Love or Hate Newsletters?

What Do YOU Love And Hate About Newsletters?

image - Love or HateYesterday we (Newsletter Partners) had an awesome Google Hangout On Air (HOA). Awesome in a highly professional manner? Far from it, it was a freakin’ disaster. LOL But it was fun and I liked it; we make a great team.

Anyway, the Hangout was about the Do’€™s and Don’ts of newsletters and now I want to know what YOU want to see in a newsletter. I’ll paste the questions Sheryl asked us below but, by all means, use your own. So loyal reader, what is it you love and hate about newsletters? Are you subscribed to ours? Feel free to comment below or directly on our YouTube channel.

Questions We Answered In The Video

  • How many newsletters are you subscribed to?
  • Do you open and read all of the newsletters you subscribe to?
  • How many times can a newsletter send ads before you unsubscribe?
  • Do you stay subscribed or do you unsubscribe if the newsletter content is not fresh and unique?
  • Can newsletters send out a “breaking news” update even if it is unscheduled and leads to another site?
  • Does the formatting or template of the newsletter make a difference?
  • What made you decide to sign up for the newsletters you receive? Freebie, great blog, recommended etc…
  • Do you recommend the newsletters you receive to others? If so how?
  • Is there a newsletter frequency that will turn you off and make you unsubscribe?
  • What is the one thing that will make you unsubscribe the fastest?

What We Want To Know

What can we do better with the Hot Blog Tips’ Newsletter?

How many issues would you like to see each week?

What does it take to get you to subscribe?

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