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Does Google Hate SEO? Huge Changes!

Google Turns Up The SEO Heat Again Last week I was reading Kim Kimberly Castleberry’s (Just Ask Kim) newsletter Has the SEO Hell Frozen Over?” In that email was some very important information and links that caused me to rethink part two of Where Are Your Inbound Links Actually, over the last week I have decided to delay, if not abandon, part two altogether. Why? Read on…

In case you haven’t noticed, things are drastically changing when it comes to search algorithm, social media’s very powerful role in the future of search and all of this is lending to a ton confusion and misinformation. We’re seeing social media actions gaining importance and watching private blog networks getting deindexed. The Google updates we tend to think of as trends e.g. Panda, Google Slaps, which are nothing more than algorithm of Google Search, can make or break sites riding the edge and we don’t want become part of the collateral damage.

My best advice for today’s blogger?

  1. Continue pumping out original, high quality, content based on what your readers are seeking.
  2. Become a social maniac. Continue visiting blogs and networking with other bloggers but now is the time to expand in a big way. By that I mean expand your social reach on the major social media networks and truly get to know your followers and peers.
  3. Here’s the tough part; it’s even hard to say out loud… “Stop worrying about SEO!” Does this mean forget about keyword research, building backlinks and all the other search engine optimization steps we have been taking? Well, not really. Google does not hate SEO, they just don’t want to see over-optimization. We can still build backlinks but they need to happen naturally. Never EVER buy backlinks. Read what just happened to Let me put it this way… Google’s Matt Cutts recently said:

    Google is releasing an algorithm update [a smarter search bot] that will specifically target websites over doing their SEO. (paraphrasing)

  4. Finally, I recommend you stay on top of all things related to your online business. Subscribe to relevant sites and blogs, subscribe to great newsletters and actually open and read the content. If they’re not worth the time it takes to read, unsubscribe.

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What Changes Are You Making?

Are you still building backlinks? Are you worried about too many keywords in your posts? Are you concerned at all? I’d love to hear your comments and opinions.


  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Twitter: itechcode
    Hey Brian ,
    Thanks for your Advice. Frankly saying i am still building backlinks but after reading this i’ll stop this.
    Yes i am worried bcz i am not using SEOPressor Plugin :P.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Tips to Choose the Right Look for your WebsiteMy Profile

  2. Brian, I was going right along until you got to #2 Become a social maniac. LOL!

    Ok, as long as I don’t have to leave home, then I can be somewhat social.

    I was reading the other day (I think I tweeted you the link) about how important Author Rank is becoming (or soon will be). Your social connections already play a roll and I think it will become even more important.

    But, I think where people will screw up is that they think social connections = social success and that is not so.

    I’m just glad that even though G+ is not huge or bringing in mass traffic, at least we are there and ahead of the rush.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Great point Sheryl, social success has nothing to do with numbers. I see it all of the time on Twitter. I really appreciate all the sharing going on (look left) here so I’m not picking on our readers, but… I often see someone with a thousand followers retweet a post and it almost seems to go viral for a few minutes with all of the re-retweets. Then someone with 100+ thousand followers retweets and – nothing. If no one is listening, it doesn’t matter how many are in the room. <- Soon to be famous quote!

  3. These are the best recommendations to the bloggers .I ensure that the contents that I post on the blog contains an updated quality information that draws the interests of the readers.It is necessary to expand my social reach on the major social media networks like facebook.

  4. Twitter: internetdreamof
    Of course! SEO is not spam, and Matt clearly said that. Google has recently updated their serp so that they have taken out the spammy type of sites.

    Don’t overdo the SEO part, but don’t neglect it either.
    Samuel recently posted..How To Write A Good Article!My Profile

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Exactly Samuel, well put, “Don’t overdo the SEO part, but don’t neglect it either.” I can hear Matt saying the exact same thing.

