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Keep Track Of Dead Video Embeds using The Broken Link Checker Plugin

YouTube message -  video is no longer availableI use the WordPress plugin “Broken Link Checker” to stay on top of broken links. Broken links on our blogs are bad for SEO and the Broken Link Checker plugin makes it a simple matter to keep up with those 404s.

So, have you ever gone back to an old post where you had a YouTube video embedded just to realize the video was no longer available? I have and it always leaves me wondering how long that post has been showing a dead video. It turns out the Broken Link Checker for WordPress plugin can check those videos as well.

How To – Simple Step By Step Instructions

  1. Once installed and activated, go to “Link Checker” under your settings tab.
  2. Then click the “Which Links To Check” tab.
  3. Check the two YouTube video boxes (Embedded YouTube videos & Embedded YouTube videos – old embed code).
  4. Then click Save and you’re all set.

Broken Link Checker Options

Now you should be notified whenever a video was pulled from YouTube or the permissions changed making it no longer available for embeds, as well as those broken links.

What Do You Do?

Are you using a broken link plugin or service? Which one? Do you think broken links are still important for SEO? HEY, what would you like to see in a Quick Blogging Tip Thursday? Any questions you’d like to see addressed next week?

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