Looking Great With The New Google Plus Layout

Look Your Best With The New Google+ Design

image - Hot Blog Tips Google Plus AvatarHot on the heels of Facebook’€™s Timeline, Google+ has begun rolling out its own makeover. This revamped version has several new features to help in “ease of use” and “networking” with improved chat, hangouts, better navigation and trending alerts just like Twitter. What we’ll focus on today is “tweaking” your Google Plus business page images for a better look and feel.

The new Google Plus design is cleaner with less clutter, more white space and an emphasis on photos, which includes a larger profile photo (250X250px) right after five thumbnails that can be set by the user (rather than displaying the last image shared). These six images are certainly the most prominent part of your profile and it’s a pretty simple matter to get the best effect possible.

image - Hot Blog Tips Google Plus Business Page screenshot

Introducing A Free Online Tool That Improves The Look Of Your Google+ Business Page

Yesterday I received a hot tip in the form of a Tweet by friend and business partner Sheryl Loch. She linked to a pretty cool webpage that helps customize those five image thumbnails from one single image that you provide. This free online tool allows you to resize and customize your image and then splices it up perfectly allowing each image to be saved as a separate file.

image - Google+ Banner Maker screenshot

To setup your Google Plus profile banner by splicing one image into five, go to Google Plus Profile Banner Maker – Google Plus icon Generator.

To create a pretty cool Profile image, check out Google Plus Profile Picture Image Avatar Maker – Google+ Photo Icon Generator.

You can also create a Google+ profile picture and thumbnail banner all at once with Google Plus Profile Picture Image Avatar And Banner Maker.

Do You Have A Google Plus Business Page?

Feel free to share the link in your comment and be sure to add us to your circles: Hot Blog Tips on Google+

Extra: If you need a Google+ icon, you have to check out this page:
Google Plus Icons: 40+ Wicked Icons For Your Blog

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  • Mitch Mitchell

    I wish I could figure out why I haven’t done it yet, but I know it’s related to the same reason why I’ve yet to switch over to the Facebook timeline thing voluntarily. I just know I’m going to mess it up. I know what I think looks cool but I’ve never been one to know how to create visually cool. :-(

    • Brian Hawkins

      I completely understand Mitch, I’m sure I stopped breathing when I first switched to timeline. I actually liked the way FB did it though, allowing us to get it right before anyone else could see it.

      I’m still not happy with mine but that’s the best I could handle on my own since I’m a far cry from a graphic designer.

  • April

    Alternatively you can use the large banner option instead of the 5 smaller images. We opten not only for the banner option, but also making it into a gif (by using animation shop), so it shows four images.

    • Brian Hawkins

      That’s pretty cool April, I ran across several like that during my research. I thought this one was pretty cool because the last frame has a call to action for 1+ and circle adds:

      • April

        Ooooo – I like the “add us to your circles” ani… what a great idea!

  • Pam

    I am trying to add the Plus page into my schedule. I wish we could all just pick a couple of days a week and hang out so to get out feet a bit wetter. lol


    p.s. totally pinned this. Thanks

    • Brian Hawkins

      Hi Pam, I’m with you, it seems every time we start to get the hang of something, it takes a hard left turn. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • tracey
    • Brian Hawkins

      Thanks, Nice find Tracey. That one can really come in handy for the Holidays since they already provide the art.

  • Aasma

    I’m really enjoying the new look Google+, It’s quite clean and clear which is opposite to Facebook. I’m sure many people would love it’s new look.

    • Brian Hawkins

      I’m with you Aasma, I prefer a cleaner look too.

  • Ahmad

    I still don’t set up my Facebook timeline and now Google+ also change their layout. Its a bit confusing at first because all the button change to the left but it actually the same. BTW, can we suggest an idea about Google+ layout to Google? I want to see who click the +1 button but I don’t know if we can do that.

    • Brian Hawkins

      I don’t know of a way to see exactly who +1’d us Ahmad. We can see a lot of information with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools but not individual clicks as far as I know.

  • Lennart Heleander

    Then it’s time to start to play and create a good image for the rest of the day. Thanks for the tool.

    • Brian Hawkins

      Good luck Lennart, let us know when you get it added.

  • Harleena Singh

    Great info Brian!

    I know that Google+ changed the whole layout and some features are nice in it, but I do miss the large space of the earlier version. But yes, this video is wonderful and so are the links that I am soon going to check out.

    I guess I better get started as I have yet to create my profile cover image, though I made one for Timeline earlier. :)

    Thanks for sharing and a wonderful reminder as well. :)

    • Brian Hawkins

      Hi Harleena, I just adjusted the same image I already made for FB Timeline. It’s a little wider.