      • Twitter: AskKim
        This is EXACTLY the point of all these changes. This really is designed to be some bricks dropped on the toes of those who are piping SEO cash into pushing posts that simply do not have the quality to link naturally. Google is merely aiming to scrape those guys off the top and produce a more natural result. Fundamental SEO skills however, like I teach in my WP SEO course, remain essential because the search bot actually DOES need SOMETHING to help it identify the content. With no logical thought process available to it, things like meta description, tags, categories and words in the post are going to remain important signals.
        Kimberly Castleberry recently posted..Contemplating The Value of Backlinks Post-PandaMy Profile

  5. I’m not worried at all. It’s like you said as long you don’t over optimize you won’t have to worry about any further Google updates like the Panda. The most important thing also is to keep putting out original content and share that content through social media.

  6. Lennart Heleander says:

    Hi Brian,
    Google update several hundred small things every day, sometimes they make major changes, but as long as you do it properly, it will not happen. Good SEO, regularly updating with fresh and original matrial Articles etc. Take it easy and work on as usual in a fair way.

  7. Elena Anne says:

    Twitter: Elena__Anne
    Awesome article and really good tips thanks. I totally agree that the way to hedge yourself against the possible disaster of the SEO changes is to actually write good content. Being a social media freak can’t hurt either if you do those in conduction you are set!

  8. Thanks for sharing these useful advices, I haven’t heard about this new thing about google, it’s the most significant change since the Panda algorithm has been announced. I think the SEO scene should have a purification.

  9. Twitter: sahaali1
    Awesome sharing. Important points for all bloggers. It’s important to share quality content with visitors. Be social and promote your content on social media sites. Do continuous hard work to obtain desired results.

  10. Twitter: Lisapatb
    I believe this good for those of us practicing white hat SEO vs. the black hat SEO tactics. I did find my retail website to have too many keywords on some pages and have since reduced them. You must keep up these days on the latest from Google as changes seem to come daily.
    Lisa recently posted..1 Easy Way to Check Your Keywords RankMy Profile

  11. Twitter: FerbHinlor
    It seem likes visitor will be generated to Social Media Sites instead of our lovely blog.

    However, people is tend to find information and of course information from Social Media Sites don’t rich enough than the information of our blog because the information of the blog are so specific and help so many internet users.

    Even though those Socia Media sites rank number one (#1) and our blog ranks 5,000,000.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      I think I understand what you’re saying Ferb but we need to think of social media as a place to socialize/grow and as a marketing tool. The later sounds a little crude but it is what it is; a tool to use, not to compete with.

  12. sai krishna says:

    Twitter: saithegeek
    what’s the meaning of over optimization ? normally all blogs use seo plugins like all in one seo, seo slugs , robots meta etc. Creating quality back links (10 per a day is common) and creating buzz on social networking sites was common on every blog .. then what’s the meaning of over seo optimization ? what google think .. what Google want ? Why google not encouraging new bloggers … i think reply to this comment is take few minutes for you but i’m expecting a valuable reply from your side .

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Hi Sai, that’s part of the issue I think. There are no clear guidelines to follow. I would guess that most of us are all right. I use the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin and I love it but it does tend to like pretty heavy keyword density. I’ve backed of of the heavy keyword density and just work on natural flow.

  13. Twitter: ivinviljoen
    Hello Brian. I have recently see a lot of action in the sphere around Pinterest. I picked up on it’s relevance and early people were advocating it as THE platform for building SEO links and getting traffic.

    However, I’ve read on a post shared with me on FB that Pinterest waves all and any responsibility for images you may get into trouble for. It basically means that if you pin an image or share one that is not properly licensed, free use or your own – you can get into trouble and Pinterest is going to leave you having.

    Scary. So, I decided not to participate. It another platform for which I don’t have time. I recognize it influence but I’m old school and like using stuff I’m familiar with and that I know work.

    Penalized for TOO MUCH SEO? It’s getting very difficult. Thanks for sharing.
    Ivin recently posted..Article Writing Ideas Part 4My Profile

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      I completely understand Ivin but there’s room for digital content curation without the worry of lawsuits. Personally, I try to use my own images and photos and I’m delighted when others pin/share my posts; that’s what social media is all about. I think it’s a mistake to ignore social opportunities out of fear but I do understand your point, especially the time factor.

  14. The original and high quality content for your site is a must for every site owner and bloggers. Many people always get interested with something new and something which they can learn on.

