Hangouts On Air (HOA) on Google Plus
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How To Watch And Invite Others To A Google Hangout On Air (HOA)

Hangouts On Air (HOA) on Google Plus

Watch our Live Hangouts live every Sunday at 1PM EST on our Google Plus Business Page.

Yesterdays Live Hangout, embedded below, was about images and video for bloggers but Mitch Mitchell brought up an interesting question I thought I’d share here:

Where do we send viewers to see us live on YouTube?

It’s easy to see the confusion since the video can be viewed live, in real time (almost), on both Google+ and YouTube. It’s probably better to send viewers to the Google+ profile or page, like Google recommends, simplifying things.

Google’s Hangouts On Air support says to send people to the page or profile where the Hangout was initiated. In our case, the Hot Blog Tips’ Google Plus business page.

While the video can be viewed live on YouTube as well, it looks like the video isn’t displaying on our YouTube channel until the broadcast is finished. Immediately after the hangout is closed out, it becomes visible on the admin’s YouTube channel.

Still Need That YouTube Video Link?

Alternatively, you can grab the actual live video’s YouTube link anytime during the live Hangout On Air by clicking the YouTube logo embedded within the video on your G+ Profile or page.

Viewer Participation

Keep in mind, unless you have invited the public to participate, which I don’t recommend, viewers can only watch the Hangout On Air, not participate in it. They can, I believe, comment and ask questions during the broadcast but that is the extent of their participation.

You Are Officially Invited

If you would like to watch us live, on our Google Plus business page, we’re live each Sunday afternoon at 1PM EST. All you have to do is add our page to your circles (suggested) and go to our page once the broadcast begins. The video won’t display until we actually start broadcasting publically.

I hope that clears up any confusion on how to watch, and invite others, to a HOA. Have you tried a Hangout yet? Hangouts are very cool and once you switch over to a Hangout On Air, you are instantly creating a video others can watch and building your YouTube channel at the same time. Sheryl Loch wrote a detailed, step by step, post that will walk you through the process: How To G+ Hangouts On Air (HOA).

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