Vice President Biden - Fireside Hangout On Air

The White House On Google Plus Hangouts – “Fireside Hangout”

Vice President Biden - Fireside Hangout On AirAs a huge Google Plus and Hangout fan, it was very cool to watch U.S. Vice President Joe Biden use a Hangout On Air (HOA) for a Fireside Chat (Jan 24, 2013). The hangout was on gun control and reducing gun violence. Another very cool surprise was to see Guy Kawasaki as one of the participants. Check it out; it’s worth watching, even if just to see Guy show off some communication skills. :)

White House Hangout with Vice President Joe Biden on Reducing Gun Violence

G+ Hangouts seem to be taking hold all around the World and as Google continues to improve, I believe they will overtake Skype and become the number one video conference tool.

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  • Sheryl Loch

    Shhhhhh! I wish these big guys would not be using G+. Remember Twitter way back when it was a great site and then all the celebrities came in and “ruined” it.

    I think we would all be better off keeping G+ and HoA’s to ourselves.

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      But you’re forgetting I’m one of those “big” guys. Oh wait, you’re not referring to weight, are you? lol

      It’s all good, I like seeing those celebs stick their foot in their mouths every now and then. In fact, just two weeks ago I told Megan Fox she’ll never know “The Point” of Twitter. She must have taken that pretty hard because she hasn’t tweeted since. lol

      • Sheryl Loch

        Oooooo, I see the new Twitter Embed thing.

        I am guessing that it would only work in a comment for the Admin, since no one else can embed.

        Glad you put Megan in her place!

  • Samuel

    Nice answer to Megan Fox, and to “the point” answer indeed :)

    Twitter has always been one of the best social media sites to engage on and build relationships.

    Anyways back to the article, more and “bigger” people are using this Google hangout :)