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Tracking Trends For Blog Posts & Niche Blogs

Post Links Updated: 31 Aug 2014
image - Tracking Trends ChartFile this post under resources because I have a ton of links for you. Below you will find online resources for finding and tracking trending topics. Following popular trends can help with niche idea generation for blogging ideas, keyword research starters and niche blog ideas. We’ll go into much of this later but, for right now, you can browse these trending topic resources and see exactly what might work for you. Have I missed any? Feel free to add more in the comments below.

Books & Magazines

  2. Magazine Subscriptions
  3. Barnes & Noble Hot Books: Bestselling and in the News
  4. Barnes & Noble Cool Books: Titles We’re Talking About


  1. eBay Weekly Trending
  2. eBay Pulse
  3. Popular on eBay
  4. eBay Now Trending


  2. – Hashtag wiki & Twitter Trends collaboration
  3. Follow Trending Topics on Twitter.
  4. – Real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world.
  5. What the Trend – Find out what’s trending on Twitter and why.


  1. top searches (No longer updated)
  2. AOL Search Trends


  1. Google Trends


  1. Yahoo! Trending Now


  1. Mashable Trending Topics
  2. Mashable Trending€” News and Reviews
  3. Yahoo! News – Trending Now
  4. Slate Trending News Channel
  5. NY Times Most Popular
  6. TechSpot – Currently Trending in Technology
  7. Search Engine Watch – Trending topics News (#SEW)
  8. New Delhi Television (India) Trends
  9. WebProNews Social Media Trends


  1. Digg- Trending
  2. Digg – Top in 24 Hours
  3. Digg – Top in 30 Days


  1. Alexa top 500 sites on the web
  2. MetaCafe Trending Topics – Not very helpful but pretty funny
  3. Livestream – What’s Trending
  4. Trends Buzz
  5. YouTube Trends
  6. Trending Topics

Last Minute Add-Ons:

  1. Yahoo! Directory – Hobbies
  3. Technorati Top 100 (Update: Top 100 Blogs is gone)
  4. eHow


  1. Awesome list. Don’t forget to check the local paper for news. Reputable papers linke the new york times, LA Times, even CNN etc… can be really good sources of topics for your next blog articles.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Nice tip Richard, especially since most newspapers are now online. In fact, I have a very cool android app called ‘World Newspapers” where I can pull up almost anything on my smart phone in seconds. Technology is amazing.

  2. Well, I don’t think so that you have missed any….. that’s huge list. I’m already following few of them but will follow more.

  3. Isabel Singh says:

    I didn’t know that niche blogs has a large widespread. I followed some of it and it really helpful for me because i love reading blogs.

  4. Daniel Wood says:

    Wow, that’s a huge list for any blogger to look for and follow. I am sure anybody, who is following a few of these resources, could never run out of options for writing.

  5. Out of those list, I only followed Mashable and WebproNews… Too bad i didnt they are quiet a lot. :/
    Thanks for sharing Sir Brian

  6. Kristina L. says:

    Hi, Brian!
    Nice list, really useful. I had known some of the sites in the list, but not all. Thanks to you, I can look up for possible alternatives and extend my researches. I appreciate a lot your post and so I must thank you for sharing it with other bloggers.

  7. Isabel Singh says:

    Kristina, Hi there! Me too. Brian really shared some new sites for us to make some better alternatives for bloggers. I am not done visiting them.

  8. eGrove Systems says:

    Brian , this is my new visit to this post , really amazing collections. You have helping for bloggers to go site without making any risk to search. So these collection will be helping for my blogging work. thanks to you Brian.

  9. This is a great list, but I’d also recommend finding a local site or some kind of way to learn local news. Sure, we all blog for the entire worldwide community, but from time to time, you can attract a significant amount of readers from your local community as well.

  10. This is a huge list! Google tools are best as they provide accurate data.

  11. Awesome list Brian.That’s a pretty good list to follow. Will be checking out each of them in a bit. Thanks for sharing this Brian! Keep it up! 😀

  12. BODHost Ltd says:

    I would like to add to more useful resource here. Trend Tracker is a webware that allows you to find and track topics on Twitter swell before they explode and are known to all. A real Laboratory buzz. This tool lets you find addresses popular and fashionable subjects before they reach a critical popularity and are taken up by everyone. It included, in addition to trends, 30 hot topics of the moment, which allows for interesting comparisons. Each trend is represented online over a period of 24 hours. But as 24 hours are not enough to get an idea, an archive between 10 and 30 days is also available. Just type the search term and it automatically becomes comparable with the major topics of the moment. The little thing that interests me much more is Live scrolling tweets containing the word or words we want. Hopefully useful …

  13. BODHost Ltd says:

    Hello Brian

    Just go through the following url and you will find 15 interesting ways to track the latest trends on Twitter.

  14. Thanks for sharing the list Brian. I’m aware of some of the sites but i’m not familiar with the rest. Thank you once again.

  15. Noel Addison says:

    Awesome list Brian. I know most of the sites that you have listed but I never used them for tracking trending topics that I could write for my blog. haha. I learned another technique from you 😉

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