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I Want To Buy You A Book

image - Sell Me A BookI’m not sure if I should call this a contest or a giveaway I have a brand new Nook HD+ (tablet) and I love it. No, I’m not giving it away, it was a Father’s Day gift from one of my sons. I’m amazed at all of the things I can do using the apps available from the Google Play Store. I feel like I’ve all but mastered this cool tablet in just a few days with one exception – reading. I don’t have a single book to read on it. I read a lot! That’s how I goat so smaut. 😉 I have read a ton of books but never a digital book, with the exception of downloaded ebooks from great online authors like you. So here’s the deal…

We Have A Winner!!!

Thank you Lauri Rottmayer for recommending Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier. I have already started reading the book and love it. Official announcement coming soon. See the official announcement here.

screenshot - Barnes & Noble storeThe Book Deal

I like blogging, online business and social media. I want to buy a fantastic book in digital format for my Nook. When I say book, I mean a book that is also available in hard or softback. This is where YOU come in. The first person to convince me to buy a book that I’m guaranteed to love, via the comments below, will also get a book. That’s right, sell me on a particular book that you have read that you think I will love. The first person to do this will get a digital book at my expense.

A Few Details

  • The book should be available for purchase and download on Barnes & Noble
  • The book should be a learning experience, not a fictional novel.
  • Your book does not have to be the same book, you chose your own (in digital format).
  • Only the first person to “sell’ me the book will get a free book.

Get Your Pitch On…

There it is, use the comments below and convince me to buy a fantastic book. Thank you and good luck. :)

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  • Scott Craighead

    The Book Is Called “Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need.” To be honest, it’s the only book I’ve ever bought and actually read from front to back. With such a strange name you’d wonder just what the heck it is? A cat book? Nope. It’s a book wrote by Screenwriter Blake Snyder that has done countless screenplays for the Hollywood buffs. I’m a film maker or a soon to be one. When writing my Screenplay I was struggling and writing in circles. This book save my butt, every little thing was put into perspective and I finally finished the whole Screenplay confidentially. Then my hard drive crashed and I lost everything! It touches on audience engagement very well, something you might want to look into. You’ll know what the term “Save The Cat!” really means. I don’t want a book really. But I just thought I’d let you know of it’s existence.

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thanks Scott, I’m not really interested in Screenwriting but I can see how a book like that might help with writing in general; Especially with audience engagement. I’ll check it out and appreciate the recommendation. :) Let me know when your screenplay is ready online, I’d love to see it.

  • Pramod

    Am not a book worm hence i can’t really suggest a book name to you sir …I know the books that would be mentioned in this post would surely be the best one’s out there in the market ..hence, even i’m waiting for this list to be populated so that i can go though the book i find interesting ..


    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thanks Pramod, I hope we don’t disappoint.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    It is very good deal sir, I have a name of one eBook on SEO. If you want the name of that E book, then Kindly send me your request in the above given email address. Sorry, I can’t disclosed the name of that eBook here because i don’t want to endorse that Book but i will mail it to you if you want it badly. Thank you sir!

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thank you Gaurav, but I think you missed the point of this post. If you don’t want to endorse the book, you can’t possibly recommend it.

  • Silviu

    Hi Brian,

    I have no intention to convince you to buy a book. Also I don’t like Barnes & Noble at all. I never buy from Barnes & Noble and I never write a review for an ebook on Barnes & Noble. Btw, their review service is … not so good (I am polite).
    I just want to talk to you about a book I like. The most interesting and inspiring book I have ever read is “The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History” by Joe Vitale.
    I don’t know this guy. I saw him in a kind of movie called “The Law of Attraction”. Also I do not trust the idea of spiritual marketing, hypnotic marketing and magical writing etc.
    However, this book is the best of the best. Much, much better than all that personal development shit that people praise so much. It is the highest point you can reach in the business world.
    It is a kind of old book, written some years ago. I didn’t buy it. It was free. Maybe it still is… . The challenge would be to find it. It is not 3-4 pages. It’s rather long .
    One idea that really surprised my in this book is the following: if you want to make money, you must give money. Give freely, with peace and joy, with no intention of getting something in return.
    If you don’t know this book and you want to read it, I think it might be on my computer drive somewhere.

