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What Does Blog Engagement Mean to You?

It’s a good question right? I want you to ask yourself, what does blog engagement mean to me? Does it mean your blog gets lots comments? Perhaps it means your blog has a ton of tweets. Hey maybe it means you get a ton of likes from your Facebook fans.

For me true blog engagement comes from the activities I do on my blog and with my blog readers. 2013 is an important year for my blog. I have some great goals on engaging my blog readers more than I ever had in the past. In fact I will openly admit I was a lazy blogger. With that said I plan on making a change to that here in 2013.

Meet New People

One thing I plan on doing throughout 2013 is guest blogging more on my community members sites. Not only providing fun articles for their readers but also engaging with them in conversation on their blogs. I want to build new relationships and to do this comment engagement is a must. Meeting new people is a key element to success online when blogging, guest blogging accomplishes this.

Reader Appreciation

I want to make my blog readers feel more important. I am starting off by providing the members with points for specific actions and involvement they have within the Blog Engage Community($). The rewards and points system increase overall user engagement within the community and it’s morale. Another way to show appreciation and increase blog engagement is to reply to your blog readers comments. This goes for your blog and your guest blog posts. I also plan on hosting small mini giveaways such as free accounts to my readers and spotlights of bloggers on my blog. The main reason for my actions is to increase the activity on my blog. Giving back to my blog readers is the way I’m going to achieve it.

Comment Luv

A great way to give more back to your readers is to add Comment Luv($). It’s an amazing plugin for WordPress that allows the people leaving comments on your blog a link back to their latest article. This is a value for them and us, we now have a clear gateway to engage with that user on their blog. Many bloggers use Comment Luv, in fact there is also a free version.

Coming Together

Add this all together and this is what blog engagement means to me. Blog engagement is giving back to my readers and bringing site activity up as much as I can. We have to be different as many of you know the blogosphre is packed and there’s no shortage of content to read. With hard work and commitment together we can make 2013 the year of blog engagement.


What does blog engagement mean to you? Please take a moment and leave your thoughts below. I will read them over and engage with you. Let’s connect and build a new relationship today. Engage with us here on Hot Blog Tips.

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  1. Ganesh J. Acharya says:

    Twitter: ganeshjacharya
    Great ways to engage your blog readers. Keep posting your ideas, we are here to follow them.

  2. Nice ways, but if I admits truly I haven’t much time left or get over burden whenever going to publish a blog, beside that time mostly I spend in learning.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ranjan recently posted..Benefits Of Using Top Website BuildersMy Profile

  3. Twitter: Lisapatb
    Hi Brian, to me it’s engaging with your readers via your blog comments. You get to know them better this way too. And of course you can engage onthe social networks too.
    Newsletters are another way too to engage. I don’t tend to engage with those as often but if its’ an outstanding one I may send an email to thank the sender.
    Lisa recently posted..Triberr Quick Tips to Get Your Blog Traffic GoingMy Profile

  4. Hi Brian X 2

    Great to see you here. Your blog rocks. I think blogengage for me is interacting more with readers and hope to see more friends being made through your blog in 2013.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    sapna recently posted..Naive Blogger Meets a Minister to help Blogging Community – An InfographicMy Profile

  5. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    Thanks Brian, That’s something we should all be asking ourselves, and this is the perfect time of the year to take action and build momentum.

  6. Twitter: tomjamieson_
    Great job on this post Brian, I really appreciate your insights. I’m focusing on more interaction this year.

  7. Thanks for providing the detailed information about Blog Engagement,keep sharing.

  8. Engaging with blog visitors isn’t an option it is a requirement. When visitors comment, provide valuable opinions or add content to your blog you need to interact and recognize their efforts. Visitor engagement is the difference between a blog and online community.
    Rick recently posted..Why Building Small Business Credit Is EssentialMy Profile

  9. Mohd Aktar says:


    very interesting topic and no doubt your title is very catch one and finally it stopped me here. It is my favorite topic to express my thought.
    I’ve read a blog post of one of my good friend Avinash Mishra. He introduced new algorithm especially to engage visitors, named Visitors Engagement Optimization (VEO). According to VEO, We should put enable Social Media tools to make our post viral throughout internet. Also, we should believe in Guest Posting as well as regular commenting.

