Content Personalization Tips

Does Personalization Make Sense For Content Creation?

I’m going to cover personalization for your content and how to connect better with your audience. I’ll give an easy example for email marketing as well as offer valuable advice for “talking” with your blog readers, followers, and subscribers.

Personalized Email – Getting the most from Email Personalization

I use AWeber$ and, like most email management tools, you can personalize the email broadcasts. I rarely use the feature anymore but when I do I use the {!firstname_fix} option. That corrects any capitalization issue. I’m amazed at how many people never bother capitalizing their names. Another issue with the name personalization field is that so many people don’t include a first name, or use a biz name, or even a single initial.

I don’t mean to be cynical but I have to wonder how many people don’t understand when they get an email from Sears using their real name that it is simply automation and not real “personalization“. I understand it’s more a psychological issue than anything else and I should probably use the feature more often.

On the other hand, we want to avoid looking spammy to the masses to appear personable to a few. Personally, I believe many marketers tend to overdo personalization in their email copy. Finding the appropriate balance for your market is key and will require testing to make the most of it.

A few Email Personalization examples – doing it right:




Sway - personalization example

Swayy address my name AND curates content based on MY interests.
See: Swayy – Great Content Discovery Tool For Your Buffer Schedule.

Sorry, Swayy is no longer available.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner - personalization example

Social Media Examiner discreetly uses our name in the header.


Sears - personalization example

Sears displays our name and member info in the header of each email AND they know our purchase and watch history.

Ideas Watch

Ideas Watch - personalization example

Ideas Watch greets us by name within each email.


Audible - personalization example

Audible sends content based on my listening history and wish list.

Taking Email Personalization to the Next Level

Have you ever received an email reminding you of something that you knew was automated but you still found it helpful, even a little impressive? Let’s look at a real example AWeber$ allows you to easily accomplish.

Okay, you have great opt-in copy, a nice lead magnet and you’re well on your way to building a quality list that will deepen the connections that you worked so hard to build.

Side Note: Terms like “copy” and “lead magnet” might sound a little technical, even somewhat cold, but they are important regardless what you call them. Please don’t allow marketing jargon to prevent you from a successful approach. I mention this only because I cringe when I hear buzzwords like “linkbait” or “link juice“.

Want to enjoy a little parody video on the issue by Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report)? Wheat Thins Sponsortunity  is so funny. 🙂

Back on track: You’re working on the list of your dreams and you really want to make sure your “lead magnet” was downloaded because you are certain it will help your subscribers. No problem, you:

  1. Segment your list into those that subscribed during a certain period. Or, perhaps your lead magnet (free subscriber gift) is a more recent product so you segment your list for those that subscribed before you made it available.
  2. Next, you craft your copy (Oh, no he didn’t! lol) with even more personalization not only using the subscriber’s name but the date they subscribed. {!date long+0}

Sample Email Using Personalization

Hi {!firstname_fix}, I appreciate you trusting me with your email so I wanted to make certain you got the chance to download my latest free subscriber gift.

I just released the guide a few weeks ago and since you’re a long time reader (since {!date long+0}), it wasn’t included in your original welcome letter.

You are already subscribed so there’s no need in re-subscribing, simply download “3 Things You Can Do In 1o Minutes That Will Increase Your Traffic By 30%”.

Let me know your thoughts about the short guide by hitting the reply button – I’m always here for your feedback.

Brian, Your Blogging Buddy

Note: If you really want to go ninja, you can “target” those that opted in from a particular page.

Can you say value? You just gave your best gift to those already on your list, or made sure they were aware of it, when you didn’t have to. Look out for your subscribers and they will be glad they subscribed.

By the way, Lead Pages$ is an amazing tool for allowing those already subscribed to download new subscriber content without going through the opt-in process every time. I use and recommend LeadPages$.

Blog Content Personalization – Or any other content you create

Right now I feel that it’s just as important, if not more important, to write content to the single reader rather than a group, e.g.

“I’m so glad you took the time to read this”

Rather than,

“I appreciate those of you that took the time to read this”.

Apples and oranges I guess, but both email content and any other form of content creation seek the same effect – personal connection.

When you write to an audience, whether on your blog, email, ad copy, or a social media update, it’s important to realize the reader doesn’t want to feel like they’re a member of a group you’ve amassed, they are the person reading, watching, or listening to your content.

Sure, like I mentioned above, they don’t believe you created the content exclusively for them, it’s more on the unconscious level. That’s the way I see it, how about you {!firstname_fix}? ☚ joking lol

It’s not complicated, it’s just a matter of getting used to addressing your audience in the first person. Make it a habit of replacing things like “all of you” into “you”. Easy peasy. 🙂

Content Personalization Tools

There are tools that help with content personalization but that’s really not what I’m talking about here.

  • There are plugins that will offer a custom greeting determined by the referring site or network.
  • There are even tools that will serve specific content based on the search terms entered to find our website.

Truthfully, this might be a little overkill for most basic bloggers. I’m referring to content personalization more on a direct communication level – talking to your avatar, if you will.

Does personalization make sense?

Does making your reader feel like they’re being catered to make sense to you or am I making too much of it? Can you see the difference? Do you have any more advice? Questions? Commnets? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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