The Google YouTube Merge

Connecting YouTube and Google Plus Update

The Google YouTube MergeThe YouTube Partners Channel has put out an update video that explains one of the “encrypted” updates sent out by the YouTube Creator’s blog: Coming soon: Link your channel with a Google+ page (and keep your channel name).

John Fisher, YouTube Engineer, gives us the rundown on the YouTube and Google Plus “merge“. He starts by saying that this integration is to help you get a Google Wide Identity. (I’m already afraid. I want branding, but not for my name, so let’s get on with the G+ Page/YouTube integration.)

YouTube and Google+ Integration Updates

At 2:38 The slide has something Awesome written on it; “Direct posting to G+ with new uploads!” OMG, we’ve been waiting on this. I mentioned wanting automatic uploads back in March on the post ‘Connecting Google Plus And YouTube‘. Great reason to make sure your YouTube account is connected with your G+ Profile!

4:10 Shows that soon, your Google Plus Business pages will allow the multiple admin of the page to also manage the YouTube account for that page. (I think that is what he is saying). That means that a Page Manager can log in to the connected YouTube Channel with their G+ credentials.

I would be VERY leery of this! Many people do not know their way around the backend of YouTube and may change tags, descriptions, add links, turn on auto captions, change monetization settings or a variety of other things that could cause a loss of views and rankings. It could cause huge headaches even if it was an innocent mistake.

20:47 Fisher does address the question as to if you “Can block Page managers from having access to the YouTube channel?” He says there is no way to block them at this time. They will be looking into it.

Brad could log into any of the YouTube Channels I manage, does he? Nope, he values his head being attached to his body. LOL!

7:02 John explains the 2 Types of Google Identities.

  1. A person using their name and connected to their G+ Profile.
  2. Brand Pages merged with G+ Brand/Business Page <- Coming Soon!

11:30 He explains that if you do choose to change over to your real name, you will have the option to “review” past YouTube actions like comments and delete them. (In case you left a nasty comment on your bosses vacation video under your old “anonymous” username.)

12:42 We are back to the “Coming Soon Google Pages Integration“. Although this option is NOT live yet, you can get set up to be ready for when it does integrate.

You will want to take the Brand YouTube Channel email and make them a manager on the G+ Page. So, I went onto my Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals G+ Page and added the email I use to log into that YouTube channel as a manager.

Here is the problem when I did that…It means that Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals must have a G+ Profile. BUT, Google will not allow the name Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals to have a profile. So, how do we fix that? Hell if I know, YET!

I could have filed an appeal as to why this name needed a profile (per their YouTube Engineer’s instructions), but then that entire Google account is frozen until a decision is made. I can’t do without that account at this time. Hope they fix that crap since they told us to do it. Oh, I think I just said cuss words. Sometimes I think the Google people have been ReinTarnated (Look Brian a new word. LOL) They tell me to do something and then will not let me.

Need help adding G+ Page Managers see our video€“ ‘How To Add Admin on Google Plus Business Pages‘.

I suggest those of you that Have a Brand/ Business G+ Page and want it to integrate with the Brand/Business Youtube Channel get this set up now (If you can). Also watch the video if you want to see slides of what to expect during set up.

So there is the “outline” of this YouTube Partners Support video. I think I pointed out the most important points. You should go ahead and listen for yourself as I have been know o skip something because I thought it was redundant.

Gesh, 700+ words here. Guess I didn’t pay enough attention to Brian’s Newsletter tip about making short post.

What do you think of this new integration with Google Plus and YouTube?

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  • Brian D. Hawkins

    Thanks for putting the merge into perspective for us Sheryl. It looks like I didn’t need to start over with our G+ and YouTube accounts, am I reading that right?

    • Sheryl Loch

      Brian, I don’t remember the exacts of the account change, but I think you may have ended up in the same situation as I am in with Fuzzy Wuzzy.

      I have ask around as to how to get that connected as a manager, but no one has any answers yet. It is new, so I will give them a little time to get it together.

