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Pinterest for Video Promotion

Pinterest for Video PromotionDo you use Pinterest to promote your YouTube videos? Many bloggers have been working hard at placing a great image on their blog post with the hopes of people pinning the image and leading others to the article. But, getting that image pinned is not the only way bloggers can hope to gain traffic and influence on Pinterest. Some people are pinning their videos.

In this Google+ Hangouts on Air, I talk with Brain Hawkins and Mitch Mitchell about how they pin videos on Pinterest. Brian and I both do it differently, so we want your opinion.

How Do You Pin Your Videos on Pinterest?

Mind you, I don’t think either of us is right or wrong, we just make our boards in 2 different ways. So, what are your thoughts on Pinterest Video Boards?

Are your videos getting repined?

Are the videos you have on Pinterest getting views from there?

And, do you have a video board like myself or like Brian?

You can see the Pinterest boards we have:

Hot Blog Tips Youtube Videos

Fuzzy Wuzzy Videos for Kids

Yes, of course you can follow those boards! You can even watch the videos, cause we like sharing with you!

Update: Do you want to see how to check Pinterest views from your YouTube Analytics in less than a minute? Find Video Views From Pinterest

Let’s Talk

Do you pin your videos on Pinterest? Do you use a separate board or account? Are you driving traffic to your blog or YouTube channel? We’d like to get a discussion going with some nice advice and tips so please share your thoughts.

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