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Can Search Engines Read Closed Captions And Descriptions On YouTube

image - YouTube Closed CaptioningIn this post I use a Hangouts on Air to answer a blog comment question about using Closed Captions on YouTube videos.

On the blog post How To Do Closed Captions For YouTube Kate asked…

What’s the difference between closed caption and description that we add to YouTube video? I thought ‘description’ is read by search engine.

Here is the answer via Hangouts on Air Video!

Difference Between Closed Caption And Description On YouTube

I mentioned a word in the video that is misspelled in the Closed Captions of an animal facts video. The word you can do a YouTube search for is “favorer“; I get 39 results (yours results may vary). The video with the Closed Captions I am referring to is ‘Leatherback Turtle Eggs Girls or Boys Animal Fact‘ – In the snippet for the result you will also see it says – Start playing video at 0:15 (Where the word is in the video).

So, there ya go! If you have questions, please let us know and we just may be able to answer them either here on the blog, in the comment section or a Hangouts on Air!

Now, if you don’t know how to do Closed Captions on YouTube, you have two methods.

Your Turn

Do you use Closed Captions for your videos? Did you know closed captions were indexed by Google? We’d love to hear your comments and questions.

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  • Kent Morris

    I think the search engine can read inside the video but it depends on how you settle your video before publishing.
    Thank you

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Kent, I’m not sure what you mean by how you settle your video before publishing. I’ve added CC’s days after publishing and they still get indexed. Maybe I just do not understand what you are saying.

  • Jane

    This is interesting stuff! Thanks for the eye-opener. I’m checking it out :) Since I make quite a handful of Youtube Videos, this is something I’ve got to educate myself!

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Jane, glad we could give you a new idea to think about. Seems there is something new to learn everyday.

  • Samuel

    I hope Google does in fact index the description of YouTube videos!

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    No I don’t think search Engine can read videos, it ranks the videos based on the descriptions and total number of hits to that video.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Rajkumar, if you read the 2 post, I prove that YES, they can read the closed captions. They can also ID so many things in the video that triggers Copyright that I am sure they see/hear more than most people would believe. They have voice to text, although somewhat inaccurate, they still hear it.

      A several things go into how your video ranks in Google, Google Video, Youtube Search and Related Videos.

  • Julia Roberts

    If google can read the description than they can also read the url if the url is present in the description. Than it will gonna provide some SEO benefit.

  • Evan

    That’s an interesting topic to think about actually. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have the YouTube plugin in my blog.. so far. Maybe I should install it now?

  • Vickych

    Very good video. This video is very useful, really very interesting and I don’t know before that Google can read Closed captions and descriptions.

  • Taswir Haider

    What a interesting stuff! Amazing video. This video is very useful.Thanks for sharing.