  15. Twitter: techwork_dk
    Hi Brian
    I am happy to say that I think I always am following those advices you are giving in this post. Well of cause I could get more active in Social media, but I am trying to spread my effort in Social media, writing good quality posts, trying to connect to my readers and other bloggers and doing a little link building but in a “slow” naturally way so I don’t get punished for it by Google. One thing I should improve however is to be doing more YouTube videos in the future.
    Thank you for your advices Brian.
    Thomas recently posted..My Google Analytics Stats Report for Q1 2012My Profile

  16. Twitter: webmaisterpro
    Brian, I am doing SEO since the time Google was 4 men company. This topic exists since the time search engines were showing results in alphabetical order. Huge changes, well I doubt, the evergreen of SEO is still working and nothing really have changed. This Panda HYPE and the new 40 changes in algorithm, it is the same old song. There are no serious internet marketer that will put low quality content or photographs on their website. On the other hand, most bloggers feel affected, just because Google gave too many benefits to WordPress in the last 4 years, again for good reason, but nowadays all websites are dynamic, so bloggers feel like they are loosing ground.

  17. I’ve been reading articles about SEO and how Google relate it on changes. I’ve read an article of dangers of Over-optimization and chances to be penalized when Google sends your notification. Kinda alarming the fact that it will affect your site standing but you’re right. Quality content with uniqueness is the best key to survive the sudden changes.
    Apple recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  18. I can’t help but note:

    1. Send out original information (anyone remember the duplicate penalty myth?). Nothing new.

    2. Socialise. Um… again the best way to generate relevant, contextual, quality links. Nothing new. Social media is there to be social, use it! 🙂

    3. Define “over-optimisation”? I’m going as far as to calling bullshit on this one. My reasoning, keyword stuffed low quality pages are never going to convert. But a page that nobody can find won’t either. You need to optimise, but do it properly. Never buy backlinks? Um… what if you’re simply buying advertising on another website (Google should know it’s a sponsored link). Quality back links are obtained through, you bet it, points 1 and 2. Nothing new here either I’m afraid.

    4. Nice point, keep up to date on things, but not because you’re going to get awesome rankings but so that you can contribute by offering, see points 1 and 2. Nothing new here.

    These are all points that have been said for years, not just since the latest Google update.

    Sorry if it seems that I’m just trying to rain on your parade, that’s not my intention. I simply want people to stop fueling the “Latest Google Update” hysteria. Build good websites, offer the world wide web something of quality and you’ll see results.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      That’s a great comment Robert, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion. In fact, I’m doing something a little new on Pinterest by pinning ‘Great Comments’ and yours was the first one there. I included a link back to your site of course. You can see it here:

      I do agree that much of what we’re seeing is “old news” but there are major changes that we need to keep up with. There are three factors we can look at that makes recent ‘actions’ very important.

      1. First, everything has been diluted in a sea of rhetoric and misinformation. While we have always heard warnings of keyword stuffing, for example, we see products launching (especially SEO products) almost monthly to help do just that. This is just a mater of obtaining our information from a reliable source and not ‘blogging’ about information we see on every sales copy that lands in our inbox.

      2. We’re gaining a lot more ‘official’ information than ever before because Google has become a lot more open with their agenda. It wasn’t long ago that every change and update was considered secret and left to us to interpret.

      3. The one thing that has stayed consistent from the beginning is content quality. We can’t discuss SEO without agreeing that content should be current, unique and relevant. The problem is we have all heard this same ‘lecture’ a million times before and it starts looking like rehashed ezine articles. That doesn’t make the point any less important; like washing our hands, we know it’s important but others still need taught.

      With those three points I’m going to still consider this post relevant and important. Panda wasn’t a big deal to anyone except the thousands of people following the wrong advice and pushing the envelope. The fact that sites are being deindexed isn’t a big deal to those that haven’t bought and sold paid links. To these people, the Google updates and actions meant a great deal.

      The point of this post was to address the question, “Does Google hate SEO?” The answer is, of course, a resounding no. And the subtitle is “Google Turns Up The SEO Heat Again” emphasis on “again.”

      One last point, Social media is becoming much more important in the serps than ‘just sharing’. With today’s personalized search and major weight giving for that sharing, it’s not the same old news. It’s not last week new but it’s certainly not old.

