Linking Out And Getting Noticed

Linking Out To Other Blogs And Getting Noticed For It

Getting The Attention When Linking To Other Blogs
Linking out to other blogs is a great way of building business relationships, share relevant information and support your content. Today’s Quick Blogging Tip topic will be getting noticed for linking out to other blogs.

Is Linking Out To Other Blogs A Good Idea?

Before we get into the best ways of getting recognized for your outgoing links, I’ll spend a few seconds on whether it’s even a good idea or not. There will always be a great debate on linking out to other websites with varying degrees of opinion on either side. Many bloggers refuse to link out, afraid they will leak “link juice“, send traffic running to the competition or that it will make them look amateurish. I reject the idea that being stingy with links is “good for business“. That’s goes for the no-follow issue as well but without getting into that debate, I will just leave it with a quote by SEOptimise,

image - quoteOutgoing links are one of the most underestimated weapons in the arsenal of every SEO and webmaster.

Getting The Recognition

image - Blog LinksAlright, back on track. So now we believe that we should link out and we understand why, so now what? So you spend a couple of hours researching and writing an awesome blog post and you link out to another fantastic post on someone else’€™s blog that compliments or supports your message. Do you want that blogger to know you linked to them? Sure you do, and there is nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t mean you expect undying gratitude from the other blogger or that you expect a link back in return, you just want that blogger to know you linked to their blog. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Option One – Main Page Link:

Linking to the main index page of the other blog/s is great but not every blogger watches incoming links that closely or has their domain URL and Title setup with Google Alerts.

Option Two – Deep Linking/Trackbacks:

Perhaps a better solution, both for relevancy and getting the blogger’s attention is linking to a particular blog post. As an example, when I linked to SEOptimise above, I could have linked to (like that) but I decided to link directly to the blog post that related most with the topic I am writing about. And, if SEOptimise has Trackbacks enabled, and it looks like they do, and if they approve the link, a backlink to this blog post will appear below that blog post (no-follow but so what). More importantly though, SEOptimise will get a trackback notification, just as with any other blog comment, that there is another site linking to that blog post. This doesn’t guarantee that SEOptimise will notice, or approve, or even care but my chance of them noticing the link increased by linking directly to a particular blog post.

Important: Click on it. What? Click on the outgoing link yourself; don’t wait for a reader to do it. I read this tip by Joost de Valk ( while researching this blog post. I’ll let Joost de Valk explain why you should click on the outbound link yourself.

Note: Trackback spam is out of control and many bloggers have disabled that feature to eliminate the problem. Please don’t abuse trackbacks and cause yourself to be labeled a low life spammer.

Option Three – Social Media Message:

Another way to get the other blogger’s attention is to send them a message. This doesn’t have to be sent via email, in fact, it’s probably better you don’t email them unless you already know the blogger. Remember? Spam? It is, however, pretty simple to send them a message via a tweet, or tag them in your Facebook or Google+ update when you add that particular link. If the blogger is following you on Twitter you can even send them a direct message but keep in mind that many people ignore Twitter direct messages. Stupid spam again, it’s ruining everything.

Please: When linking out to other websites, do the right thing and use do-follow links with proper anchor text and use the title tag. You really are defeating the purpose of linking out to other blogs when you turn around and tell Google, that other blogger and everyone reading your post that you do not consider that link important enough for it to be followed.


Link out to other blogs often, don’t ruin it with stingy no-follow tags and do give proper notice that you have credited the blog with a quality link.

Still undecided or unclear on why you should link out to other blogs? This was supposed to be a short post (yeah, right) so I’ll link to an image I posted on our Google+ Page:

Your Turn:

I’d love to hear your take on the matter. Do you link out to other blogs and websites? Do you use the no-follow tag? Why? Any other ideas or suggestions?