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How To Follow The Popular Blogs – Examples

Popular Blogs – More Than Meets The Eye

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Every blogger knows and follows the popular blogs, those run by blogging gurus like Darren Rowse or Seth Godin. That’s right, I’m talking about REAL popular blogs. We can learn a lot from these blogging greats but we need to use a little common sense.

Guru Bloggers And Us

Most of us don’t already have over a hundred thousand subscribers, a staff working for us or a line of bloggers a mile long waiting to post quality content on our blogs. And let’s not forget the almost endless budget. So why would we think we could follow the same path when Guru Bloggers are in another World?

I’ll give a quick example of what NOT to follow, and one example of what we should follow.

What NOT To follow

Have you ever noticed that the more popular a blog gets, the less personal interaction the blogger has with his/her readers? There’s a reason for that; and it’s something they can get away with, for the most part, when most of us can’t. That’s because they have already built a dedicated following. So we cannot look at the popular blogs and follow everything they do; we need to get there first. Oh yeah, that reason I mentioned… They work their butts off, staff or not, and a lot is demanded of them. If Darren or Seth replied to every comment, as they came in every few seconds, there would be no time for anything else.

HOW To Follow The Popular Bloggers

Like I said, we can learn a lot from these popular blogs, we just need to know what to look for. For example, yesterday Darren Rowse asked his 56 thousand Google+ followers what they’d like to see as far as blogging topics in 2012. That’s a great question and I’d love to ask my followers the same question but look at the response he got.

Those are a lot of amazing answers. I can take those requested topics and run with them myself – and I will. All you have to do is find your “Darren Rowse” in whatever your blogging niche is. The responses, in both social media and blogs, are very important and if you’re not reading the comments by your peers, you are losing out big time.

Thanks For Reading – Over To You

What do you take from the popular blogs? Do you read blog and social media comments/replies? What’s that best advice you have seen and who’s your mentor? Your comments and questions are important here.