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Making The Most From Your Guest Posting

Guest Blogging Tips And Advice From A Pro Blogger

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When you take the time to guest blog on another site two things are about to happen. First the reader will be engaged from your article learning new information that will benefit them or add value to their online activities. Second will be a relationship building activity like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Quality Content that adds Value

As a guest blogger it’s our responsibility to provide content that will not only entertain the audience but also captivate their interest as we engage with them in relationship building conversations. When a reader comments on your guest post this is your first chance to build a long term and beneficial relationship with someone new.

All great guest blog sites like Basic Blog Tips, Famous Bloggers, Blog Engage and Hot Blog Tips have additional social plugins for you to bring your relationship building to the next level.

I’ve guest blogged on all these sites with one article having over 500 comments named, How to Drive Consistent But Free Traffic To Your Blog . I don’t just guest blog and run you know, I engage with all the comments people leave. I follow them on Twitter, comment on their latest articles and help promote them by sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

Make the Most of It

As a guest blogger this is your opportunity to make the most out of your guest post. This is your chance to build the relationships you need to be a success online. These are going to be some of the strongest most engaging friends you will have the opportunity to meet. It’s our responsibility to make the most our of this guest posting opportunity.

Guest blogging alone will not build these relationships. You must reach out and extend your introduction using social media. I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter and any other social network you’re a member of. Please remember it can also be smaller communities; Like I’ve said before at Basic Blog Tips, What if I Were To Say To You, Size DoesnҀ™t Matter?

When readers leave comments they leave the key to opportunity, they leave a way for you to connect back. On most guest blog sites you can follow their URL, Twitter handle or their latest link via comment luv. There are a total of four key elements you can use to connect and build relationships from guest posting.

The Comment Reply

This is by far the best method to engage and build a new relationship. If someone comments on your guest post you must always reply. When you do comment reply make sure to thank the reader for actually commenting. I also like to mention that I’ve connected with them online and look forward to seeing more of them. The best comments are the ones that actually provide value to the guest post or bring up good questions regarding it’s validity. Have a look at the comment below and you will see how I encourage the reader to once again return and engage with me.

Username URL

This is very basic functionality when it comes to leaving comments. We all know the URL leads back to the readers site but these days it’s rarely even a blog. It’s some company or random non blog related website. This is why I just love commentluv as you know when you click it there’s going to be something for you to comment on or at least tweet on the other side.

Twitter Handles

I like to first follow the reader on Twitter and send a personal thank you for leaving the comment and interacting with me on the guest post. I will accomplish this from using a direct tweet to the user. Under normal conditions at this point you will also be able to visit their blog, comment with them and start building your new relationship. Social media is an amazing tool when connecting and building your new relationships, use it to your advantage.

Comment Luv Links

When readers leave comments on most guest blogs they are also allowed to leave their latest article with comment luv. This is such an amazing opportunity to give back to this reader for commenting on your post, while at the same time leaving you a new way to connect with the blogger. I always visit my readers articles and tweet them! For the most part I will also be interested enough to comment.

My Final Thoughts

In my post today I wanted to share with you ways to engage with our readers when our guest articles get published. As a marketer our job has only become. You have other social media relationship building responsibilities to apply. The guest post is just the door being opened, as that is what guest posting does, it opens doors. It’s up to us to walk in and see what’s on the other side.

One final note: No matter how hard you practice what I say in this article you have to be sincere in order for these relationships to work. Don’t force comments if you have nothing to say. Tweet, say thanks for the comments, build the relationship but be real and sincere when you do it. You can only be fake for so long, to do this you must truly love what you do.

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  1. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    Awesome post Brian, and great advice. I love your examples too, all favourites of mine. I’m going to promotes this a bit and come back once we get a few responses. I appreciate such a great post.

  2. Ganesh J. Acharya says:

    Twitter: ganeshjacharya
    @bbrian017 Thanks for the great tips. Yes, Guest posting is truly advantageous if they are done right. I now realize I have not used my Guest post to maximum.

    • Ganesh at the end of the day man you have to take your time. If you don’t have much time it’s even more important to use it wisely. This is your one shot man, it’s me and you like it or not we just built a relatsionhsip. You can even spot out other people commenting and see if you might be interested in them. Take advantage of the moment while your in it!
      bbrian017 recently posted..Win $1000 USD for Guest BloggingMy Profile

      • johnavery says:

        two sentences in your comment just summed up every thing, there is only one shot, Take advantage of the moment while your in it!
        johnavery recently posted..ReposMy Profile

  3. isabella057 says:

    Given a chance to be a guest blogger is a big opportunity. This is your time to make good and be known in online business world. So we have to make use of it, and give our best shot.

