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YouTube and CommentLuvBuild it and they will come” is a famous quote by someone.

You know how it works, buy a domain name, get some hosting, slap a WordPress on it, toss on text with a pretty picture and BAM…they are lined up to take the server down.

Just think having a YouTube channel is even easier. You do not have to buy a domain, no searching for a host, slap on a video and BAM…they are lined up to see what you got!

Oh what? You mean it doesn’t work that way? You mean you have to build links? You have to let people know what your post or videos are about? That’s just crazy!

That’s right peoples of the world; you need to “work it“.

I know that most of you spend a LOT of time going around building links for your blogs by commenting on other people’s blogs. Many of you also try to comment on blogs that have CommentLuv so the title of your post is there to grab attention…

Well, checkout this Hot Blog Tips Hangouts on Air we did to help you use CommentLuv to promote your YouTube videos! Brian even shows you on a screen share how it works. Yes, this is live action! ;-}

Promote YouTube Videos With CommentLuv

Ok, I know that Brian has CommentLuv on this blog, so if you have a YouTube channel with videos in common with our topics, try it out! Heck, some people may not even know you have a YouTube channel and this is your chance to show it off!

PS. We did this HoA back in December, so people who are subscribed to our channel already saw it and are building links with this method. You really should be subscribed, so you are not left behind.

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  1. Twitter: Ileane
    Hi Sheryl,
    I LUV this tip. I’ve been using it to promote guest posts and YouTube videos too (check out the link I left in CommentLuv).
    One thing I did was burn a feed for my YouTube Channel with FeedBurner but your way is quicker.

    Another thing I like to mention and I think a lot of folks miss this step – after you write your comment and have your YouTube link all loaded up in CommentLuv – go back and change the URL in the comment field to your blog’s URL that way you get two links from the same comment.

    Thanks for the video Sheryl!
    Ileane recently posted..Promote Your Guest Posts The CommentLuv Way [Video]My Profile

    • Hi Ileane, promoting guest post with CommentLuv is also a great idea. Narrowing down what you are linking to is a huge benefit!

      Changing links can be a way to get an extra link, I would caution that you only do that on blogs where the owner may know you…some may look at it as spam and delete it. Some blogs just seem much more accepting of comments and links than others. That is why I leave the link to YouTube rather than a eCommerce page.

      Hopefully, we can get people to thinking about ways to link to more than just the home page of their blog.

      Videos need a little link love too. ;-}

  2. Twitter: wonderoftech
    Hi Sheryl, I actually didn’t know that my YouTube channel would work with CommentLuv. I don’t produce many videos but when I do add to my channel, I now have the option of linking with CommentLuv. Very cool!
    Carolyn recently posted..Jemstep Portfolio Manager – Tech for Planning Your RetirementMy Profile

    • Hi Carolyn, CommentLuv will pick up link choices with almost any site that has an RSS feed.

      Of course, the owner of the blog may have set rules that need to be met before you get the choice of your last 10 links. But, you can still get at least 1 video title to show!

  3. Twitter: adriennesmith40
    Hi Sheryl,

    Well I’m probably going to be the one that spoils this whole thing but I don’t allow links when commenting on my blog to anything but back to their blogs.

    To me, blogging is about building relationships so I want to be able to go back to their blog, read their post, comment and start building those relationships. If they have a link attached to CommentLuv other then their blog I delete it or depending on if they followed the rest of my commenting rules I may not even approve the comment.

    I’m not saying videos aren’t great and yes that’s another social site we can connect with them on. But, that’s not what I allow on mine and I might be the only person online that views blogging in this way. That’s fine too, it is my real estate ya know.

    I have a feeling you’re going to spark an interest here now so we shall see.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Adrienne recently posted..Thankful Thursday – Facebook, Debt, Plagiarism & TechMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, thanks for leaving your thoughts on comment links.

      I fully understand that everyone has their ideas and rules on their blogs. That is part of the reason I started leaving links to our fun/educational/info videos. Many people would delete my comments from our store and local business sites, but would allow links to videos that were branded, but had no “buy now” buttons.

