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Check Social Share Counts With These 4+ Free Online Tools

image - Social Share FlyerBack in July 2013, I wrote What Exactly Is Social Proof And How Do Bloggers Use it. In that post, I included a couple of free online tools to check the social share stats of any post or page. Today I’m going to expand on that and list four extremely simple free online tools that will show you the number of social media shares and social reactions of any blog post or webpage; whether it’s yours or not. There are paid social stat tools with much deeper insights and functions but this post will focus on zero-cost tools that anyone can use.

Why Should You Care About Social signals?

Social Influence - Social proof plays a huge psychological role in the influence of both your content and its author. Social shares are just a small part of that social proof equation but it is helpful to understand what content is being shared the most and where it’s being shared. This can help you track important sharing trends so you can see what’s working and what needs more attention. It can also be handy to see how well your content compares to your competition in regard to social media influence.

image - Twitter Rookie ExampleSearch Engine Placement - Most experts now believe social shares play a role in Google rankings and search placement. This is a debate that will continue but I’m convinced that social signals do play a role is search results and it definitely does with Google’s personalized search. I believe social shares outside of Google Plus will, if not already does, factor into Google search algorithm.

Don’t get left behind with Google Plus - I also believe Google, as biased as it seems, considers G+ shares and signals more important than other social networks. If you’re not spending time on Google Plus, building an Empire there, you’re going to be in the same boat as this poor soul that’s just starting to use Twitter – one of the top referring social sites of most blogs. Don’t let personal bias keep you in the dark ages when it comes to social media.

Free Online Tools To Check Social Share Counts

#1 - ShareTally

image - Share Tally

Update: I’m glad I added the Plus sign (4+) to the title because in the Hangout Video (embedded below), Sheryl Loch introduced another social stat tool that instantly climbed to my favorite. ShareTally gives more stats than the other free online tools listed below and it comes with a bookmarklet. Just look at the social stats that ShareTally displays:

  • Facebook - Number of Likes, Shares, and Comments
  • Twitter - Number of Tweets
  • Google - Number of +1s
  • Pinterest - Number of Pins
  • LinkedIn - Number of Shares
  • StumbleUpon - Number of Stumbles, Likes and Lists
  • Reddit - Score, Ups and Downs
  • Buffer - Buffers (Schedules)
  • Delicious - Number of saves
  • – Number of votes
  • Pocket - Number of saves
  • The Web Blend - Number of Votes
  • ScoopIt - Number of Scoops
  • Blog Engage - Number of votes
  • BizSugar - Number of votes
  • Blokube - Number of votes
  • Xing - Number of shares
  • DesignFloat - Number of Floats
  • DZone - Number of Ups and Downs
  • Vkontakle - Number of shares

#2- SharedCount

image - SharedCount

SharedCount is second on the list because it’s one of my favorites, among the four FIVE free tools listed here. SharedCount will give you the following social stats:

  • Facebook - Number of Likes, Shares, and Comments
  • Twitter - Number of Tweets
  • Google - Number of +1s
  • Pinterest - Number of Pins
  • LinkedIn - Number of Shares
  • Delicious - Number of Bookmarks
  • StumbleUpon - Number of Stumbles

Multi-URL Dashboard - Another cool function of SharedCount is their Multi-URL Dashboard. Here you can add multiple URLs and compare the social shares at a glance. You can see an example where I added three URLs, our VIP List, our latest post and our Social Proof post.  By the way, SharedCount’s Multi-URL Dashboard also includes Reddit.

#3 - How many shares?

image - How Many Shares

It doesn’t get any simpler than How Many Shares; there are literally only two images, one form and two words on their front page. I love the clean results layout, which is just a popup overlay. How Many Shares gives the same social share stats as SharedCount; Facebook likes, shares, and comments, Twitter tweets, Google +1s, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn shares, Delicious bookmarks and StumbleUpon stumbles.

#4 Social Counter Pro

image - Social Counter Pro

Social Counter Pro, only gives you basic social stats for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and a combined total. Social Counter Pro also allows you to download the results as a CSV file.

#5 - LinkTally

image - LinkTally is another free online social share count tool that shows Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as a combined total of all social shares. At the time of my testing, there seems to be a Google+ disconnect on, showing zero shares on any post or page tested. Hopefully that’s just a temporary glitch because I love the clean results layout.

image - Social Share Count Tracker

#6? - BONUS – An Android App - Social Share Count Tracker

Yes, there’s an app for that! I’ve installed an Android App that will check social share counts on my mobile phone. It’s called Social Share Count Tracker and works the same way as the above tools except it’s on your Android mobile device.

Social Share Count Tracker Tip: You don’t have to open the app directly to check a page or post’s social share counts, once installed, you can simply click Social Share Count Tracker via the share feature when on that URL in your mobile browser.

