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Fun Twitter Following Contest

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Candy ContestI said Fun, not easy. It’s either fun of funny, which will depend if anyone is up to the challenge. Get PSY to follow you on Twitter. I think someone can do it, honestly. He seems like a fun guy and he’s a YouTube sensation. Come on, it’s not like we said Brad Pit or something. lol

UPDATE: No one won the contest so I’m going to eat the candy now. LOL

The contest

It doesn’t get any simpler than this… Get PSY to follow you on Twitter. That’s it! Be the first to get YOUR Twitter account added to PSY’s following list and you win.

The Prize

The prize is an insane amount of chocolate! That’s right, Five (5) chocolate candy bars sent anywhere in the World (within reason). Can you imagine winning the grand prize and getting candy bars delivered right to your home or office? That an honor!

The Rules

The rules are simple; get PSY to follow you on Twitter and leave a comment below telling us how you did it. The first to accomplish the challenge will win a lot of chocolate and you will be a social genius! You will have an awesome story and accomplishment to share for years.


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  1. I love chocolates but I don’t think PSY will notice me on his twitter account since he only know little English. Urgh. This makes me wish that I can speak Korean language. Yes, I am desperate like that when it comes to chocolate. Heh.

  2. Twitter: AAAccidentlaw
    Ha! Interesting concept. There is actually some fun use from this I think. It could be very useful to understand how to acquire followers, particularly famous/important ones. Maybe some best practices for getting a response from major personalities could result, which could be huge in increasing exposure. We shall see…

  3. Hey Brian – great idea for a contest.
    I love chocolate, but it’s not really good to eat for six pack abs! But since I’ve just begun on Twitter, the thought of getting PSY to follow ME? Ha!
    I’m still going to try…

  4. Great challenge.. But thats impossible! Brian, did you checked his twitter account? He following only 358 peoples, but he’s followers is 2.8M! Wow…

  5. Twitter: AbGliderHelper
    Hi Brian that is an awesome challenge.
    Would you reopen the callenge if someone would get Chuck Norris to follow him? This would be a major challenge because not even google knows where he is Google for “where is chuck norris” and click on I’m Feeling Lucky they won’t show you the result.

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