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Does Google Hate SEO? Huge Changes!

Google Turns Up The SEO Heat Again Last week I was reading Kim Kimberly Castleberry’s (Just Ask Kim) newsletter Has the SEO Hell Frozen Over?” In that email was some very important information and links that caused me to rethink part two of Where Are Your Inbound Links Actually, over the last week I have decided to delay, if not abandon, part two altogether. Why? Read on…

In case you haven’t noticed, things are drastically changing when it comes to search algorithm, social media’s very powerful role in the future of search and all of this is lending to a ton confusion and misinformation. We’re seeing social media actions gaining importance and watching private blog networks getting deindexed. The Google updates we tend to think of as trends e.g. Panda, Google Slaps, which are nothing more than algorithm of Google Search, can make or break sites riding the edge and we don’t want become part of the collateral damage.

My best advice for today’s blogger?

  1. Continue pumping out original, high quality, content based on what your readers are seeking.
  2. Become a social maniac. Continue visiting blogs and networking with other bloggers but now is the time to expand in a big way. By that I mean expand your social reach on the major social media networks and truly get to know your followers and peers.
  3. Here’s the tough part; it’s even hard to say out loud… “Stop worrying about SEO!” Does this mean forget about keyword research, building backlinks and all the other search engine optimization steps we have been taking? Well, not really. Google does not hate SEO, they just don’t want to see over-optimization. We can still build backlinks but they need to happen naturally. Never EVER buy backlinks. Read what just happened to Let me put it this way… Google’s Matt Cutts recently said:

    Google is releasing an algorithm update [a smarter search bot] that will specifically target websites over doing their SEO. (paraphrasing)

  4. Finally, I recommend you stay on top of all things related to your online business. Subscribe to relevant sites and blogs, subscribe to great newsletters and actually open and read the content. If they’re not worth the time it takes to read, unsubscribe.

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What Changes Are You Making?

Are you still building backlinks? Are you worried about too many keywords in your posts? Are you concerned at all? I’d love to hear your comments and opinions.