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4 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking

Four Ways to Decrease Your Alexa Ranking Plus a Word of Warning!

image - improve Alexa rankI’m sure you’ve heard of Alexa. It’s a company owned by that ranks popularity, traffic and publishes reports on over 30 million websites. I’ll show you four legitimate and common sense steps to improve Alexa rank without risky practices.

If you go to, you’ll be able to see how much in demand, and therefore how well respected a website is. All you need is a URL and you’ll be ready to roll.

So, how do you decrease your site’s Alexa ranking? It’s simple.

1. Get More Traffic

One of the most important things you need to do is make sure you have a lot of consistent, daily traffic.

Research has shown that the number of visitors that hits your site each day is one of the most important factors when it comes to working with Alexa so, the more people see your site on a regular basis, the better you’ll do.

2. Write Guest Posts

Alexa loves authority sites and I am sure you realize that on the internet a site’s authority status is determined by how many people link to it.

The more backlinks you have and the higher quality those links are, the more popular your site is, the better you’re going to be ranked in the search engines, the more traffic you’re going to have, etc.

Backlinks you get from guest posts are some of the best links you can get so…

…go find some blogs to write for!

3. Write Often

An authority site will get updated often because it needs to satisfy the demands of its audience. If you want Alexa to treat your site seriously, you need to make sure you publish new, unique content on regular basis.

It’s not enough to just create a small blog post once or twice a month. You really need to focus on sharing quality information as often as you possibly can while keeping the quality up.

4. Be Unique With Your Content

This doesn’t just mean that your content should pass Copyscape, although that’s also important. You need to make sure that what you have to share is valuable and unique to your readers.

Talk about things no one else talks about. Approach issues that are important to your market in original or engaging ways. Captivate your readers so that they share what you have to say with their family and friends.

When you do that, you’ll see that it’s not difficult at all to drive great amounts of traffic to your blog, therefore decreasing your Alexa ranking.

Having said that…

What’s Decreasing Your Alexa Ranking about?

It’s about making sure that your site is a good resource to your market. You want to make sure they come back for more, because when they do, it’ll let places like Alexa know that your site is important and should be given high status.

A Word of Warning

There are scripts and software that will increase your Alexa ranking for you, but I discourage you from using it.


There’s nothing better than providing value to the Internet users no matter what market you’re in and no software can do that for you.

Think about it.

Is the number one website in Alexa because they used a piece of software spam the Internet and increase their rankings?

No. They provide a valuable service people use.

The same is true of Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and any other site that ranks at the top of Alexa.

Don’t game the system. Provide great value to your visitors and you’ll see your Alexa rankings improve from month to month.

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