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Flashpaste Copy Paste Utility Review
& Commonly Misspelled Words List

image - Fashpaste Copy and Paste UtilityFlashpaste($) is a very cool advanced copy & paste utility. I’ve been using Flashpaste copy paste utility daily for years now and it helps when I’m writing content for my blogs, filling in profile information, submitting my blogs to directories, logging in with passwords and so much more. Flashpaste allows you to paste text, clipboard history and even use macros almost everywhere.

I recommend a program like Flashpaste for strings of text you use often. For example, whenever I am filling out my profile information on membership sites, forums or social networks, I simply hit Control/i and I’m in business. I scroll down to find the appropriate text and then click. The information is pasted where ever I need it. Site URL, description, keywords, my avatar URL, and even my bio. Ever have to scramble to find your correctly formatted link to post in a forum? Flashpaste copy paste utility makes that a piece of cake. You simply add it to the database and it’s handy whenever you need it.

I even use Flashpaste copy paste utility($) to make me look smarter. lol I read and write all day long and I still can’t spell worth a hill of beans. I used to keep a text file on my hard drive with a list of words that I typically misspell. Every time I wanted to write an article I would pull up that file to reference for those words. Now I have added those same words to Flashpaste so there’s no need to dig around my files for that list. It’s as handy as clicking two buttons on my keyboard (shortcuts). BTW, I am adding that list of commonly misspelled words (by me, anyway) for you to use anyway you see fit.

Commonly Misspelled Words List [Download]

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