Pinterest for Video Promotion

Pinterest for Video Promotion

Pinterest for Video PromotionDo you use Pinterest to promote your YouTube videos? Many bloggers have been working hard at placing a great image on their blog post with the hopes of people pinning the image and leading others to the article. But, getting that image pinned is not the only way bloggers can hope to gain traffic and influence on Pinterest. Some people are pinning their videos.

In this Google+ Hangouts on Air, I talk with Brain Hawkins and Mitch Mitchell about how they pin videos on Pinterest. Brian and I both do it differently, so we want your opinion.

How Do You Pin Your Videos on Pinterest?

Mind you, I don’t think either of us is right or wrong, we just make our boards in 2 different ways. So, what are your thoughts on Pinterest Video Boards?

Are your videos getting repined?

Are the videos you have on Pinterest getting views from there?

And, do you have a video board like myself or like Brian?

You can see the Pinterest boards we have:

Hot Blog Tips Youtube Videos

Fuzzy Wuzzy Videos for Kids

Yes, of course you can follow those boards! You can even watch the videos, cause we like sharing with you!

Update: Do you want to see how to check Pinterest views from your YouTube Analytics in less than a minute? Find Video Views From Pinterest

Let’s Talk

Do you pin your videos on Pinterest? Do you use a separate board or account? Are you driving traffic to your blog or YouTube channel? We’d like to get a discussion going with some nice advice and tips so please share your thoughts.

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  • Brian D. Hawkins

    Thanks Sheryl, nice topic. If we can get some great tips I’ll go in and edit the post later with the new advice. I will give credit with a link, of course.

    I’ll get it started. Don’t forget your hashtags. I just went in and added #video and #YouTube hashtags to each video.

    • Sheryl Loch

      LOL! I don’t use Hashtags on Pinterest anymore. I got far fewer repins for them if they had hashtags.

      I think it may depend on your target audience…you are going for other bloggy bloggers and they may not care, but many other people think it is spammy. Even if you add them, they get taken out if they do get repinned. Heck, I even take them out.

  • Evan

    Oh, Jeez, everytime when you post some reviews about marketing and ask “Do You?” I alway see that I’m missing something.. This post is a bright example of it. I dont pin my youtube video but step by step i follow you and hope my blog will be more successful!

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Evan, I know that there is no way for us all to do everything. We just have to pick and choose where we can spend time with promotion.

  • Pranesh

    I’ll just do a video response to relavant videos in youtube. I haven’t used pinterest and by judging from your emphasis and from your hangout, may be I should give it a let me come back again if I find any unique way of doing it..thanks

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Thanks Pranesh, I found your YouTube channel and wanted to see one of your video responses but didn’t see any. Do they show on your channel? I’d be interested in seeing one if you want to add a link.

  • Rahul

    pinterest is very big social network and we can easily hug amount of traffic thanks for sharing..

  • Sire

    I do have Pinterest and I agree with Sheryl for the following reason. I feel that a dedicated board would be harder to get people to follow, especially if your videos aren’t the best. Having your videos mixed with others in the same group just gives people a bigger selection to look at.

    Hopefully, if you’re promoting the right videos, this may get more people interested in your board which would hopefully result in more people linking to it.

    Nice touch refering to Brian as the Brain too Sheryl 😉

    And Mitch, love the way you just throw yourself in there mate. A big thumbs up to you.

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Too funny Sire, I didn’t even realize Cheryl <- ha ha misspelled my name. Nice catch. lol

      • Sire

        Yeah, well that is what you get for not being a speed reader like out mate Mitch, I have to read it all word for word 😉

    • Mitch Mitchell

      Thanks Sire; I gave it my best shot, not being familiar with Pinterest.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Sire, I am sooooo happy that someone finally agrees with me. Byron and Mitch are always picking on me in these hangouts.

      I think mixing the videos in a board seems less pushy and it once again may depend on who your target is as to if they will accept a board that is “all my stuff”.

      Oh, I try to boost Bri Bri’s ego by calling him Brain.

      • Sire

        Whatever works Sheryl, I’m sure Brian reacts well to occasional ego building.

        As for picking on you, I’m sure you can hold your own 😉

  • Pranesh

    Brian,I tried finding videos where I did a video response but don’t know how to find it in my dashboard. But anyway here are my 2 best videos which are having some view counts and which I did video response in youtube. (I’m not much of a video uploader, but a blogger)

  • Pranesh

    Here is another one..(i couldn’t post 2 links in previous comment)

    Thanks for watching..hope you like it :)

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      Wow, over half a million views! Very impressive. Awesome Tribute too. Thanks for that Pranesh, I subscribed to your channel. :)

  • Samuel

    Pinterest could work with YouTube?

    It would make Pinterest much more engaging and more interactive than images would.

    I have only seen a few though…

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Samuel, there seems to be more and more videos on Pinterest. Many people use the site like a bookmarking site and if they are into video, then they pin them.

  • Ferb

    Hi Sheryl, very nice to see that Pinterest enables this great feature that allows user to pin video to their board which can really give user videos go viral easier based on the traffic Pinterest has. And I haven’t got a video board yet.

    Thanks for Great Sharing – Ferb

    PS. It’s been waiting for the new design of your blog and this is a very nice design but perhaps, it’s better if you can use your domain name instead of your blog tagline.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hello Ferb, it would be great to get a video with viral shares on Pinterest. I haven’t seen it with my videos yet, but I hope to one day.

  • Sire

    I expect nothing less from you old friend. Oops, need to type a few extra words, easy for one as verbose as yourself], stretching the old brain waves for myself. 😀

  • sapna

    HI Sheryl

    Pinterest + youtube a lethal combination, I was not aware of that, a new learning for me.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of information.


    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Sapna, if you can get the attention of the right audience on Pinterest, they sure can help you push your videos. Finding the target audience in the hard part. LOL

  • Phil M

    Nice post ! Pinterest is becoming more important for bloggers and a great source of traffic. I have never tried to promote videos though Pinterst but one of my blogging aims for this year is to use Pinterest with my blog and after this post i will be trying to promote videos with Pinterest
    Thanks :)

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Phil, I don’t think it can hurt to give Pinterest a try. Some people get a ton of traffic from it. It is all about sharing the right things for your target audience.

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    I have never use this for our video and as we never think to do like this so our video response are not very i got a lot and surly we try for our video.thanks a lot.Keep it up…

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Rajkumar, Thanks for stopping by. Every type of video has certain followers, you just have to get out there and find those that are interested in your niche.

  • Akos Fintor

    Hey Sheryl,

    I’m not into Pinterest but I guess it’s time to ramp up my marketing game, isn’t it? :)
    thanks for the tips


    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Akos, a lot of people haven’t really used Pinterest much for videos, but it may be time to give it a try.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.

  • Anonymous (Read Comment Policy)

    Thanks Sheryl

    Pinterest with youtube videos , works great. Till now I’m using Pinterest less for promoting videos due to less knowledge about tricks and strategies for video sharing on Pinterest which gets more traffic to my videos, But will continue to learn more about it.

    Thanks for sharing this great information.

    • Sheryl Loch

      I have noticed more views coming from Pinterest as I build my board. It only takes me a few minutes a day and could be worth the investment.

      I will probably have some more tips for using Pinterest in the next few weeks.