      Why do I blog? I blog for exactly this kind of discussion! Thanks for that. 🙂

  19. shenoyjoseph says:

    no google never hates seo because without seo we will get irrevelant results on search engine. So Google only hates if someone do over seo optimization for their blog.

  20. Johnny Apocalypse says:

    Great post Brian! I think it is so easy to get caught up in the trivialities of SEO and keyword density etc. that you lose site of the value that honest, old school, connection building and marketing provide.

    As long as you continue to write engaging, valuable material and connect with other internet users your SEO will take care of itself organically to an extent.

    Content is always king and for some formats getting people to your content shouldn’t rely on the ever changing SERPS, it should rely on the factors you CAN reliably have an affect on such as your real social connections with people.

    For example I didn’t find your site through the SERPS, but now I have bookmarked and saved it because of the quality of your posts.

    Bravo, keep up the good work you have my readership!

  21. Actually a lot of websites say that SEO might die in a few years (months?)

    I think that SEO wont never die because search engines live thanks to seo. Try to imagine a world without seo specialists, where people make thousands of WP blogs or static Dreamweaver pages… What about PPC? AdWords? Do you really think that “average users” could even understand what an AW-campaign may be?

  22. Narendra says:

    Twitter: InnocentBlogger
    Hey, I also thinks the same and it is true that we dont need to buy backlinks because nowadays social network is all what we want to do with and it is also true that backlinking should be going on naturally. Whatever google do if we have original contents then we can get much more traffic from search enginee.

  23. Ganesh J. Acharya says:

    Twitter: ganeshjacharya
    “Stop worrying about SEO!” I fully agree with it. All one needs to do is add ***relevant keywords*** to the title, and H1 tags and that’s it. I have personally seen pages with great information is always going to get popular and are eventually going to high ranking. Once the content is tweaked… no matter how well… it starts to sound weird. So, it is always advised to write with the natural flow of thought without thinking about stuffing keywords in them.

  24. I knew Google didn’t hate SEO; after all, without SEO, they would never figure out how to target ads and thus make more money themselves. There are just so many people out there trying to trick everyone else, and those are the folks bringing the rest of us down.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..3 Things You Need To Do On LinkedInMy Profile

  25. I think content is most important and I agree that sometimes we just need to focus on what we can do to provide more quality content as oppose to focusing on just backlinks and SEO. Building relationships with other bloggers and being active within the community can also work wonders.

    – Cristina

  26. One thing I noticed in the last little over a year: One of my sites got hit hard by Panda. Traffic went from 300 visitors a day down to 3 or 4. But then, a few months ago, I looked, and it’s now over 400 a day. Now, this is all with me doing very minimal work on it… in fact, I haven’t really done much with this particular site since well before Panda (hence the low traffic in the first place), but there’s something to be said for having quality, useful content on your site.

    I’d say I have to agree that Google doesn’t hate SEO, and in everything I’ve seen, it seems to me like it’s more about weeding out the spam than anything else.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..How To Set Goals For YourselfMy Profile

  27. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says:

    ohh, that was nice to hear him say that we are not criminales, because last time panda really hit my site very hard and I tought maybe they hated me at google!!

  28. merrious says:

    people is tend to find information and of course information from Social Media Sites don’t rich enough than the information of our blog because the information of the blog are so specific and help so many internet users.

  29. Twitter: another_blogger
    I never worry about my blog rank because my blogging journey is for fun. The problem is, today I have few clients and its become so hard to explain that rangking in search engine is not the only goal 😀
    Latief recently posted..9 Tips For Running An Automotive BlogMy Profile

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Clients make blogging a different ball game, don’t they Latief? We might blog for fun but a local hair stylist or storage rental company couldn’t care less about blogging, they just want to rank well with updated content. Clients want results, plain and simple.

  30. Twitter: makemoneyinlife
    Thanks for the post Brian, SEO is changing and that is for sure.
    But I think that changes will be better and many people will rank better and enjoy in the hard work they put into their blog and online business.

  31. Steven Papas says:

    So true! Thank you for a great post. No one can perfectly stay ahead of Google in the SEO optimization, mainly because Google is trying to prevent just that. So instead take control of the parts of your blog that you can affect positively and field where Google is not working against you.

