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Connecting YouTube and Google Plus Update

The Google YouTube MergeThe YouTube Partners Channel has put out an update video that explains one of the “encrypted” updates sent out by the YouTube Creator’s blog: Coming soon: Link your channel with a Google+ page (and keep your channel name).

John Fisher, YouTube Engineer, gives us the rundown on the YouTube and Google Plus “merge“. He starts by saying that this integration is to help you get a Google Wide Identity. (I’m already afraid. I want branding, but not for my name, so let’s get on with the G+ Page/YouTube integration.)

YouTube and Google+ Integration Updates

At 2:38 The slide has something Awesome written on it; “Direct posting to G+ with new uploads!” OMG, we’ve been waiting on this. I mentioned wanting automatic uploads back in March on the post ‘Connecting Google Plus And YouTube‘. Great reason to make sure your YouTube account is connected with your G+ Profile!

4:10 Shows that soon, your Google Plus Business pages will allow the multiple admin of the page to also manage the YouTube account for that page. (I think that is what he is saying). That means that a Page Manager can log in to the connected YouTube Channel with their G+ credentials.

I would be VERY leery of this! Many people do not know their way around the backend of YouTube and may change tags, descriptions, add links, turn on auto captions, change monetization settings or a variety of other things that could cause a loss of views and rankings. It could cause huge headaches even if it was an innocent mistake.

20:47 Fisher does address the question as to if you “Can block Page managers from having access to the YouTube channel?” He says there is no way to block them at this time. They will be looking into it.

Brad could log into any of the YouTube Channels I manage, does he? Nope, he values his head being attached to his body. LOL!

7:02 John explains the 2 Types of Google Identities.

  1. A person using their name and connected to their G+ Profile.
  2. Brand Pages merged with G+ Brand/Business Page <- Coming Soon!

11:30 He explains that if you do choose to change over to your real name, you will have the option to “review” past YouTube actions like comments and delete them. (In case you left a nasty comment on your bosses vacation video under your old “anonymous” username.)

12:42 We are back to the “Coming Soon Google Pages Integration“. Although this option is NOT live yet, you can get set up to be ready for when it does integrate.

You will want to take the Brand YouTube Channel email and make them a manager on the G+ Page. So, I went onto my Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals G+ Page and added the email I use to log into that YouTube channel as a manager.

Here is the problem when I did that…It means that Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals must have a G+ Profile. BUT, Google will not allow the name Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals to have a profile. So, how do we fix that? Hell if I know, YET!

I could have filed an appeal as to why this name needed a profile (per their YouTube Engineer’s instructions), but then that entire Google account is frozen until a decision is made. I can’t do without that account at this time. Hope they fix that crap since they told us to do it. Oh, I think I just said cuss words. Sometimes I think the Google people have been ReinTarnated (Look Brian a new word. LOL) They tell me to do something and then will not let me.

Need help adding G+ Page Managers see our video€“ ‘How To Add Admin on Google Plus Business Pages‘.

I suggest those of you that Have a Brand/ Business G+ Page and want it to integrate with the Brand/Business Youtube Channel get this set up now (If you can). Also watch the video if you want to see slides of what to expect during set up.

So there is the “outline” of this YouTube Partners Support video. I think I pointed out the most important points. You should go ahead and listen for yourself as I have been know o skip something because I thought it was redundant.

Gesh, 700+ words here. Guess I didn’t pay enough attention to Brian’s Newsletter tip about making short post.

What do you think of this new integration with Google Plus and YouTube?

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