  • Ganesh J. Acharya

    How popular is G+ as of now? We have not yet started checking Google Plus so far. However, looking at Google making aggressive moves… it seems we will need to focus on this tool too.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Ganesh, it really depends on what your niche is as to how “popular” you will find Google Plus to be. However it is growing everyday. Not just auto sign ups, but I see more people commenting on a variety of post topics.

      I don’t think Google has any plans on shutting down. They are really starting to make improvements and I believe it is here to stay. With Google integrating their products, it may become even more important.

      I personally like G+ much more than Facebook.

  • saad naeem

    Thanks Brian , i think it has become necessary to integrate out youtube channels with our google + account , i didn’t really like the integration but lets see what fruits it brings to us.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi saad, I think once they get all the bugs worked out, it will be great. And like with all Google changes, whether we like them or not…we will just have to get use to them. LOL!

  • Adrienne

    Wow thanks Sheryl! This is an area I’ve yet to explore but I keep seeing people doing Google hangouts using YouTube so I knew there was a trick to this but looks like there is even more on the horizon.

    I appreciate you sharing this and I just learned me something new again today.


    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Adrienne, you really “must” do some hangouts on air. I bet you would just love them (or maybe not). LOL

      As Google Plus starts integrating all of their products together, everyone will probably have at least one reason to be involved there.

      I try to learn something new everyday. It’s just that somedays, what I learn is not very useful. LOL

  • Samuel

    The connection has happened finally!

    That is a great step to grow this part of YouTube and G+.

    The coming soon page integration can be another great step for them.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hello Samuel, I will be really excited once they tell me how to connect my pages without breaking their TOS.

      I think a lot of Youtubers will suddenly be invading G+ once they figure out that their videos have yet anther place to be seen.

  • Donna Merrill

    What a great lesson learned here Brian,

    I thank you for having Shery on this post. Holy smokes…I had to go over it twice to understand it, but well worth the time. I’m using G+ more and more and building relationships on it. That, coupled with Youtube would be great.
    I already do Google hangouts in conjunction with Youtube. But what I’m learning here looks like a pretty powerful method.

    Thank you,

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Donna! Glad the article could be of help. I hope it wasn’t to hard to understand, there was just so much info in the video and a good bit of background info that I didn’t have room for. Brian may have frowned on a 2000 word post. LOL!

      I see you already have 69 videos on Youtube so this integration may give you a little boost in views. I sure am hoping it helps all of us that are willing to do the work.

      You get 3 cheers for doing Hangouts on Air! You are one of the brave ones!

  • Ferb

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to promote my blog but I have to say Facebook and Twitter are the best place to promote my blog. But It’ great to see more Google+ features to roll out.

    Thanks – Ferb

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Ferb, it is great that you are not relying on just one social site and are willing to build all 3.

      I think we will see G+ building and improving over time. And you will already be there just in case you get to a point where you need them.

  • Istiak Rayhan

    This feature is like blessing to me as I was facing a problem with my youtube username. I tried many times to change my username but couldn’t. Finally it shows my G+ username.
    BTW thanks for the post.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Istiak, glad you finally got to change your username. I think it took a while to roll out. One channel I manage just got the option to change about 3 days ago. Other channels had the offer a good while back.

      Guess with so many accounts, it could take a while.

  • ravi kumar

    Really very nice. I was totally unaware of this fact that Youtube and Google plus integration is possible. Luckily you provided enough information on it. Thanks ..keep writing. I will love to visit this blog regularly.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Thanks Ravi! We love to have you visit.

      I think we will continue to see Google Plus doing new things to improve our communication with others.

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    Awesome article, i got to know about this fact. You expalined it really very well. Thanks for the post.

  • Paul Lee

    I am shocked that it took them this long to make the connection – aren’t they ran by the same company? I know that there are people who were able to make connections happen with other programs prior to the connection being made official by Google. Nevertheless, glad it happened.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Paul, yes they are both owned by Google. I will guess and say that they wanted to get as many people as possible to change YouTube accounts usernames and connect them together that way 1st. They may also have been trying to find a “good” way to keep people from abusing the connection.

      I am just guessing…as with most things Google does…we may never know the real reason.

