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Blogging History – Reflecting On Pre-Blogging Days

Before Blogging History

image - Blogging MemoriesToday I had the opportunity to chat with an old internet buddy, before Blogging History, that I met a long time ago, way before I called myself a blogger. As old friends do, we found ourselves reminiscing on past accomplishments, challenges and good times.

The conversation really got me thinking about the changes we’ve seen in the last fourteen+ years and how blogging is a big part of those changes.


No one had any idea what the online world would look like. There was no Facebook, Twitter or even, wait for it…. GOOGLE! And, of course, this was way before blogging. It’s funny, I was just reading a fantastic interview by Holly Jahangiri on The Next Goal and she [Holly] made this statement, I was trying to wrap my head around the word “blog,” which still sounds like an intestinal disorder”. I can totally relate to that sentiment. I can remember telling a friend about this new thing called a blog. I wasn’t sure what it was but it sounded interesting.

How Blogging Has Improved Web Design

Back in the day (I can’t believe I just said that), everything was HTML. Plain text and images. Things had to be structured with tables and cells. It wasn’t long before CSS came out and things started getting pretty exciting – and complicated. Write it, code it, design it, upload it and see what it looked like. “Now why is my logo in the middle of the page?” Start the process over. And over, and over…

There was no Web 2.0 or social anything. Before Google, internet search was a crap shoot so forget SEO. Getting others to your site was accomplished only by shrinking to micron level, snaking yourself through the net and dragging people by their hair.

Blogging History Has Improved Web Design

So now we have blogs, internet search and social networking. Absolutely anyone can blog. People of all ages and all walks of life blog on WordPress, Blogger and even Facebook without so much as registering a domain. Today’s blog, with a few clicks and a shiny theme, can outperform and look better than any website from way back when.

To get an online contact form to function took JavaScript, separate files and an act of God to function. Today we can download, install and setup a free plugin without ever leaving the blog’s control panel. There was no such thing as comments, other than usernet newsgroup – until forums came alone. If you “liked” something you were probably eating it while you waited for your computer to boot up (286, 20mb hard drive, 5.25″ floppy drive & Windows 3.0 anybody?), your dial-up connection to login or a webpage to load.

The Future Of Blogging And Web Development

I am so glad to be around with all of today’s innovations and can’t wait to see what the online future holds, especially blogging. I predict Virtual Blogging, where we can REALLY reach out and touch someone. lol

What are your first online memories? When did you start blogging and how has it changed your online world? What do you see for the future of blogging?


  1. Windows 3.1, MSN Dial up and IE and Lycos was a major search engine player. Good times. Blogging for me started back when Xanga, Diaryland, Greymatter were popular, then WordPress came along and changed my life forever.

    Blogging changed my life by opening up a way to express my creative side, however then it was oddly frowned upon and viewed as a waste of time, now literally everyone does it, some for fun, others professionally.

    As for the future of blogging, I think it has a wide range of potential in connecting people to things they like, creating new jobs and in the end will make the saying “It’s a small world after all” be a bit more true!

  2. sai krishna says:

    Twitter: saithegeek
    really a blogger blog is changed my i am a part time blogger with my own self hosted word press blog.really blogging is a remarkable profession.

  3. You know, it was extremely interesting to read this prehistory, because I haven’t known about it before. I started blogging not so long ago!

  4. Michael Gibson says:

    Life pre Google…Life pre Google…

    Nope, can’t say I remember it! But back then I think I was only about…10 years old haha!

    I’d never even heard of a ‘blog’ back then. Heck, the most important thing to me back then was trying to connect to Diablo online on my old 56k modem!

    As for blogging in the future? I don’t think all that much is going to change. Sites may start including HTML5 interfaces and components and things like that but I think the core idea of blogging is going to stay the exact same.

    It’d be like trying to reinvent the book.

  5. I started blogging in Blogger. It was my first blog and i really didn’t pay to keywords, tags and social media. Eventually, i learned the essential factors that needs to be considered in blogging. I moved to WordPress and from that on, i never stop blogging.

