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What Does Blog Engagement Mean to You?

It’s a good question right? I want you to ask yourself, what does blog engagement mean to me? Does it mean your blog gets lots comments? Perhaps it means your blog has a ton of tweets. Hey maybe it means you get a ton of likes from your Facebook fans.

For me true blog engagement comes from the activities I do on my blog and with my blog readers. 2013 is an important year for my blog. I have some great goals on engaging my blog readers more than I ever had in the past. In fact I will openly admit I was a lazy blogger. With that said I plan on making a change to that here in 2013.

Meet New People

One thing I plan on doing throughout 2013 is guest blogging more on my community members sites. Not only providing fun articles for their readers but also engaging with them in conversation on their blogs. I want to build new relationships and to do this comment engagement is a must. Meeting new people is a key element to success online when blogging, guest blogging accomplishes this.

Reader Appreciation

I want to make my blog readers feel more important. I am starting off by providing the members with points for specific actions and involvement they have within the Blog Engage Community($). The rewards and points system increase overall user engagement within the community and it’s morale. Another way to show appreciation and increase blog engagement is to reply to your blog readers comments. This goes for your blog and your guest blog posts. I also plan on hosting small mini giveaways such as free accounts to my readers and spotlights of bloggers on my blog. The main reason for my actions is to increase the activity on my blog. Giving back to my blog readers is the way I’m going to achieve it.

Comment Luv

A great way to give more back to your readers is to add Comment Luv($). It’s an amazing plugin for WordPress that allows the people leaving comments on your blog a link back to their latest article. This is a value for them and us, we now have a clear gateway to engage with that user on their blog. Many bloggers use Comment Luv, in fact there is also a free version.

Coming Together

Add this all together and this is what blog engagement means to me. Blog engagement is giving back to my readers and bringing site activity up as much as I can. We have to be different as many of you know the blogosphre is packed and there’s no shortage of content to read. With hard work and commitment together we can make 2013 the year of blog engagement.


What does blog engagement mean to you? Please take a moment and leave your thoughts below. I will read them over and engage with you. Let’s connect and build a new relationship today. Engage with us here on Hot Blog Tips.

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