  32. This is one good stuff Brian 🙂 .. What I am doing now is extending my social media exposure the best I can hoping to “IN” with top bloggers like you 😀
    Herbert recently posted..Pin and Aggregate Your Social Feeds with KulishaMy Profile

  33. Twitter: hollyjahangiri
    Dear Matt,

    I love pandas.

    Please don’t b****-slap me for my contesting mania. 😉


    Seriously? I’m all for any Google algorithm updates that encourage human interaction and slap the crap out of tricksters. As a reader and a POTENTIAL customer who is turned off by tricks and dishonesty and every other thing that tends to lower our trust in our fellow man, I’m all for “organic” – in both food and search.

    If you think of SEO in terms of good indexing skills, rather than tricks to fool a search engine, that’s a GOOD thing, and I’m sure Google wouldn’t punish that at all. (As one who now does SoMe analytics as part of their day job, frankly, I do wish people would use common, meaningful words that convey exactly the meaning they want to convey…)
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Collapse of the BeesMy Profile

  34. Charles says:

    Twitter: ajacwebdesign
    Watching BuildMyRank go poof over night was wild. Google doesn’t mess around and they don’t care how much time you’ve put into your site and link building strategy. If they decide they don’t like it, that’s a wrap. Just keep building quality content and avoid all the other shenanigans. Good post!
    Charles recently posted..How to help your web developer in three easy stepsMy Profile

  35. Twitter: sunnythesis
    Hi Brian,
    I am probably the biggest fan of you. I loved your article. I agree with you on ther note that a site must not over do SEO. I always suggest everyone to write good quality content.

  36. Maryden25 says:

    Hi Brian!
    You’ve got a great advice here.. Thanks for that!
    Google is so complicating already, lot’s of changes and I ca no longer follow it! So this past few days, i’m more on concentrating on other social media.

  37. Twitter: itinfoz
    Hey dude, i haven’t done much both on-page optimization and off-page optimization but i am seeing there is huge drop in traffic and adsense revenue this april. what may be the issue?

  38. Berna Marean says:


    Thanks for the great article. I definitely agree about not buying backlinks! I relied on the BMR network for quite a bit of my traffic, and I actually made quality posts that would be valuable to someone reading them – but it was all to no avail in the end.
    Berna Marean recently posted..Google Panda Update: Changes to SEO in 2012 updated Sat Apr 7 2012 5:35 pm EDTMy Profile

  39. now sites which are over optimized have be careful now it may effect there ranking in future.

    I have read on other sites that Google is targeting various blog networks now

  40. Twitter: ajnabiicom
    Hi Brian,

    Awesome post! Does google hate SEO ? I Don’t think so. Well Google always made good changes. I’m not worried bcoz google still loves natrual same niche backlinks and I’m doing natural for my blog to increase blog traffic. That is good point Don’t overdo the SEO. Loved your post, plese let us know for any new changes in google.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ajnabii recently posted..Editing a Guest Blog Post For Maximum Success [Infographic]My Profile

  41. I think Google suggests to not buy backlinks and stop over optimization of the website. Instead get the backlinks and traffic by conventional way from forums, submission sites etc,. Post articles periodically,so that site gets promotion quickly by search engines.Thanks

    SEO specialist

  42. So I’m still rather in the dark as to where Google stands when it comes to back linking. I have a bit of a vested interest there.

    When it comes to black hat SEO methods, whilst I of course applaud Google making any change possible to obstruct such practices, it seems to me that the second one door gets closed somebody else forces open a window. Buying backlinks, keyword spamming, malware… it seems like black hat SEO is something that is always going to be with us that we’re just going to have to accept.

  43. Twitter: itinfoz
    How much is over optimization ? and what is consider as natural linking ?

  44. Stephen Summner says:

    SEO is not dead. It is just transforming. You need to put more efforts into building great site rather than getting great links. And try to have impressive social media presence and do not rely solely on Google as it can serious backlash.

  45. It’s another step in the right direction in Google’s quest to make the web as user-friendly as possible.

  46. I do agree with you but without SEO we can’t improve our website visibility on search engines. So for these we need to do work on White Hat SEO but I know that google definitely hates black Hat SEO.

