Blogging and Beyond - Week 11
Blogging And Beyond

Google Reader & Pinterest Analytics

Blogging and Beyond - Week 11Blogging And Beyond | Week 11

There was a TON of news this week but I want to focus on just two issues; Google Reader’s shutdown and Pinterest’s launch of  Web Analytics. Both of these news items are pretty big and affect a lot of bloggers.

Google Reader Gets Google’s Axe

This one hits home for me personally because I use Google Reader daily but, like Ana Hoffman said, the The sky is NOT a-falling! I’m sure you have already heard that Google Reader will be shutting down July 1st, 2013.

There are plenty of alternatives (embedded below) and I decided to try Feedly. It took just minutes to setup an account, install their Android app and transfer ALL of my feed subscriptions from Google Reader to Feedly. It’s a little different but there are more options and I’m actually enjoying it a little better than I was with Google.

Google Reader to Feedly

Actual screenshots from my Galaxy S III

The Google Reader Back Story

Brian Shih, former Google Reader Product Manager, speculates that the project was killed because the Google Reader team would serve better elsewhere with their superior social sharing skills (I’m paraphrasing big time here). See the story on Search Engine Roundtable or on Quora.

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest has made a pretty nice free service available for business accounts. Verified website owners now have access to insights on pins from their sites, as well as image stats like Repins, Visitors, Clicks, Reach, and Impressions. See Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics.

Your Thoughts?

Are You Affected By Google Reader? Have you found your replacement yet or do you even use RSS feed subscriptions? What are your thought on Pinterest’s Web Analytics?

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