Blogging And Beyond | Week 12
Blogging And Beyond

Blogging And Beyond | Week 12

Blogging And Beyond | Week 12In the news this week? We find it and curate the good stuff so you won’t miss it. This week we have the US Government looking at an internet sales tax (again), A news aggregator faces copyright infringement for news excerpts, Take snap shots in G+ Hangouts, Facebook’s new Reply Feature, The Google Keep app, Search for animated and transparent gifs on Google, Google Babble coming soon and two big-money grants.

Uncle Sam Wants His $20 Billion In Internet Sales Taxes

It’s still in the early stage but the US Senate overwhelmingly support (75 to 24) the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 in a symbolic vote on the internet tax proposal this week. It’s estimated that $20 Billion in sales taxes go uncollected each year in the United States from online sales. US Senate votes in favor of proposed nationwide internet sales taxes.

See: US Senate votes in favor of proposed nationwide internet sales taxes (The Verge)

News Aggregation Is Copyright Infringement?

Apparently, even a short excerpt can get you into legal trouble when it comes to copyright infringement. Meltwater‘s Online Media Monitoring service helps businesses keep track of their industry news, much like a souped-up Google Alert that includes excerpts of the mentions. A federal judge sided with AP news (Associated Press) showing that type of news aggregation is in violation of copyright law and, if upheld on appeal, could have a big impact on the way news is curated.

See: News-scraping service can’t copy AP stories without permission, says judge (The Verge)

Hangouts Capture – Snap Shots During Google+ Hangouts

Google Plus has added a hangouts capture app to Hangouts that allows you to snap a still photo shot, via a camera button, of your live video conference.

See: Candid camera: Google+ adds Capture app to Hangouts (CNET)

screenshot - Google Plus Hangouts Capture App

You Heard It Here First! The Facebook Reply Feature

A big “Thank You” goes out to Brad West and Sheryl Loch for getting the ‘Facebook Reply Feature‘ news out to our readers WAY before the media. Back on February 25, 2013, Sheryl posted, Nested Comments on Facebook

See: To Improve Conversations, Facebook Will Launch A Reply Feature And Most Active Threads On Pages And Popular Profiles (TechCrunch)

Google Keep – Better Productivity?

I installed Google Keep on my Galaxy smart phone today and I’m not sure if it will be ‘all that’ yet but I will try to improve my productivity with it. It’s very late Saturday night and I’m just writing this week’s Blogging and Beyond post so there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to better use of my time.

Google Keep


New Google Search Filter For Animated and Transparent Images

Under the “Search Tools” tab of a Google Image search, you can now filter your search to look for animated gifs and transparent images. Caution, just because you can find these images does not mean you can legally use them.

See: Google Adds Search Filter for GIFs, Transparent Images (Mashable)

Screenshot - Search Filter For Animated and Transparent Images

Google Babble – Coming To A Conversation Near You Soon

Years ago I registered the domain, that went nowhere. I let it go a long time ago and now I wonder if I couldn’t have been one of those lucky startups that get boocoo bucks from Google, now that they may launch the chat service ‘Google Babble.’

See: Google Babble: The One (Rumored) Chat Service to Rule Them All (Mashable)

Your Chance To Get Rich – Make A Better Condom Or Improve Gun Background Checks

In the news this week was a couple of huge money opportunities for the innovative.

$1 Million For A Better Condom

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is offering a $1 million grant for an improved condom. Many men don’t use condoms because the ‘feeling’ isn’t as good as it is without it. Can you make a better condom? One that ‘improves’ sensation? Give Bill a call; tell him Brian sent you. ;)

See: Gates Foundation puts out call to make better condoms (The Verge)

Firearm Background Check Improvement Grants

The US Justice Department announced it will invest $20 Million in Government grants to improve the firearm background check system.

See: Justice Department offers $20 million in grants for improving gun background check data (The Verge)

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