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Learn How To Start a Google Hangout On Air (HOA) In Less Than Three Minutes [Video]

image - Start Hangout On AirIn response to viewer/reader requests, Sheryl Loch has put together a very short how-to video tutorial on How To Start A Hangout On Air. This is a step-by-step video that will take you from your Google Plus profile to setting up your Lower Third branding in the Hangout Toolbox, all in less than three minutes.

How to Start a Google Hangout On Air

This video shows you how to start a Google Plus Hangout On Air (HOA). A regular Google Hangout is a little different to setup and is not automatically recorded. A G+ Hangout On Air is broadcasted (viewable) publically live on Google Plus and YouTube and is recorded by Google and sent to the YouTube channel of the user that started the hangout.

Your Thoughts?

Have You Started a Hangout On Air? Have you participated in one? How about just a regular G+ Hangout? Any comments, suggestions or ideas? Feel free to comment below.

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