    Have a nice day

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thank you Silviu, I’m very familiar with Joe Vitale. It took some digging but I knew I had that on PDF. I uploaded it to our server in case someone want a free copy. Feel free to download it if you can’t find your copy. Share the link if you like, we’re free to distribute it. I’ll keep it up as long as it doesn’t draw an alarming amount of bandwidth from our server. :)
      The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!

      • Jack

        Hi Brian,

        I’m sorry I don’t have a great book to suggest to you. But I’m interesting for your statement above that you would share the book from Joe Vitale. Could you let me know how to download it, you can send the link to my email if you want. Thanks in advance.

        • Brian D. Hawkins

          No problem Jack, the link is below that comment but I’ll leave it here as well. It’s a .pdf so you should be able to either right-click and save or just open it online and save from there. The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!

  • Ileane

    Hi Brian,

    This is a pretty cool deal. I can’t think of a book right now but I’m going to spread the word about this since it seems no one has won the giveaway yet.


    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thanks Ileane, I’ve seen your generous mentions and it’s truly appreciated. Thank you :)

  • Robin m

    My suggestion is for the book “Reality is Broken” by Jane McGonigal. It is a study of the effects of gaming on society today and educational gaming is on the rise. She makes a great point about the appeal of gaming, and how they make us better. It is a quick read too.


    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thanks Robin, at first glance it looks like that’s not really within the range of topics I’m looking for but several bloggers are using gamification pretty effectively. I’ll check it out. :)

  • Scott Allen

    My suggestion is Brian Christian’s The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive. It’s the story of one man’s quest to win the annual Turing test competition, a test of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to see which could behave in the “most human” way. To prepare, he pulled from a wide variety of disciplines, as well as the area of AI itself. It’s really funny, incredibly thought-provoking, and drives right to the heart of the matter as to what makes us human.

    Given your areas of interest, I think you’ll find it truly fascinating and a great read.

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Nice description Scott, I’ll check it out. Thanks :)

  • Lauri Rottmayer

    I would like to suggest that you buy Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier. This is an awesome book about how brands can turn customers into fans. I was drawn right into the book as it’s easy to read and super interesting. The real life case studies are awesome. At the end of each chapter is a Back Stage Pass with actionable items to get you started on the turning your customers into fans. I’m a small business owner and I know that I can use the ideas in this book for my business, but I don’t believe the ideas to be limited to small businesses. I believe any brand could use and profit from these ideas. If you choose this book, let me know how you like it! :-)

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Okay Lauri, That’s right up my alley and just in time for the long Holiday weekend. Great review and I’m sold. Literally, I just bought it. :) Shoot me an email with a book and which reader you use (Nook, Kindle, etc.). I haven’t done this before but I may be able to send an Gift Card or NOOK Gift Card by Barnes & Noble to your E-mail address. If not, there’s always PayPal. Let me know and thank you. :)

      • Mack Collier

        Brian! Thanks so much for buying Think Like a Rock Star and thanks for giving Lauri a free book, who is awesome! If you’ll email me and give me your address, I will mail you a signed paperback copy of Think Like a Rock Star.

        Lauri I can’t wait to sign your copy in 15 days at Y’all Connect!

        • Brian D. Hawkins

          Thank you Mack, that’s super generous of you. I started reading it on my Nook on Sunday and I’m really enjoying it. I just sent you my address and I really appreciate that. I’m super excited! :)

  • Leopold Lacrimosa

    I recommend “Spiritual Leadership” by Henry Blackaby
    An excellent book that has helped me take a new look on how I run my business, how I relate to my employee and towards my customers

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thank Leopold, I’ll definitely check it out.