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Google Plus Hangouts Custom Overlays FAQ’s Blog Post and HoA Video

Google Plus Hangout Custom OverlaysBranding is an important part of blogging and video is no exception. Google Plus Hangouts allow you to get pretty creative by using custom overlays. Add a bit of personality to your branding when you are using Google Plus Hangouts or Hangouts on Air.

Lower Third App

While most of us love the Lower Third app (Now in the Toolbox app) that is free and available to everyone in a Hangout (except as a page), have you ever tried using the Overlay option that is also available?

Why Use Overlays

If you have watched our the last 2 weeks, you will see that I have the Overlay on my picture. It gives me not only the option of displaying my name and logo at the bottom for branding, I can also put any image or picture I want on the top, bottom, and sides.

Creating Hangout Overlays

These overlays are easy to make if you are a bit familiar with Photoshop or Brian uses Gimp and recorded a how-to video on creating Hangout Overlays (embedded below). As you will hear in the video below, I had Brad make my first template, he is much better at using the graphics tools than I am. Now, I have a variety to choose from.

Using Custom Overlays

Do I just want to show my name, so I am not being spammy while in someone else’s hangout? Maybe I want to use the Stuffed Animal overlay when in a Hangout on the topic of parenting, or the Hot Blog Tips while talking about blogging, the possibilities are endless. Use an overlay to target the topic of the Hangout. I could even display an overlay for sites that I manage (recommend), but do not own. So, if you do Google Plus Hangouts or Hangouts on Air you will want to give the custom overlays a go. Watch the video below to hear about:

  1. What is a Google Hangouts Overlay?
  2. How can I add an overlay?
  3. How do I make an overlay to use in hangouts?
  4. Can everyone use the overlays in a Hangout?
  5. Why should I use an overlay in a Hangout?
  6. Should I always use an overlay when I am in a hangout or are there times I shouldn’t?

Now, you tell us, how do you brand yourself while in Hangouts? Do you let others in your Hangouts or Hangouts on Air use customer overlays or even the Lower Third App?

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  1. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    Great post Sheryl, this is a simple way for bloggers to strengthen their brand with every hangout they do. Best of all, other than a few minutes of time, there’s no cost involved. Back when I lived in Georgia they would have said, “You can’t beat that with a stick”. LOL

    • Once again you have saved my butt! I just had part of the story and then you pop up with this great How To Make an Overlay video!

      Just an FYI – You can beat anything with a stick, if you can catch it. LOL!

    • Hi Jim, So glad that we could help.
      Just remember that the Lower Third app as a stand alone app is no longer supported. You will need to use the TOOLBOX app which has the improved Lower Third and a few other apps in it.

      Have fun with your new Overlays!

  2. Hello Sheryl , I am completely agree with you Google Hangout surely help us in blogging field too. but the main thing is how can we make overlays though it seems easy but in reality it isn’t. thank you for this awesome post. at least i got to know new idea when ever i land here :)

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