day we can shake hands on a nice beach of Australia, that’s a great connection. Thanks.

      • Sire

        Now that would be great wouldn’t it Brian, especially if we could get our blogging career to finance it all

  • sooreneccs

    Hi Brian,
    Great reading your post, am a newbie and not in your niche.My blog is poetry on celebrities using their songs/movies titles.Liked your attitude of connecting and sharing.May we connect?
    My blog :


    This is a nice initiative by u Brian. While making this comment using firefox, i see that your subscription button for the book at top left not working properly. It has come way more right on the text.

    • admin

      Thanks Nikki, I didn’t realize that was happening on Firefox. Turns out the form script was picking up on the image float tag above it. I cleared it up with a clear div line.

      I subscribed to your feed, thanks. :)

  • Priya

    Mine site is offline.
    Nice one to get bloggers engage and help each other.

    • admin

      Thank you Priya, I have subscribed to your blog.

  • admin

    Thanks Roz, I subscribed to your blog & YouTube, followed you on Twitter and G+, and friended you on Digg and YouTube. I don’t have MySpace any more. :)

  • Roz Bennetts

    Hi Brian,

    I blog for fun but I love comments and I’m a bit of a social media geek.

    Here are my social profiles
    My Blog:
    YouTube Channel:

  • Pankaj

    Hi Brian,

    what a clever tactic for engaging readers! hats off!

    • admin

      Thanks Pankaj, I subscribed, followed you on Twitter and liked your FB fan page.

  • Noel Addison

    Thanks Brian!

    Our blog is here:

    We’re on FaceBook too:

    This is shaping up to be one of the finer resources for bloggers looking to expand their network. Great job Brian!

  • Jarrod

    Hi Brian,

    Brilliant idea to build relationship and strengthen online presence. This is very effective way to expose blog to the blogosphere. Keep up the good work and more power!

  • pRaveen

    Hi all @Brian what an initiative . will follow this tactic on my blog too.BTW i have subscribed all the news letter.

  • Ferb

    My name is Ferb, I’m the owner of Fexlafy. I love too help the community using my blog. Really thanks to Brian gives me this opportunity to promote my blog here.