      I also comment on YouTube probably more than I do on blogs, so it never really crossed my mind much as to if I built that relationship on a blog or on YouTube. Maybe I suffer from YouTube brain. LOL

      I bet your comment may get some people to thinking about why they leave comments – Community building vs link building.


  4. Twitter: Ileane
    Interesting comment from Adrienne!
    Here’s what happens on my blog:
    If you link to a video in CommentLuv that’s fine but if you use YouTube as your blog link that sends up a red flag to me and most likely I will delete the comment – unless I know you and you’re someone who visits often and engages with the community.
    That’s why when I leave a CommentLuv link to YouTube, I always change the link in the URL field back to my blog, so that it doesn’t get a second look by the blog owner.

    I have such a high volume of comments on my blog that I honestly don’t have time to visit each CommentLuv link. If someone links to a video and switches the URL I wouldn’t notice anyway because I only pay attention to the blog URL field.

    I consider my YouTube following just as much a part of my community as I do people who visit my blog and I welcome those YouTube links.

    Some days I probably leave just as many comments on YouTube as I do on blogs – so I got lots of LUV for my YouTube fam!

    Great topic Sheryl, and it’s interesting to see how we have our own unique take.
    Ileane recently posted..5 Ways to Grow Your Email List With YouTube VideosMy Profile

  5. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    Now this is what I call an interesting discussion. It would actually make a great Hangout topic. I had no idea we differed so much on what we allow and don’t allow as comments on our blogs.

    First of all, I’d let almost anything fly with everyone above because I know you.

    I delete comments on a regular bases that show a different URL in the “Website” spot than CommentLuv. I agree with Sheryl, it looks spammy.

    As far as leaving a YouTube link, I think it’s a great idea but, truthfully, I can’t remember ever seeing it. I might have been like Adrienne and deleted it before this conversation. Now I think it would go through. I’ve actually left several comments in the last week using our YouTube channel rather than a blog.

    I do allow links other than their blogs though. I don’t really think the link has anything to do with the “relationship”.

    So we have three bloggers, all friends, sitting on three sides of the fence. That’s a funny looking fence with three sides to it. lol

    This is one of those topics where there’s no right or wrong answer, as long as you agree with me. lol Seriously though, it boils down to our own feelings and how we run our blogs.

    The funny part is, I never really considered how other bloggers dealt with approving comments. I always looked at it like there were two types of bloggers; the ones that let everything go through (the amateurs) and the ones that moderate like I do. I didn’t realize that moderation could vary so much.

  6. Twitter: kstaxman
    What a wonderful post and comment session this has turned into. And I can see points to all sides of this issue. My stand will take me a while to decide as I’ve not noticed or seen comments on my sites that linked back to a YouTube videos and I’m not sure just how I feel about it. Especially since it raises the issue of such links being easy to tie to spam sales videos. But the main thing I take from all of this is how great it is to be following such sharing and knowledgeable people. And I know that I look to Adrienne, Ileane, Brian to always bring up the best in ideas and comments.
    Frank Woodman recently posted..Do you need to see if your tax refund will be offset by any claims?My Profile

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Thanks for the kind words Frank, you’re too kind. 🙂 You aren’t using CommentLuv but I guess people could leave a link to their YouTube channel. Or any social site, for that matter. I have had people leave a link to their Facebook page before and that’s never bothered me.

  7. I guess this is why sometimes we leave a real comment on a blog and wonder why it wasn’t posted – could be that we all just look at the links a bit differently.

    Geesh, who knew leaving comments was going to be so complicated. I’m going to need to keep notes on who accepts what. LOL

  8. Twitter: smbizdoitbetter
    Excellent tip on leaving the YouTube channel instead of website URL! Never even thought of it! I will try it right now, for the first time! Thanks!
    Carissa Dunphy recently posted..How to Build Your Brand and Market with Social Media (Ep. 50)My Profile

  9. Hi AJ, I think a lot of people never think about building links to their videos.

  10. CommentLuv is an excellent tool for building links….This is pretty awesome, Brian… it’s certainly effective for building links for blogs and now YouTube… very cool, sir!

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