  6. Blogging improved not only web design, but also made the seo useful and there appeared a new profession – search engine optimizor. Thanks to blogging the number of copywriter and rewriters is growing rapidly and it leads to the quality impovement if the Internet…

  7. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Wow , great post Brian . You have told us about the whole history of blogging and web development . Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us !

  8. Hey Brian,

    I remember back in the days of Bulletin boards when I ran my own BBS, Prestige BBS, and how even then things changed dramatically. Unfortunately I started my BBS a little too late because the Internet was taking off and pretty well placed the last nail in the coffin.

    I also remember, back in the day :D, how slow things were. You had to wait ages for a web page to load but that was the norm and everyone put up with it. Now it’s all about speed and everyone seems to have lost that patience including the search engines.

    Yep, blogging has changed a lot but then it has had to in order to keep up with all that has been going on around it.

    Great post mate.

  9. i am very thankful because blogging certainly gives me a chance to express myself in a way I haven’t been able to before, can learn a lot from them because it’s educational and informative, and it’s fun!

  10. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says:

    We are lucky with the developments on the blogging scene because it made the work a lot easier and faster..I just can’t imagine if I was to promote my site through blogging the old way…I guess it would be a total disaster.

  11. I can remember “back in the day” wanting to build my own mall yet had no tecnical help nor funds then the idea hit me to just view the source codes of other sites. This was a eureka moment because all I did was study the code lines and figured which line displayed a certain action and then I built my first little wezeemall site. But once blogging came BAM the game changed (wezeemall dot info is the latest one) and being that I now knew a lil something about coding I was one step ahead although I ended up taking a few steps back due to things not related to being online that was going on in my travels in this thing called LIFE!

    And although there are far more technical advancements now, back then it actually seemed easier to make money online as all I had to do was submit a whole bunch of classified ads and CHA-CHING…so much for that because now I got to stay on top of keywords, cost per clicks, constant back linking, social BETworking, etc, etc.

    After all these years heck I’m just now getting first page top place search results for the phrase make money online tips, but how many people are using that phrase 🙄

    One thing is for sure, this is not for everybody. Once a person learns the gist of what it takes to do this thing they need to decide if they are going to outsource most of it, stick it through, or move on to real estate..

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Hi Caleb, I was grabbing lines from source code too but I was limited as far as my own ability. Sometimes things looked great on my computer but showed totally different on other computers, monitors and browsers.

      You’re right, things are easier now in many ways yet there’s more competition and a lot more to learn. First page on make money online tips is a huge achievement.

  12. Cristian Balau says:

    I first got online back in 1998. I remember Yahoo was king back then, also hotmail. I was very young when I created my first e-mail address, I still have it to this day.
    I started my first blog in 2004. It was a very new concept back then and I was thrilled got around 100 UV per day and a lot of comments, so it was kinnda popular. But I didn’t know that so one day I got bad and deleted everything.

  13. Luis Bernardinelli says:

    Very good post Brian. Actually the best kind of posts for readers are those who tells hostories.
    I remember some years ago Yahoo was the numer 1 in the world, and it has been for years until Google supremacy.
    There was no twitter, nor facebook.
    And about blogs – Do you think wordpress will beat blogger someday?

  14. hey Brian that’s a good post . i agree with your article bloggers are really amazing . it attracts people easily and it is good to have own blog .that’s a fantastic idea for the forthcoming generations.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      I can only imagine what future blogging will look like katherin, it will probably be more like video conference without the need of computers or keyboards. One on one or even group conversations right from our living room just by saying, “Computer, access my blog and bring on the comments”. lol

  15. Noel Addison says:

    I definitely agree Brian that blogging history has improved web design. If not because of blogs maybe websites today will as ridiculous as what we had before. hehe. Today, there are so many improvements in web designing.

  16. Removal Companies says:

    I love to read history, recently I read history of face book and after that i read history of blogs, I agree but I think in future blogging happens in a nonverbal way, although video conferencing now a day becomes very popular.

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