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Using Tumblr To Build Blog Traffic

Tumblr For Blog TrafficTumblr can be used as a blogging platform and/or as a social media outlet and it has the potential to take blogging to the next level.  If you are wondering how popular Tumblr really is, let this statistic help you see how impactful it can be- 91.5 million Tumblr users have made 41.6 billion posts!

Tumblr is best used for sharing photos, videos, and short posts to enable quick scrolling. You create visual mini-blog posts on Tumblr to catch people’s eye, then they visit the whole blog post for the whole story.  It is a lot like Twitter- just a teaser to interest you in the whole post.  Tumblr is a great supplement to blogs. Like Facebook and Pinterest, it can promote and direct traffic to your core blog. Here’s how…

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Tumblr is Easy To Use

A great thing about Tumblr is that it is quick and easy to use. You can post content from your Tumblr dashboard with the click of a button or add the Bookmarklet to post to Tumblr from any webpage.  You can even install a Tumblr plug-in to share posts from your website on Tumblr automatically.  Tumblr also gives you the ability to schedule posts in advance- which is a great feature.

Tips To Use Tumblr to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Customize Your Tumblr

Use Tumblr’s Theme Garden to select from free or paid themes.  Customize colors, content, HTML, and more

2. Connect Tumblr To Other Social Profiles

You can automatically publish posts on Twitter or Facebook.  Easy to do and just creates more ways for people to find your blog.

3. Repackage Content

Use excerpts & photos from existing posts and link back to your blog.

4. Reblog Other Tumblr User’s Content

Posting and reblogging content between members is what Tumblr is all about.  Consistent, quality posting & reblogging increases your blog exposure to new networks of readers.

5. Expand On Original Blog Posts

Explore & expand on topics you have touched on from your blog, but include more images and new information.

6. Fill In Tags

Make sure that you fill out the tags when you post so that others can find you when they search a topic.

7. Include a Tumblr entry option on your blog giveaways

8. Connect With Other Users

For some reason, people often want to skip this step but it is the most important step to really making the platform work for you.  It is social media after all!  You can make social connections by liking (hitting the heart button) and reposting content, following users, asking & replying to questions, and submitting posts on the blogs that allow you to do so.  Try it- this is actually the fun part too!  You can even search for your friends by connecting to Facebook which also makes it more fun and extends your blog exposure.

I hope you enjoy creating your blog profile on Tumblr and that you get social to get more readers!

Do you Tumble yet?  What’s your favorite thing about Tumblr? 

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Scarlet Paolicchi is a parenting blogger and social media enthusiast. Scarlet is the founder of Family Focus Blog, a blog on parenting, eco tips and giveaways. Find Scarlet  on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

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