Blog Comment Generating Techniques

Three Underused Blog Comment Generating Techniques

I could easily change the title of this Thursday’€™s Quick Blogging Tip to, Three Under-Used Relationship Building Techniques.

image - Blog CommentersI have been blessed with some of the greatest blogging friends online. You comment, share and help one another. Thank You for that. 🙂 One question I consistently get asked is, “How are you getting so many people to comment on your blog?€ There are plenty of steps we, as bloggers, take every day to encourage our readers and subscribers to comment. We take the time to reply to blog comments, we add a call to action by actually asking for comments on every post and make it easy for people to post comments by eliminating silly hoops to jump; or at least we should.

Three Common Sense Commenting Techniques:

Follow Your Blog Commenters

This was pretty big not long ago but I see less and less blogs doing it today. I’m not sure if we’ve gotten a little lazy as bloggers or what but it’s a very powerful way of developing blogging allies. When possible, follow the link that your commenters leave and post a quality comment on their blog if it’s something you can relate to. If the blog is about Underwater Welding Careers and you can’t come up with a decent comment, tweet their post using their @ name, 1+ it or like it. Better yet, do all of the above. Everyone likes a little attention and who better to give a few minutes of your time than your readers?

Engage Commenters On Your Favorite Blogs

image - Comment Levels

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We see this on a few very active blogs and it’s a cool thing to witness. One person will leave a great comment and it will trigger one or more bloggers, other than the admin, to reply to that comment. Sometimes this turns into a forum style thread that goes many levels deep with a handful of bloggers; all getting to know each other a little better. This social interaction can help to build a bond that lasts for years.

Follow Commenters On Other Blogs

Don’t stop with tip number two, visit those “third party” commenter’s blogs and interact there as well. You’ll be surprised at the results.
Tip: It’s best to interact with bloggers within you niche.

Okay, I did it; I actually kept a quick blogging tip Thursday post short and to the point.

Do You Have Any Blog Comment Generating Ideas?

How do you encourage commenting on your blog? Have you tried any of these blogging techniques and did they work for you? If you have anything to add I’d love to discuss it with you in the comments below.

Inspired by: 5 Ways to Encourage Comment Discussion on Your Blog