Oreo Super Bowl Tweet

A Simple Tweet Can Outshine A Super Bowl Ad, And So Can You

Oreo Super Bowl TweetYou have to love the new World of Social Media we live in today. Most of you already know about the Super Bowl blackout last Sunday and I’m sure you know about the Oreo Cookie Tweet too. Do you know why the tweet went viral? Can it be reproduced by the typical blogger? I think it can and here’s why…

While it’s true that Oreo had a marketing team standing at the ready to take advantage of any situation they could, let’s be honest, any one of us could have come up with something equally as cleaver. There were several factors that gave that tweet a lift…

  1. First of all, it was innocent. By that, I mean, it wasn’t taking a crack at someone else like Audi did with Mercedes-Benz. I mean, what’s more innocent and fun than an Oreo cookie, right?
  2. Second, it’ just a tweet. Oreo posted a tweet with no promotion; not even a hashtag. Speed Stick and Budweiser went for promoted tweets using the search term “power outage.” Oreo just sent a simple tweet.
  3. Third, and here’s the real kicker (get it? Super Bowl? Never mind…), Oreo only has a little over 73,000 Twitter followers and that’s after enjoying a ton of media coverage two days later. That type of following is common among popular bloggers and within reach of almost anyone.

The way I see it, we should be jumping for joy at to potential opportunities today. I’m not talking about a tweet that could go viral, I’m referring to the idea that social media just took a trend-setting turn last Sunday. Social Media is a power that cannot be denied, even next to multi-million dollar Super Bowl ads.

What if YOU had sent a funny, lighthearted image tweet during the power outage when everyone was looking at their smart phones? I bet you would have even known to include a couple of important hashtags.

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  1. Ganesh J. Acharya says:

    Twitter: ganeshjacharya
    Thanks Brian D. Hawkins for blogging this one. I added this one to my case study to-dos. This is the first time I have a heard a simple photo illustration tweet going viral.

  2. HI Brian

    Great information!

    Amazing how a tweet was made viral by Oreo. I want to add one thing here the success of this sort cannot be replicated but surely can be modelled.

    Thanks Brian for sharing this great post.

    sapna recently posted..How much Bacon Can you eat before Heart attack eats you? (An Infographic)My Profile

  3. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    It’s true Mohd, a lot of companies are catching on.

  4. Twitter: DebbieDoglady
    The power of social media keeps getting bigger and bigger. Interesting post. Thanks!
    Debbie recently posted..CULTURAL OBSERVATIONSMy Profile

  5. HI Brian,great information ! Social media is the part and parcel of people’s life.It is an important aspect for blogging as well.Keep it up.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..Help Google Crawler to Crawl your Blog More EffectivelyMy Profile

  6. Twitter: internetdreamof
    Hey Brian, I didn’t see this tweet man!

    The fact that they sent it out as a normal tweet makes it even more amazing and teaches us a lesson.

    When the opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to take that opportunity!

    Thanks man
    Samuel recently posted..14 Bloggers To Watch For In 2013!My Profile

  7. Social media marketing is getting powerful day by day. Now a days SMM is the most unique and promotional way of business.

  8. Social media marketing is growing every day. Its how I have made my business so successful I’m using all of the social media tools that I can!

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