image - YouTube Video Sample QR Code

Ten Creative QR Codes For Inspiration (PICS)

And How To Use QR Codes

image - YouTube Video Sample QR CodeI love top image blog posts but this is a blogging tips website so I have to merge it with a little blogging education.

Are QR codes dead?

QR Codes, short for “Quick Response codes“, are simply 2D barcodes that can store a lot of information. The problem was the technology required to access this information, such as the smartphone, and the public education about them were slowly lagging behind the concept.

Well, technology is here to the tune of 6.8 million smartphone activations on Christmas day (2011) alone. Another 242 million apps were downloaded as well. Santa is no longer technologically impaired. So are QR Codes dead? I don’t think so, but who knows? Jeff Korhan predicts that 2012 will be a breakout year for QR Codes. Search Engine Watch says, “Mobile Barcode Scanning is on the Rise“.

How to generate QR Code

Barcode Maker - Online Barcode GeneratorThere are a ton of free online resources and I’m fond of the Free QR Code Generator by Wasp Barcode. A QR Code Generator is setup to create your unique and scannable QR Code for text, website, telephone, email address, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile or a YouTube video.

How to use Creative QR Codes

QR Codes are somewhat limited but the ways to use them are limited only to your imagination. You can add your URL to your business card, link to your Facebook or Twitter account from an ad or even setup a quick QR Code to send mobile users directly to a YouTube video.

Even though mobile is getting more popular all the time, mobile being what it is, I believe printed codes are the most useful. For example, what if a local car pool directory brochure using a code was hanging near a bus stop. Can you think of an excellent location to introduce an upcoming sale, event, video or even a cool Facebook page. Not too many people need to scan a QR code on their computer screens unless it’s to dial a phone number or add a contact.

On To Creative QR Codes:

QR Code Cupcakes

image - QR Code Cupcakes

QR Belt Buckle

image - QR Belt Buckle

QR Code On A For Sale Sign

image - QR Code On A For Sale Sign

On-screen QR Code In BBC One’s The Good Cook

image - On-screen QR Code In BBC One's The Good Cook

Robert Scoble’s Business Card

image -  Robert Scoble's Business Card

Digital Intervention – Project Sticker Map

image - Digital Intervention - Project Sticker Map

Political Message – Occupy Protests

image - Political Message - Occupy Protests

Park Bench – Student Exhibition

image - Park Bench - Student Exhibition

QR Coded – Low Budget

image - QR Coded - Low Budget

Commercial Real Estate Ad

image - Commercial Real Estate Ad

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