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Featuring Great Comment On Pinterest With Pin A Quote

Update – Post Archived
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Rewarding The Best Blog Comment With Pinterest

image - Pinterest Comment BoardWhile blog comments aren’€™t everything they are certainly appreciated here and I’ve been looking for a way to show that appreciation for a while. Back in October I thought about rewarding the best blog comments with gifts but that just didn’t take off. With the recent explosion on Pinterest I think I’ve found a unique solution. We’re pinning great blog comments to a Great Blog Comments” board we created on Pinterest.

Pin A Quote

Since it takes an image or video to be pinned, we’re using Pin A Quote to save and upload the (partial) comments directly to Pinterest. Each pin will include a link to the comment author’s website.

There are other apps and extensions that convert text to images but Pin A Quote seems to be working for now, I even upgraded to Pro in order to customize the colors. The one drawback to Pin A Quote is the image is saved to before uploading to Pinterest so the source credit goes to Pin A Quote. I then have to edit the image to change the source back to the blog post page from where the comment was shared. Perhaps Pin A Quote will correct this one day, along with the self-serving ads above each image (even for Pro customers).

What Is A Great Blog Comment?

So what does it take to be considered a great comment here? All I look for in a great comment is one that stands out, makes me think or generates some interaction. What I’m not looking for is comments full of praises and compliments, which just smacks of blog comment spam to me.

So what do you think?

Is this a nice idea or would you try something else? What are you doing to recognize great blog comments on your blog? Would you recommend a better text to image to Pinterest tool than Pin A Quote?