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The New One Channel YouTube Layout Is Here

YouTube One Channel New LookThe new One Channel YouTube Layout is here, but is it easy to set up? Answer: YES! As I say in the video below, “It’s easy as pie“. And since Mitch Mitchell says pie isn’t easy (he obviously doesn’t live with a chef), I should have said “It’s easy as eating pie“.

Funny thing, early on March 7, 2013 I wrote the post ‘YouTube Tag Changes For OneChannel‘ and was excited because it meant things were getting set up for the layout change over. I spent ½ my day bummed out because I couldn’t get the new layout and later that evening…the new layout was available for everyone. *Happy Dance *

Anyway, in this Hot Blog Tips Hangouts on Air, I run through a little about what you will find when you click the link and get the new layout.  I also tell you where to find the link in your YouTube Dashboard to upgrade to the One Channel layout.

To me, the Channel Art and the Trailer were the hardest parts. That is only because you may need some creativity and that is something I lack.

In the video I cover how awesome the “Sections” or shelves are. They make it easy to display the videos you want to get attention on your channel page. If you wonder what your choices are…I list them in the video.

I also talk about the links your channel can now display and how they are limited to 4, but as we know, to many choices of what to click…usually leads to NO CLICK!

I also give a few more tips for making your Channel Trailer. We did a previous HoA ‘Tips for Making YouTube Channel Trailers and then after the upgrade, I figured out a few more things I wanted to add, so I talked about them in the video below.

What Is YouTube’s One Channel? 

For those of you that have already upgraded, what is your favorite part?

For any of you that have not went to get the new layout, what is holding you back?

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    • Hi Samuel, I think the new layout is so much cleaner and so the videos are highlighted more. I am not one for all the backgrounds, those are the people who seem to dislike it the most.

    • Hi Abhishek, I agree! The new layout is so clean and uncluttered that the videos seem to stand out more.

      I am really glad that, so far, no one has come here screaming how terrible it is. LOL

    • Hello Narender, I think most people will like the layout once they see how well it works with mobile devices.
      I agree that change can be good…especially when it is such an important improvement.

    • Thanks for stopping by Adam!
      I think you will really like the new layout. It is just so much cleaner and easier to show the playlist or tags you want to bring attention to.

      Have fun with the switch over!

  1. More option on design when it comes to channels on youtube is fine with more. It looks good, very social network orientated, much like facebook pages.

    I personally like the changes youtube did lately overall, way more easier to access my subscriptions and this was really my only concern.

  2. This is great news! Finally, I got pretty bored of the YouTube layout lately, and it was quiet frustrating that you can’t change more than just the background.

    I was wondering, if I embed a YouTube video on my site, will it also be responsive?

  3. Calra

    I’ve got to give it to YouTube this time; these are wonderful changes. But I guess we really have it coming since the big names like FB and Google+ have also come up with their own upgrades and enhancements.

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