  47. Twitter: businessfied
    Well nice article Brain after doing some research I have started to realize Google is going after websites exchanging links from high profile blogs with exact matching keyword anchor text. I guess we need to vary the keyword a bit to maintain our top rankings and keyword stuffing should like always be avoided to prevent any upcoming search engine penalty on a website.

  48. I do not think it’s something like ‘Google hates SEO’, I think SEO is the traffic backbone for any blog. Just it needs to be done within some limitations. There are some things to be avoided like that of bulk Link Building which can be harmful for any blog and even such blogs can be sandboxed. And Fresh and Unique content is as always the key to success.

    Thanks Brian for sharing helpful knowledge. 🙂
    Debasis recently posted..Got Hit By Google Penguin? Learn How To RecoverMy Profile

  49. Yeah, creating quality content is the single biggest draw to attracting an audience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a blog, been unimpressed, and left without commenting or bookmarking, let alone telling a friend about it. Something with great photos, great prose and quality content though? That’s going to get more than one repeat visit!

  50. My site is Brazilian. I was affected, but I am working to build natural backlinks now, and slowly.

  51. Well I guess Google wants social signals from a website. The more shares a website receives on social media websites the more popular content is in the eyes of Google. Google still loves SEO but just the best practices have changed. The more diversification in incoming links a website has the higher exist chances for top ranking.

  52. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says:

    I don’t think Google hates SEO! I think that he hates just those who use spamming and spinning programs.

  53. Creating an original unique articles is hard. It would really consume time if you don’t know the topic you are writing at. But I think with constant effort and perseverance, one could create a unique high quality article.

  54. By creating good content for your blog, you can make Google love you and not hate. I would like to suggest new bloggers not to indulge in bad link building practice, just focus on work and quality link building.

  55. Angelina Anthony says:

    Twitter: businessfied
    SEO still matters but its now the quality of the website and its social presence. Google is paying a lot of importance to Twitter backlinks and surprisingly twitter has started to ban accounts engaged in spam this shows Twitter is the future of SEO but again content matters as no matter how much search engines evolve they will continue rewarding content. Thanks Brain for highlighting this issue.
    Angelina Anthony recently posted..The 10 Best Racing Games to PlayMy Profile

  56. Twitter: BlazingMinds
    I’m just reading a lot of articles lately, socially with the most recent updates from Google. My major concern is the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, I always like to write my article as I would speaking to someone, but even doing that Google can be pretty mean!

    I think what we could do with is some guidelines regarding over optimization, the Yoast plugin does give a percentage of usage of the keyword, but is the amount it recommends too much!
    Karen Woodham recently posted..Twitter Outlaws Automatic Follow BackMy Profile

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      It looks like we may be thinking along the same lines Karen. I don’t want to bash the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin and I’m not qualified to do so if I did. With that said, I do use it but I don’t even bother with the “Focus Keyword” section or the page analysis; I haven’t in a very long time. In fact, this post is over a year old and I wasn’t using that part of the plugin even then. It’s just my personal feeling but I do think it can be too much. I also think there’s no exact formula for search optimization. I believe keyword density is important because we need to show Google what our post is about but I don’t worry about percentage. I just write the post for the readers.
      Brian D. Hawkins recently posted..Ready For Your Next Blog Crash? BackUp And Restore TipsMy Profile

  57. Twitter: GlobalCraze
    I don’t thinks that Google hates SEO, Google hates over Seo of any blog post. But optimizing blog post is most important, it helps to increase search engine ranking by which a blog can get good amount of search traffic which is very good for any blog. This is really an informative post and I enjoyed this reading. 😉
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How To Optimize Images For Seo To Improve Google RankingMy Profile

  58. Matt Cutts is head of SEO, so why Google hates SEO. But Google hates unnatural link building technique, black hat SEO, etc. Few companies use unnatural way to improve ranking in search engine. Here Google takes action of all those websites which are using these techniques.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Hi Andre. Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam team, not head of SEO. I think you misunderstood what I said, I wrote, “Google does not hate SEO, they just don’t want to see over-optimization”.

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