Lonely Road

A Fast Way To Less Blog Traffic

Lonely RoadBlog traffic is way up on the importance list for most bloggers and there are a number of ways to achieve that goal. I know from experience that one way to bring in blog traffic is what I call my “Blogging Rounds“…

I believe Hot Blog Tips grew so quickly, in large part, because I am very active in the blogging community. I don’t want to start an Alexa debate today but we enjoyed an Alexa Rank in the high 30,000’s not long ago and once I slowed on visiting and commenting on other blogs our traffic quickly dropped and our Alexa increased accordingly.

Build Your Name And Brand Everywhere In Your Niche

Becoming a consistent presence in your niche, both in blogging and social media, is one of the best ways to bring in qualified traffic to your blog. We need SEO, of course, but blog commenting is more a social behavior and shouldn’t be a form of SEO. I know this isn’t what has been taught over the years, but there’s a right way to comment on blogs and a wrong way; a right reason and a wrong reason. Every blogger sees this daily in their blog moderation tasks. We can see the link droppers a mile away. That’s amateurish and doesn’t help SEO. In fact, it’s doing more harm than good.

Expand Your Blogging Horizons

We, as bloggers, begin to feel comfortable within our little “click” and that’s dangerous. Every blogger needs to leave their comfort zone for new growth. We need to seek new blogs to visit and new friends to interact with. If all of our time is spent on our own blog, we’ll find few other people there. If we keep interacting with the same group of bloggers, our blog growth will see slow growth. The best route is to maintain those same relationships and expand on them with friends of friends.

Interact with the commenters on the blogs you visit. Visit the links from your own commenters and interact with them on their blogs as well.

There Are Always Exceptions

There are many bloggers out there doing very well that we rarely see commenting outside of their own blogs. Many of those bloggers don’t even interact on their own blogs to the degree they once did yet maintain high traffic blogs. Why is that? It’s because they’ve built their blogs to an almost self-sustaining point. Most of us aren’t at that point yet but if you can get the momentum going it’s much easier to maintain that blog traffic than it was to build it in the first place.

My Blogging Advice?

Get you blogging on! Go on blogging rounds consistently and make it a point to expand your reach each time; this includes the social networks. Be as helpful and intelligent as you can. Be yourself and let your personality shine. It’s all about reputation and authority and that takes more than, “Nice blog post, I loved it” comments.

Your Turn

So I turn it over to you now. Do you have regular blogs you visit or do you seek out new blogs? Is blog commenting your way of building your blog’s traffic or do you concentrate on other areas? As always, your comments are always welcome here, you are the reason I’m here at all.