  4. Great Post Brian
    Guest Blogging is such a great opportunity for both the webmaster and the guest blogger if the article is relevant and adds value.
    I love that it creates a win win for both parties.

    • Hi Rene, yes it’s a benefit for both the guest blogger and website owner. For example I’m sure Brian is enjoying these nice articles I’m wiring and I’m sure it’s helping build more traffic to his blog. from my prospective I’ve already meet so many new people including yourself.
      bbrian017 recently posted..Google Webmaster Tools = SEOMy Profile

  5. Twitter: dragonblogger
    Great guest post Brian, I agree that engaging your readers and inviting them to add more insight, showing them appreciating for taking the time to comment and building a relationship with them is key to being remembered and standing out in a crowded field.

  6. Twitter: itechcode
    Awesome post Brian sir, and great advice. I always love to read your article.Its really worth reading. Thanks for sharing this type of awesome article with us.

  7. Dollar Tycoon says:

    Twitter: dollartycoon
    Great informative article about guest blogging. Thanks for the tips. Writing quality content that compliments the blog is key.

  8. Twitter: Lisapatb
    Nice tips, I hadn’t thought about the Twitter handle in comments. I can’t wait to transfer my blog over to WordPress very soon and have that feature. Thanks!
    Lisa recently posted..So You Want To Sell Online?My Profile

  9. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says:

    Well I think the tips you have provided in this tutorial about guest blogging are really helpful for me itself. We all know that blogging is a marketing strategy that most of the bloggers tend to experiment with. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Twitter: satvatinfosol
    While writing blog post to other blogs be sure your content must be supportive to their blog and should be user friendly. And as you said try to reply to the blog comments of the readers this makes the readers to visit to the blog.

  11. Lennart Heleander says:

    Brian – You are so right, as usual, it takes time to build good traffic to a blog, but with good guest blogging, courtesy and good comment reply, can you come very far. Good article as usual from you.

  12. Twitter: trickstreasure
    That was the most amazing and usefull areticle i have ever read…..the best guest blogging advice i have ever seen!….and as usual fantastic πŸ™‚ It was just 2 days ago i thought to start guest blogging on others blog to promote my new blog as people say it is one of the best method for link building but now i have got another benefit ie it will also help me in building my blog readership and bond with the readers thanks again brian for this wonderful post.

    • Oh wow Shubham thank you for thee amazing compliment that means so much to me! You know This is what I do on a regular basis. Why bother guest posting if your not going to engage with the people leaving comments.
      bbrian017 recently posted..Google Webmaster Tools = SEOMy Profile

      • Twitter: trickstreasure
        Thanks for your reply brian and i think there is no sense in writing a guest post if you can not answer the questions of the readers , and doing a guest post just for the sake of a backlink is like wasting your time in building a castle without any pillar which is readers which are the main and most essential part of a blog and because you engage with the readers the readers also take interest in engaging with you and thats why you are one of the best blogger in the entire blogosphere πŸ™‚ wish you all the best for the future πŸ™‚

        • bbrian017 says:

          Shubham thank you for the kind words I mean it’s so amazing to hear you have this nice opinion of me. I work hard everyday to do my best and you know, I’m not perfect, sometimes I act before I think and this needs work but I honestly try my hardest to help everyone of my blogging friends.
          bbrian017 recently posted..Where To Submit Your Guest PostsMy Profile

  13. Interesting post here Brian,

    I believe that the most important fact to get good traffic is relevant content.

    To me it is the most important for your actual blogs and guest blogs as to keep the reader interested and to be relevant. Furthermore i believe blogs can be good for lots of opinions in regard to topics so if the content is not relevant it deminishes the value of the blog in my opinion.

  14. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says:

    I used to do guest posting and i can say its quite useful for seo purpopes as well as for bringing traffic to your website

  15. Bhupendra Sharma says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for including my comments in you post and it true that only guest posting is not important for popularity or more traffic to your blog but you have to build a relation with reader.when you encourage the reader to once again return and engage with blogger then reader also get chance to speak his mind about you and your post.I thinks engage with reader is first step to build true relationship.

