How To Find Views For A Google Plus Hangouts On Air (HOA)

YouTube Video ViewsIf you are the owner of the YouTube channel where the Hangouts on Air is hosted, you can simply log in and go to your Video Manager to see the view count for all your videos. No big deal there.

But, what if you are just a participant or doing a bit of research to see how many views a HoA is getting? How do you see the view count on those Hangouts on Air Videos?

Easy! No really, it is…

Seeing Hangouts video views on YouTube

  1. If the video is “Featured” on the channel, you can click the “More Info” on the top right of the video.
  2. If the video is not featured, you can take the video and embed it on a website, then click the “More Info“.

Yes, both of those options do take a bit of time or luck, so I found yet another way.

Go ahead and watch the video to find this easy peasy way to show the view count of a Hangouts on Air video without ever leaving YouTube, embedding or even if the video is not in the “featured” spot. You will see the “URL Manipulation” method of getting the “more” button.

See how easy that is? It’s so easy even a caveman could do it…if he had a computer, electricity, and a service provider.

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Sheryl Loch

EDIT 1/10/13 - Youtube has put the slam on us viewing the Hangouts on Air view count. That’s right, they have hidden all the view counts from the public. Maybe I should have keep this info to myself. LOL

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    • This “trick” was pretty much by mistake. Mitch noticed the “more” views if it was Featured and that just frustrated me since many times the HoA video we want the view count is not featured, so I started trying anything I could to get the “More” to show on any video. LOL

  1. Great find Sheryl… I’ve known about the “More Info” area for a while but never noticed it ‘revealing’ the secret HOA view counts until now… Good Job sniffing this one out! (we’ll see how long it lasts!)

    • Thanks for stopping in Ronnie. I hope they leave the view accounts for people who look under the More Info. I see no harm in it.

      In fact it could help people learn what/who is getting views, so they could “take hints” and improve their own Hangouts on Air.

  2. Yes its very easy, if I could do it, than evrybody can. Good trick, thank you for providing a video of it. You just did me a great favor. Thanks for sharing.

    • Indeed, finding the total count of video views seems easy enough. This is one of those things that spark an Aha moment. Thank you for the tip!

      • Yes Mike, I bet the views could have been sitting there in sight all this time and we were looking to hard.

        Just as Robert mentioned in a comment above, he found the “more info” just by taking the video to the end. I never even noticed that. Aha!

  3. Great one! Your explanation is so clear and perfect. I was quite mess up with watching views in G+. Your post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the great post Sheryl. I a huge fan of hangouts and for that’s the main difference which makes better google+ than facebook. Nice trick!

  5. Hi Andrew, I think the Hangouts and Hangouts on Air is what a lot of people need for easy interviews, sharing info…they can make a video and not even be in the same country as the others joining. Huge Bonus!

  6. Ferb

    Twitter: FerbHinlor
    Hi Sheryl,

    This is so nice and new feature on YouTube, if a video hasn’t gotten a lot of view then this feature is the best.

    Thanks for Sharing – Ferb

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