  • JamesW

    Thank you for post Brian, Google new look is so clean and nice but also reminds me a lot to facebook. This became more then just a competition between two of them :)

  • Karen Loomis

    I updated my personal Google+ page this AM & plan to set up a company page later this week. It’s a nice update, but not earth shattering. On the other hand I love Facebook’s timeline although it has no affect on mobile platforms which is where I do all my social media interactions. As a visual person, FBs update is delightful. Not sure why there was so much resistance.

  • Elena_Anne

    For optimal exposure, I really recommend using both facebook and G+. Regardless of whether one is better than the other, you might have some people who use one and not the other or who are simply interested in reading more about you and having at least two business pages is great for that. The more you’re out there (within reason, anyway) the better off you will be in your online presence.

  • Anthony

    Yes, the new Google Plus… I was surprised when I opened my G+ profile last Apr.12 and everything was changed! There’s this banner and the “white space”. Sort of like the FB timeline. I was shocked with the sudden changes but completely coped up with it today! I was looking for a perfect banner maker since first day, thanks for sharing this!

  • Aaron Kelly

    Very timely, I was actually looking for this the other day as my google+ page really need a lift. Thanks Brian

    • Brian Hawkins

      Glad to help Aaron, thanks for sharing. :)

  • Charles Daniels

    Ugh, here’s another thing on my to do list that really needs to be done. Sometimes it’s hard to pay the proper attention to Google+ because it seems like such a ghost town over there. The banner tool looks interesting. Getting to play with that provides some needed motivation. Thanks Brian!

    • Brian Hawkins

      Hi Charles, I thought G+ was pretty boring for a while too but now it seems pretty interesting. I added a few ‘funny’ people to my circles and that really helped. Now mixed in the technical layered with statistical, I’ll see something like a monkey riding a dog or a phone prank. It’s just a matter of who we connect with.

  • Raheel

    i am in love with the new design i think. This is the best thing Google could do to tackle Facebook.!

  • Heidi19

    Great post Brian!I love the way Google plus changed their whole layout. And i know that a lot of people would love it’s new look. Thanks for sharing this to us!

  • Andreas Pazer

    Google+ is one of the newest social networking sites offered by the biggest search engine. Although it’s relatively new, it has already attracted millions of online users coming from different parts of the globe. Yes, it’s not yet as popular as Facebook and Twitter but it’s definitely something that you can use to boost your traffic.

  • Jordan Xiong

    The new look Google+ is quite nice, It’s quite clean and clear and drastically different from Facebook, I know that Google+ changed the whole layout and some features are nice in it, People will gradually start liking this change like Fb timeline and this change seems pretty good also, thanks for sharing.

  • abhinav

    Great Post ! Your post is very helpful for improving my blog thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tips in your blog.

  • George

    I was able to set-up my FB timeline now and I am very happy with it. Now, Google plus has this layout, but haven’t tried it though. I will find time to check it out cause I’ve heard how great its layout because of its cleaner look.

  • Jack

    Really enjoying the new Google Plus format! It is more dynamic, seems more attractive & really it seems similar to FB timeline too!

  • Satyakam Pradhan

    I also think that the new layout of Google+ is amazing and I like this new clean look.


  • Puneet

    Google is copying Facebook to improve its design. The timeline image is just same implementation as Facebook did in the past. Google should think something new.

  • Gautam

    nice share Brian, i love google plus because it’s good for seo i tried if i share my post in G+ than it’s have more value. ans thank you for this designing tool.

  • sai krishna

    hurry ! really hotblogtips is looking very hot on new Google plus layout :)

  • Pooja

    great share Brian, i think now i want to try new google plus layout and starting google plus network.
    thank you for this lovable layouts software.

  • Sameer Gandhi

    Wow, it is the first time im about to see the new design of Google plus.

    Will change my blogs cover page. thanks for the great share.

  • Steve

    That google plus banner maker is pretty cool! I am going to have to check it out. I think it really does make the Google plus look a little bit “snazzier” Thanks for sharing it!

  • Mohsin Ali

    Now Google is really starting to copy Facebook First layout and now Timeline too.

  • Laurel

    Excellent advice! Google+ seems a little flower than Facebook, but there are still some absolutely amazing features there (and some great people on it.) It’s a little more tight-knit than Facebook, too. Banner images are great eye-catchers, aren’t they?

  • Usman

    This is a very excellent guideline in this situation when users were annoyed with Facebook Timeline and now Google also moved to a disastrous layout. I think we need consistency in design the users who want the old Facebook and Google + design must be allowed to retain old layout but forcefully imposing something is very bad and all social media website owners must understand the fact. Anyways thanks for telling how could we improve the design of our Google + Business Page