  16. Abhi Balani says:

    Twitter: abhibalani
    Hey Brian,
    That was a very informative post.
    I can see you everywhere, guest posting. πŸ™‚

    Did you see my GP over BBT? I got a very good response in my second GP.
    here it is:

    I’d like to see what you think about my guest posting. πŸ™‚
    Abhi Balani recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?My Profile

  17. Hi Abhi, sure I can have a look, let me swing over and see what’s going on. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Stop Wasting Your Money on E-Books and Join #blogengage TodayMy Profile

  18. Twitter: BlogDennny
    Hi everyone,
    This maybe my 10th time in the last 2 month that I read about guest blogging
    It seems really like something worth trying..
    post like this really encourage one to do so πŸ™‚

    Thank you to the autor

  19. Jeevanjacobjohn says:

    Twitter: JeevanMe
    Hey Brian,

    Awesome post πŸ™‚

    I am sure that you are post is going to help a lot of new and upcoming bloggers out there.

    I also thank you for including various specific techniques like thanking them via Twitter. I used to do that, but stopped it since I realized that it would take too much time (and maybe annoy some people – because I do get a lot of consistent commentators in lot of my guest posts). What do you think?

    Jeevan Jacob John
    Jeevanjacobjohn recently posted..Guest Blog: Where Do You Guest Blog? And Why?My Profile

  20. I really want to be a guest blogger but I guess I am not yet ready about it.

  21. Twitter: LogAllot
    Great tips Brian. I just started by guest posts for this year and you really have to engage with that blog’s readers. You have such a window of opportunity to create new readers for yourself and open up the communication to gain more exposure. The more you look out for the blog author, the more you will be trusted to post anywhere.
    Sonia recently posted..Do You Commit to Fail or Succeed?My Profile

  22. Twitter: spidolster
    Very valuable advice Brian.
    Thank you for the post. It is quite simple, but i still find it very useful.

  23. Good relationship and conversation between readers and blogger starts in a comment box.All the ideas you’ve shared are fantastic.
    Becca recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  24. Thanks for your posting this was exactly what I was looking for -some tips and found these ones to be very helpful for me. I think these 10 steps can help a lot of people around the world who like to guest blog.

  25. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    Awesome post I must say Brian. I love the way that you explained each point. Keep up the good work man πŸ™‚
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..How To Increase Your Traffic And Quality Of BacklinksMy Profile

  26. Thank you Brian for these tips. I agree that guest posting is too great opportunity to miss as relations are the most valuable thing you can benefit. And I like your examples as much your post πŸ™‚
    Victor recently posted..Web design software | Divine Elemente – Photoshop pluginMy Profile

  27. Brain, Great post! I also think you have great examples. I going to put your tips to the test. Wish me luck πŸ™‚

  28. Michelle says:

    Your tips are appreciated! Can you point me towards any resources/instructions on the best way to *find* blogs to guest post on? I considered trying to email a few blog authors asking if I could guest post, but I’m not sure of what to say or how to ask?

  29. Jack Coxill says:

    Hey Brian!

    I loved this blog post, internet marketing is all about finding ways to open up new doors for exciting opportunities. And as you’ve laid out here, guest blogging is a tried and tested method proved to open up these doors.

    I also agree with you about luv comments. So many comments aren’t from other bloggers, they are just out there linking back to a random company or this or that. Blogging is about community, assistance, advice and building relationships. And I certainly will be returning here πŸ™‚

    Jack Coxill
    Jack Coxill recently posted..How To Improve Email Marketing CampaignsMy Profile

  30. Mike Smith says:

    Quality and unique content was and always will be most important part of the every post. If you know how to provide that you will get your readers and guest posting opportunity!
    Thank you for advices!

  31. Dipendra says:

    Twitter: givemegoal
    Once a blogger is able to establish from its initial phase, like by making good page rank and nice alexa rank too, it is possible to get guest bloggers. So from a blog owner points of view,giving just small time to moderate blog posts, a blog owner can benefit from guest posts. It has two way benefit, so Guest blogging is always great.

  32. Kuldeep says:

    Twitter: cooltricksin
    As far as I am concerned, Guest Posting is really effective way. But getting the best out of it means to do Proper Research and Submitting a Quality Guest Post. However, I agree with your points. Especially that of Replying to comments. I think it’s necessary for every blogger.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Kuldeep you are so right! I was looking at some videos on how to make the best impact from guest posting and you have to provide solid content for readers. So this week coming I’m going to be guest blogging here again and on some other sites, I’m going to be focusing on some killer articles!
      bbrian017 recently posted..Where To Submit Your Guest PostsMy Profile

  33. Miranda Platt says:

    These are awesome tips Brian, I am planning to do some round ups of guest posting and I think I would take it from here in Hot Blog Tips.