How Do I Check Social Share Counts? (Video)

Action Step

So now you have four free online social share count tool options and an Android app. First, I want to caution you not to get too wrapped up in these numbers. I still insist numbers do count but it’s not something to obsess over. Chose one tool URL ( I recommend SharedCount) and toss it into your bookmarks so it’s handy when you need it (Alternatively, you can bookmark this post for future reference). If you’re an Android user and you think the app will be something you’ll use, install Social Share Count Tracker as well.

Speaking Of Social Shares…

Yes, numbers do count and I’d love to see you show some social signals with this post. You’ll find social share buttons above the post and, if you’d like, feel free to comment below. Hey, you can even comment via Google Plus! Just click the Google Plus tab below and share your comment. :)

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  1. Twitter: Lisapatb
    Brian, these tools are really cool – but I wish one could check all your pages instead of just the homepage. I do see you can add them in yourself but with over 300 posts it would take some time and for retail sites with 1200 products or more that would be time consuming too. I wonder if there are paid versions for those?
    Thanks for sharing these, I had not been to them before and love checking out new tools like these. Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Lisa recently posted..4 Simple SEO Tips for BloggersMy Profile

      • Henley Wing

        Twitter: henleywing
        Hey Brian, I’m actually building a tool that does this. It helps you discover what people are engaging with for any topic by showing hard data such as FB likes, twitter shares, etc. Would love your feedback, and you’re welcome to add it to this post if you feel it’d be useful. It’s at

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Homepage shares are something many of us ignore Scott. We don’t have the share buttons, for the most part, on the homepage so it’s tough to know how well we’re doing. When I check my homepage with those tools above I can see we need to work more on sharing the main page.

  2. Twitter: dietfitnessdeck
    Thanks Brian. These tools sound promising and surprisingly I never knew about them! I use flares plugin and it gives me the counts on page so I really didn’t bother. But yes now I am curious to know about these tools.

    Social sharing has become one of the most crucial aspects when we consider traffic generation (the sticky kind of traffic) as well as to boost search engine rankings!
    Jane recently posted..The Whole Foods Diet: Do Good To Yourself And Your Loved OnesMy Profile

  3. Twitter: gotclicksbiz
    The sleeping giant is Google+. I made an off-the-cuff remark about wanting someone to go with me to #igniteburlington and when I typed in the search engines later that day for the event, my little post was ranked 2nd in the Google Search under “ignite burlington vt.” w/ my Google+ page. Thanks for paring it down to 1 Social Media counter (“Shared Count.”) You can blow a whole day just entangled in Social Media. It’s important, however, remaining mindful of the best practices for your business is tantamount to creating effective social media campaigns. Great info – many thanks!

  4. Twitter: JRHalloran
    Thanks for sharing, Brian! It’s definitely a wise idea to keep track of your social presence online, especially since your online image is the modern-day first impression of you or your business. Those tools are exceptionally handy, especially for a small business that can’t afford the extra money for social tracking software.

    For those in need of a good online reputation boost, I highly suggest’s Command Center. It’s affordable for small businesses to keep track of their online image. You can learn more about it here:

    Hope it helps!
    James H. recently posted..Sanket Patel – Ask The Reputation Management ExpertsMy Profile

  5. Twitter: mobile_pundits
    After read many of the content on your blog these couple of days, so i genuinely like your personal style of writing a blog. I saved it to my personal favorites web page listing and will be checking back again shortly.

  6. Hi Brian,
    Awesome list, thank you.
    the search engines algorithms definitely take into considerations the amount of social shares of your website, post etc ..
    this is now a certain, social media have won itself a huge role in affecting search results.
    the logic is very simple, the experts said while an automated predictable search engine can be tricked with unnatural linking methods, the social media on the other hand is driven by people, and people only share content that relevant and important to them,
    so the search engines, performing there priority tasks which is to highlight what is important to people, now take more into considerations the amount of social shares.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted..Loading, Web Design Lebanon, full-service marketing and advertising companyMy Profile

  7. Hi Brian, Great list of tools to check social shares. You’re right, it’s very important to find out which posts are shared most on social media.

    I use Social Metrics Pro, a paid plugin on WordPress. I can see how many social shares each article gets and I can also sort by social network. For example, I can see which article was shared most on Twitter, which one got the most traffic from Pinterest, etc. What’s really interesting is that no two social networks have the same article as the most popular. It seems that what is popular on one social network may not be popular on another.

    These tools really help show you why it’s important to spread the word widely!
    Carolyn recently posted..30 Top iOS 7 Tips and Tricks!My Profile

  8. Brad Knutson

    Twitter: bradsknutson
    Thanks Sheryl for bringing up ShareTally! The Hangout and this blog post are exactly why I created ShareTally – to try to improve upon the other tools that were already out there. I’m glad you all find it useful!

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