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Guest Blogging On Hot Blog Tips – Now Open!

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Hot Blog Tips has grown quickly and I feel very fortunate to have some of the best site visitors an admin could hope for. Reader interaction is up and bounce rate is down. :) I appreciate every subscriber and reader, especially those that take the time to interact with us and subscribe.

We’re Ready For Guest Bloggers

Up until now, there have been very few guest posts on Hot Blog Tips. That was by design; recent changes with Google make content quality and even post length a huge factor. It was, and still is, imperative to keep a handle on content quality and flow so we could have a chance to grow. Those are still huge issues and at the top of my priority but I feel the time is right to bring in new and fresh perspectives. Our readers deserve the best possible blogging advice and that calls for a variety of interests and specialties in a wide range of blogging topics.

The Time Has Never Been Better For Guest Blogging

It has never been more important for a steady flow of high quality blog content. A lot of what has been thought of as “great SEO” is changing by the minute. This blog opening up for guest blogging is a fantastic opportunity for our readers to benefit even more from our site.

What The Guest Blogger Has To Gain

Honestly, many bloggers guest post for high quality inbound links from authoritive sites. We qualify as an authority site but at this stage of the game, we need to think bigger than that. On this blog, referral traffic is working better than search traffic. Take a look at this:

Search Traffic:  36.28% of Total - 78.78%  Bounce Rate 01:43  Avg. Time on Site
Referral Traffic: 37.75% of Total 49.95%  Bounce Rate 05:43  Avg. Time on Site

We have some serious game changers in going into effect when it comes to search traffic. That’s not to say we shouldn’t work on search traffic, just the opposite; we need to try harder than ever before. With that said, we cannot under estimate the value of referral traffic either. Referral traffic stays longer, bounces less and I’m sure interacts more, at least in the case of this blog. Guest posting offers the best of both worlds – improved SEO and quality referral traffic.

Think about it, more traffic, more exposure, higher subscriber rates and more followers in your social networks. Of course, this all depends on what you do with that traffic when it arrives. You should:

  1. Engage your readers.
  2. Provide a steady flow of fresh, high quality content.
  3. Encourage social connections (this is increasingly important with recent search trends).

Hot Blog Tips Stats

  • We have 48 posts with over 1,600 comments (including mine).
  • We are do-follow with CommentLuv Premium installed.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank has steadily dropped DAILY to 86,535 so far.
  • We have a Google PageRank of 03/10 with 160 pages indexed by Google.
  • 53 users have +1’d a page on our blog.
    (Please be the next to 1+ us – it’s in the header on the right)
  • We have 345 feed subscribers so far.
  • We currently have 70 newsletter subscribers (Just a month old).

As of today, our stats look like this for the last thirty days
(My IP Address Is Excluded):

  • 2,858 visits
  • 2,048 unique visitors
  • 5,947 pageviews
  • 10,430 total inbound links
  • 50,000 search impressions
  • 2,071 search queries
  • 3:14 avg. time on page
  • 61.46% combined bounce rate
  • 68.79% new visitors
  • 31.21% returning visitors

This isn’t bad for a three month old blog!

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Image by Hans Mestrum

Interested Guest Bloggers

If you are interested in Guest Blogging here, the first step is to visit our Guest Blog page and understand our requirements and guest blogging guidelines. While I would love to help everyone, this blog is my future and I must maintain very high standards. Please don’t take it personal if your guest post submission is rejected or edited.

I am very excited about finally being in the position to connect even more with our readers and fellow bloggers. The blogging community is very strong and filled with great people from every walk of life. I look forward to working with many of you.

What Do You Think?

Are you pro guest blogging? Do you see the benefit in posting here? Any questions? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and all around great guy. Subscribe to our VIP List and enjoy true connection.

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