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Connecting Google Plus And YouTube

How to Connect Your Youtube and Google Plus!

image - Google Plus and YouTubeYes we have been waiting for YouTube and G+ to hook up. None of us want to upload each of our videos to our G+ account. It would be much easier if YouTube automatically uploaded them. Well, today we may get our wish!

Message on YouTube

“Beginning on Mar 30, 2012, showing your Google+ profile on your channel will also cause your channel to appear on the Google+ profile”

Thanks to Video Leads Online for bringing his to my attention!

This MIGHT mean that your YouTube videos will show up on the VIDEO tab of your G+ Profile. IF, you use the same email address for your Google Plus profile as your YouTube account. The YouTube message is very vague, so I am not making any promises.  No matter what I suggest you go ahead and make sure you follow the instructions below and get your accounts connected anyway.Connect Google Plus Youtube

I also understand that means many business pages will not be connected because of a different YouTube and Gmail address connection. I wouldn’t worry about that yet as I will bet business pages will be able to connect in the near future.

Anyhow, you probably want to know how to get your YouTube connected to your personal G+ page, so let’s do it.

  1. Log into your YouTube account,
  2. Go to you CHANNEL page,
  3. Look in the Upper Right for your ABOUT,
  4. Click EDIT,
  5. You will now see you can see your G+ username, Twitter and Facebook,
  6. Once you choose SHOW for your G+,
  7. Click to APPLY (this will save your changes),
  8. You will likely see a blue message a crossed the top of your YouTube page saying that as of today (3-30-12) your YouTube and G+ will be connected.

If your G+ account owns or manages G+ pages, you may have the option to choose those on step #6. Just keep in mind that IF you connect YouTube to a G+ ID, you could end up with the videos showing on the wrong page. You wouldn’t want your videos going on to an unrelated business page. Until we know for sure how this will work, I would suggest you connect your Personal G+ ID on this step.

Now don’t freak out if you then go to your Google Plus profile and click the Videos tab and nothing is there. I am NOT sure if this is how the connection will work. Heck, I am not sure if this connection will be a slow roll out or if it will only bring in newly uploaded videos. This is a wait and see game like with every other change a huge site makes. So, the above information is my educated guess on how this will all work.

I’ll try to keep watching and make updates to the post when I see changes.

If you notice changes on your account, leave us a comment telling us about it.

Extra Tip in case your YouTube and Google Plus accounts cannot be connected due to different email address. Follow the instructions above BUT, since you will not have the Google Plus Show option…Be sure to look right below and under ADD A NEW LINK, add your G+ page link and title it so people can still get to your G+ profile or business page.

UPDATE 4/1/12
I just saw this message from Google –

While your Google+ profile information will display on YouTube, we do not connect YouTube and Google+ activity feeds directly. None of your YouTube updates are automatically shared to Google+.

I still have hope that someday soon, our videos will automatically go to our G+ page. But, even if they don’t (YET) you will still want to connect your accounts with the instructions above.

Ok, go get a that connection made!

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