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Video Blogging Advice For Bloggers

image - play buttonYesterday’s weekly Hangout topic was about embedding videos on your blogs. Today I want to expand, not pontificate* lol (watch the video), on the subject and get your opinion. Mitch Mitchell ran the board and came up with several great questions for Sheryl Loch and myself so I’ll start with those and pontificate on each. lol

Q1: Have you integrated videos into your blog, and if so are they videos you’ve created, videos others have created or a mixture?

Obviously I have, as you can see, and as it turns out, all three of us do. The ability to embed video in our blogs makes for a great tool and many bloggers have been doing it for years. Have you embedded video in your blog posts yet?

Q2: Would you be interested in visiting a blog that was only videos?

Now each of us had a slightly different answer to this question and I’d love to know your opinion. Video Blogs, or Vlogs, are becoming more and more popular; every since the .TV extension was launched several years ago (2006), I think.

I’d like to show a couple Vlogging (Vblogging) stars that I enjoy watching.

Do you have to have a blog to Vlog?

Natalie Tran is a video blogger on YouTube. I found a Tumblr blog and a couple of Blogspot blogs but I don’t even know if those are Natalie’s so I won’t list them here. As far as I know she’s doing it all on YouTube. Another vlogger I recently started watching is Lamarr Wilson

Q3: Is there a way you determine when you use videos on your blog?

I let myself get distracted with this one so hopefully I’ll do better here. I think videos add real value to a blog post and they don’t always have to be your own. Blogging about one of Google’s latest updates? Why create your own video when you can embed Matt Cutts explaining everything in detail with all his charm? Just ask yourself before you publish your posts:

  • Can a video help get my message across or will it just be a distraction“?
  • Can a video take my 2,500 word post down to 750 words“?
  • Will a video guide readers in the wrong direction“?

Q4: Where do you see videos and blogs integrating with each other long term, and will visitors support it?

We covered this pretty well in the video so I’ll leave it up to you by asking, “Is video the future of blogging“?

My Own Thoughts

Video blogging is a great tool but not everyone can pull it off. Like Sheryl said in the video, you have to be entertaining or at least have the talent to get your point across. There are far too many niches to mention where video serves much better than the written word eg. reviews, how-to tutorials, pranks, interviews and even news stories when footage is available. That doesn’t mean a simple video with just you chatting with your audiance won’t work on your blog; give it a try and see what happens.

My Advice

I’m just a blogger and Sheryl’€™s the video expert but that’€™s not going to stop me from pontificating even further. Lol One thing for sure, if you never try it you’ll never know the power of video blogging. My advice is try it and give it a chance.

  • There’s no need for a bunch of expensive equipment and software so don’t get too distracted with that. As you can see, a simple webcam and headset is all you need for Google Hangouts (HOA).
  • Personally, I think it’s better to add video to a blog post than to replace the content altogether. In other words, you should still write.
  • Be consistent and give it time. Nothing happens overnight so don’t get too discouraged with things like view count and initial shares and interaction.
  • Promote your video channel. I hear bloggers every now and then saying they won’t use YouTube because they don’t want to promote someone else’s website, especially a mega-site owned by Google. Don’t let silly hang-ups prevent you from becoming a success. If you use it, and you should, promote it.
  • Network with other vloggers in your niche or in related areas. Video is, or should be, social so team up with others. Bring in people from other social networks and cross promote like crazy.
  • Don’t let shyness or what you think you look like or sound like get in the way of vlogging. Most of us arn’t models or have a ‘broadcasting’voice but that doesn’t matter. You’d be better served with doing the required research on the topic you are discussing and work on getting your message across.
  • Finally, be an influencer. Don’t follow the leader, be original and confident. Treat video the same way you treat blogging and social media; everyone wants to follow a leader – be that leader.

Your Turn

I want to see your YouTube channel, or other video network page, if you are actively making videos. Feel free to include a link in your comment. How important is video for bloggers? Is the fast growth of mobile connectivity feel like a demand for video? Where does this leave podcasting, does video replace that? What are your thoughts?

*Pontificate: To pontificate is to talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner. To pontificate properly, you need to be a know-it-all with very strong opinions and the urge to share them.