YouTube Social Sharing Video

Social Share Settings on YouTube

YouTube Social Sharing VideoJust putting up a video on YouTube is not going to get you too far, no matter who you are. We all need people to know we have the video and we need them to share it. But, the first share of that new video will need to come from YOU!

In this 3 minute video, I will show you where to find the setting in your YouTube admin area, so sharing will be super easy and automatic. If I can show you how to do it in 3 minutes, that means it will not take you any longer to have the sharing actually set up and helping you promote your videos.

Find Share Settings on YouTube

Seriously, if you do not take the few minutes to set this up, then I sure don’t want to hear you complaining that your videos are not getting as many views as you want. This is one quick step on your way to getting views and on a couple of Hangouts on Air, I will help you use the sharing to get more views.

Promoting Videos takes work just as it does to get traffic to your blog. I hope you have already read and watched CommentLuv Works With YouTube. If you have then you are probably building some links and see some results already! Let’s keep it going!!

UPDATE – See parts 2 and 3 of how to use Sharing to get more video views!

Part 2 Increase YouTube Video Views With This Simple Routine (Video)

Part 3 Sharing Your Way To More Video Views On YouTube

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  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    ya friend you are totally right that it is our responsibility that ”the first share of that new video will need to come from OURSIDE!

    • Sheryl Loch

      Yes Rajkumar, if we don’t even take the time to share our own video, then we cannot expect others to do it. Once you set up your Share Settings, then at least the 1st sharing is done.

  • Richard

    I have only created one video and placed it on YouTube, just showing me at work valeting cars. I had no idea you could share the video this way. I previously used email and used Facebook to promote the video and encourage friends etc to view. Which got me a few views but didnt really expect much else, so i’ll try the above

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Richard, you will still need to push the video other ways, but this is a 1st sharing step.

  • Tim Potter

    Videos are a great media to get your point across many forget that some people are very visual and will be attracted more to a video then words on a page. However at the same time you have the first 10 seconds to capture them other wise they will just click away to something more interesting. Thanks for sharing the video and article.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Tim, video is awesome. No matter how great your video is, if you are not letting people know you have it up, your chances of people finding it are slim.

      Yes, to many people make long intros and people leave before they ever get to the “meat” of the video.

    • Paul Lee

      This is very true, and you can lose them in even less time if your audio/video quality is not up to par. We’ve become so used to HD video and sound, that when we see things even in standard def we can be turned off almost immediately. Not only does the content of your videos need to be engaging, but so too must the quality of the video itself.

      • Sheryl Loch

        Hi Paul, I agree about the quality somewhat. I think it depends on what type of videos you are doing. Many people seem ok, with “normal” quality and do not get upset if it is not studio quality.
        If you are a business, then yes the quality is much more important.

  • Justin

    Hi Sheryl,
    I definitely want to get into creating You Tube videos this year. The first one would probably just be an introductory video about me and my blog. Plus I would like to create videos for promoting an affiliate product too. Your video definitely will make it easier for me to share my videos once I create them.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Justin, the new Youtube layout will have a “intro” or “trailer” area on the channels home page, that could be a perfect place for your intro video.

      We just put up part 2 (of 3) of the “system” I use to get more video views on Youtube, be sure to check it out.

  • Kelly

    Sharing on Youtube has never been this convenient and rewarding before! Thank you very much for sharing this article. Now I don’t just have to upload my self-help videos for my friends, but I can share them to the world as well.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Kelly, we like to make things as easy as possible. Might as well make things easy so you have time to do all the other stuff that comes with video marketing.

  • Stacey

    I have always thought that video sharing on Youtube is so inconvenient and it will take toll on your patience. Especially when you want to popularize your videos. But thanks again for your video, I may need to rethink about everything and work even harder on my video sharing schemes.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hello Stacey, this 1st step in sharing your videos is super easy once you set it up. We have part 2 and 3 of this “work faster and smarter” to get videos views coming.

      None of us have time to waste. ;-}

  • Sandra

    These are great tips. Definitely gain more hits than just manually sharing and expecting people to check out the video on it’s own. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Sheryl Loch

      Hi Sandra, to manually take each video, comment, like…to each place individually would take a lot of time. I like having a bit of help and automation.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Samuel


    Just putting a video or just a few videos and just leaving them there is not going to help with anything!

    Thanks for showing me how to share my videos like that.

    • Sheryl Loch

      Glad we could help Samuel!

      Building a Youtube channel is just like anything else…it takes a bit of work. Maybe people really do think a couple of videos just sitting on a channel will miraculously draw traffic? LOL