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Looking Great With The New Google Plus Layout

Look Your Best With The New Google+ Design

image - Hot Blog Tips Google Plus AvatarHot on the heels of Facebook’€™s Timeline, Google+ has begun rolling out its own makeover. This revamped version has several new features to help in “ease of use” and “networking” with improved chat, hangouts, better navigation and trending alerts just like Twitter. What we’ll focus on today is “tweaking” your Google Plus business page images for a better look and feel.

The new Google Plus design is cleaner with less clutter, more white space and an emphasis on photos, which includes a larger profile photo (250X250px) right after five thumbnails that can be set by the user (rather than displaying the last image shared). These six images are certainly the most prominent part of your profile and it’s a pretty simple matter to get the best effect possible.

image - Hot Blog Tips Google Plus Business Page screenshot

Introducing A Free Online Tool That Improves The Look Of Your Google+ Business Page

Yesterday I received a hot tip in the form of a Tweet by friend and business partner Sheryl Loch. She linked to a pretty cool webpage that helps customize those five image thumbnails from one single image that you provide. This free online tool allows you to resize and customize your image and then splices it up perfectly allowing each image to be saved as a separate file.

image - Google+ Banner Maker screenshot

To setup your Google Plus profile banner by splicing one image into five, go to Google Plus Profile Banner Maker – Google Plus icon Generator.

To create a pretty cool Profile image, check out Google Plus Profile Picture Image Avatar Maker – Google+ Photo Icon Generator.

You can also create a Google+ profile picture and thumbnail banner all at once with Google Plus Profile Picture Image Avatar And Banner Maker.

Do You Have A Google Plus Business Page?

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