  34. In guest blogging I think it is important to give readers quality content. If the content is not of high quality then it is very difficult to get trusted readers for a blog. It is essential to build good relations with other bloggers and readers. I have tried guest blogging for many times and think that the tips which you have listed are spot on. One should try to reply to all the comments which will help in engaging readers.

  35. Theriz26 says:

    Providing us this information is really a big help. A lot of bloggers will benefit from this specially for a newbie like me. I will follow all the detailed guide that you’ve shared with us to increase my knowledge about guest blogging. Thanks for the post and for the tips.

  36. The tips which you have listed fro making most from the guest blogging are perfect. I have been doing guest blogging for quite some time now and think giving readers valuable information is vital. Proper research must be performed before coming up with a guest post. This will help in making most of the opportunity. Also I agree with you that replying to every comments will also fetch good results.

  37. Twitter: sadie_lankford
    These are great tips, thanks for sharing. Until I started reading articles like this, I hoarded my “best” articles for my blogs lol. So glad I got out of that mode, because the few guest posts I’ve done have brought in quite a bit of traffic!
    Sadie recently posted..How to do Keyword Research Quickly and EffectivelyMy Profile

  38. bbrian017 says:

    Yup it’s a great idea, many people don’t have the time I say simply don’t delete the e-mail. You can always find time to come back and chat with people leaving comments on your site.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Flash Web DevelopmentMy Profile

  39. bbrian017 says:

    As an online entrepreneur I’ve never cared about SEO, I think for what I do it’s far more important to build a relationships then it is to get a backlink. In fact I rarely backlink in posts.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Blog Engage Facebook Timeline UpgradeMy Profile

  40. David Sneen says:

    Members of the online community familiar with the Law of Attraction understand that in giving, something will come back to them. In that vein, guest bloggers need to continue giving long after their article is published. Thank you for the reminder.

  41. Bhavesh Panchal says:

    Hi, thanks to sharing here details provided by you about guest blogging tips. Today i had some mind wash on blogging. Really good blogs here by you. Thank you again.

  42. I agree. Sincerity goes a long way. Especially when engaging with others in the social media world. Building a firm foundation just by making sure there’s a sincere response, goes a long way. Very interesting post!

  43. Readers always take interest in that which attract them. They read them and comment on this topic.The writer must reply them and make good relation with guest so they read your post again again. Quiet interesting post!
    Ayesha recently posted..Best Captcha Plugins for Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  44. Mahendra says:

    Guest blogging is very important for building links, reputation, getting new viewers at least to your brand if not yet to your website. Think about it tho, if the visitor happens to bump into your site in the future and recognizes you from another post they may feel like they can trust your article to be another great informative article or your product to be a great product. Also, I want to mention that guest blogging is not only great to do, but also its great to welcome guest bloggers to your site as long as the content is of high quality.

  45. NiceBlogger says:

    Guest posting may have many benefits…Getting quality backlinks,a huge amount of visitors and becoming popular.Nice article !
    NiceBlogger recently posted..20 Social Media Sites Offering Dofollow Profile LinksMy Profile

  46. Doing some guest posting help a lot.

  47. Ramakanth says:

    Very helpful tips. Guest bloggerҀ™s job really consists more than writing. It includes tech savvy as well as marketing savvy.

  48. Danica Green says:

    Replying to readers comments is a great opportunity to build a relationship with them and engage them in your blog.

  49. Nice and helpful article. I like this advise from pros as I am a beginner In this Field(Blogging). So thanks for giving us this worthy article πŸ™‚


  50. Some fantastic advice here. You’re dead right when it comes to making conversation in the comments section. Not only does it help foster relationships with your commenters; comments can also provide insight into issues that you may not have even considered. I regularly get ideas for new blog posts out of the comment sections of old ones.

  51. Syeda Mehwish says:

    Hi Brian,
    You have focused on the key points to make the most from guest postings.Comment reply plays a vital role in building new relationship in guest postings. Even I feel awkward if I comment on a blog and in return I recieve no relpy so its a good strategy especially for guest bloggers to give attention or reply the commentators.

  52. Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Brian,
    I liked your suggestion for guest bloggers.Building a good relationship needs your sincere efforts and comment reply is the best strategy to build relationship with commentators.

  53. Twitter: businessfied
    Thanks for the great tips. I learned something valuable today. i agree replying to each individual comments makes us extract maximum benefits out of our guest post. Moreover the topic of the guest post also has vital importance.

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