    BTW, Your information is very helpful and i am quite satisfied and learned many points from you.

    Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

    Keep posting πŸ™‚

  10. Blog engagement means, carrying on a dialog with my blog visitors. Whether they tweet anything or not, or even share a post, just commenting and coming back for more is engagement to me. Thanks.

  11. Blogosphere runs through relationships, If we really want to sustain in the business, building relations is must. I thoroughly love engaging with other Bloggers, I learn, share new things & I get some income too.

  12. Twitter: ajnabiicom
    Hi Brian,

    Nice post about blog engagement! To me its interacting with our readers via blog comments, on social media networks or via email.

    Its all about get to know them better way, what they want on our blog, which content they most liked. (Engagement is our success)

    Thanks for sharing your mind with us. πŸ™‚
    Bashir Ahmed recently posted..Why Your Website Content Needs To Be ExceptionalMy Profile

  13. Agree completely and believe I need to take some of these ideas and put them into action on my own blogs. Thanks again and please keep them coming…any help is much appreciated!
    Ron recently posted..Business Website Design PLR Autoresponder MessagesMy Profile

  14. Twitter: LogAllot
    Blog engagement is just staying in touch with those that you have connected with. There are so many bloggers out there that we talk to either on a daily or weekly basis. We can’t chat with everyone, but you are right when it comes to blog commenting. People love it (me too), but it really shows people you appreciate their work, help, advice and value they give.

    People love to be acknowledged and feedback about a post, a retweet or simple hello via email will do the trick. Blog engagement has many meanings, providing it comes from genuine heart.
    Sonia recently posted..Are There Benefits of Failure?My Profile

  15. Good ways to engage your (and our) blog readers. Surely, there’re many ways to do this and all depends of the topics in the blog. Thanks! Good article

  16. Twitter: skimsea
    Thanks for sharing! I learnt fulfill purpose from the tips. The commentluv plugin is so great as I know but I used the blogpost blog thus it cannot use the premium plugin.
    Kimsea recently posted..Friendly Anchor Text Keywords Optimizing for Better Search Engine PracticesMy Profile

  17. Meeting new as well as like minded people is the best part about blog engagement. We get a common topic to discus on and sometimes also to debate on it. This helps us learn a lot from others and also gain a lot of fresh knowledge.

  18. Twitter: internetdreamof
    Blog engagement, I have stressed already so many times, is a really big must if you are looking to put the next step down toward success!

    In social media to your blog, opportunities will arise that will need your response which in turn will be the engagement that you need πŸ™‚
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  19. Twitter: technreviews
    Blooging is not fun unless we have a healthy relationship with other bloggers and our readers. I agree Commentluv is a good thing to give our readers the benefit of commenting on our blog. Nice post, I feel encouraged to build up more engagement through my blog.
    vicky recently posted..Sony Xperia Tablet Z Features PriceMy Profile

  20. Blog engagement is engaging our reader by our great writing skills. The quality of the content makes our visitors to spend more time to our blog. That is what make our blog a nice one. Nice post.

  21. Twitter: skysavior24
    Engaging and having a nice relationship to our readers really has a big help for us to make our blog successful. It will also keep them go back in our blog because they feel that we really appreciate them for visiting in our blog. Thanks for this article!
    Jan Christian recently posted..How To Apply To UnionBank’s Eon Debit Card And Verify Your Paypal AccountMy Profile

  22. Twitter: lalitabisht21
    For me following a blog on regular basis provides me with latest updates in the market as well as allows me to interact with other users. I find many guest post opportunities also in this way.
    Lalita Bisht recently posted..Building Relationships Not Just LinksMy Profile

  23. Currently (on my Writing Blog) you can find a somewhat Magazine-like approach with some ‘Splashy’ headlines offering a bunch of headline related links you can choose from, with in the posts themselves frequenly at the start, during the post and at the end of the post encouragements to write comments.

    I have been thinking about (just as you frequently see in Magazines) possibly engaging people with a Q&A type of Column or with things like Readers Contests to help build Anticipation & Partisipation.

    Your ideas, about possible successful approaches for this for a Writing Blog are welcome πŸ™‚
    HP van Duuren recently posted..Some Success Journal Notes, You Can Benefit From.My Profile

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