  • Frank Steiner

    Google marketing team is pushing Google+ hard. However, techies are slow to integrate various google products with Google+. It is difficult to understand why it took so long to integrate Google plus with youtube.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Frank, I just replied to Paul above, with my guess as to what took so long.

      Google Plus did announce today that they are rolling out Community pages. Another new feature that many thought should have happened long ago.

      Slowly but surely things are rolling out.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the tips on this one. Another project to work on for the weekend :) I do see more activity from G+ so adding YouTube makes a lot of sense.

  • Counter

    I think that G+ isn´t strong as e.g. Facebook or some other social networks, but it can change in very short period of a time

    • Sheryl Loch

      It took Facebook a very long time to get going and I think G+ is going to take a while, but they are moving fast.

  • Sheryl Loch

    Hi Lisa, I think how busy Google Plus is really depends on your “niche” or interest.

    You may be interested in knowing that Google Plus just announced Community Pages (Groups) will be rolling out. Vic will be doing an Hangouts on Air announcement at SMX Las Vegas today.

  • Lucky Ann

    Google Plus may not be as popular than Facebook and Twitter, but the service has changed jaur of my blogging,

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Lucky Ann, it is slowly building and there will be some people who will stay at Facebook until their last breath. That is OK, everyone has a favorite platform for a reason.

  • Harry

    So excited for this improvement. You can not underestimate G+ and Youtube – Google’s products. In SEO, these social networks are more important than FB, TW.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Harry, you are right, Google has a way of making things work…even if we don’t always like them. LOL!

      Youtube + Google + Google Plus makes it hard to ignore.

  • Mohd Aktar

    Hi,Thanks for the tips on this one. I was also totally unaware of this fact.i got to know about this fact. You expalined it really very well
    I am very thankful to you that you have shared such a informative content. I’ll suggest to all my friends to visit your blog again and again.
    thanks again!!!

    • Sheryl Loch

      Mohd, glad you found it useful!!!

  • Rusty

    Yes I agree with you that google plus and youtube are now trending on the net. Pinterest is also coming on this way!! But this two are really a great source of social signals since they are owned by Google. It is an effective method to help you search better on the net.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Rusty, You join the 2 big search engines and toss in a bit of social connections…you have a big thing going.

      I also use Pinterest some. I have to put it after my other networks just because I have limited time. I do try to get there and pin a few things a week.

  • larry

    Well only time will tell. Hopefully it will be a plus. thanks for sharing and look forward to reading more.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hello Larry, I think it will be a good thing once all the kinks are worked out.

  • Renata

    The combination of these two social platforms is such a great and effective tool for online marketing! Thanks for sharing you useful tips, they’ve been really useful for me because I’ve just started my online business in the last couple of days…

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Renata, good luck on your new online adventures. Just keep learning as you go and don’t be afraid to try new things.

  • shasha

    Interesting to know about this social media tips.I just wanted to ask does Google plus have any SEO value ?

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Great question Shasha, Google+ absolutely has SEO value. I have a blog post going out either today or Wednesday (I haven’t decided yet) on that very topic. In the mean time, we just recorded a video on Google Plus that should answer the question for you. I’ll embed it here if I can.

  • Roger

    I don’t think Google has any plans on shutting down. They are really starting to make improvements and I believe it is here to stay. With Google integrating their products, it may become even more important. Google + is interesting, but I’m used to Facebook now. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  • Sandra

    You Tube and Google integraton would be great. though I am yet to venture on G+. Looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sheryl Loch

    H Roger, Google sure is working hard to make themselves even more useful to all types of people.

    I think there are lots of people will just stay on Facebook as long as they can, so you won’t be alone over there. LOL

  • Wade

    I tried doing this a couple of days ago, but I think I did it wrong because it wouldn’t let me connect the two. Is there any requirements that you have to meet before the two can connect?

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Wade, not knowing what your Youtube channel is, I will take a guess that your answer can be found in the new video we just made.
      Youtube and Google Plus changed things, so we also had to change things.

      Connect Google Plus and YouTube

      The video is only 1:38 long and it very well could be the fix.