Bloggers Should Be On YouTube

Why Bloggers Should Be Putting Videos on YouTube

Video Tips Series
Today’s video is going to give you some insight as to why I started doing videos and why I continue to do them. It’s plain and simple; videos have some benefits that plain text blog post don’t. This isn’t to say that you should totally stop writing and just sit in front of a camera all day. Lord knows I couldn’t do that; no one would want to hear all that would come out of my mouth. Writing is a great way to “edit” your thoughts before you share them. In fact, I suggest that you write out a script or at least your ideas before you start recording.

Ok, enough about that…on with the video! Be prepared, there is “homework” at the end. The homework is aimed at convincing non videoing bloggers to get started, but those of you already doing video can still do it’s you might just find some undiscovered gems. How Bloggers Can Benefit From Making Videos

Did you find a reason that just smacked you in the face and made you think,”Dang, I’m getting left behind“? I mean if getting more eyes and/or ears to listen to the message you want to get out isn’t enough…then I don’t know what is. That is unless you just blog to hear yourself type. If you are wondering if there is an audience just waiting to watch video…check out comScore Releases August 2011 U.S. Online Video Rankings, it includes the words Millions and Billions! If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comment section. Also, be sure to come back over after you do the homework and let us know if you have found some places you could be making a show. You don’t need to tell us your phrases, just tell us that you have found openings!

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  1. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    Thanks Sheryl, this is a great post and video. I didn’t realize Google search results added pictures with YouTube videos. That’s pretty powerful.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Yes, it this was all started because I was greedy about getting a picture in the SERP’s.

      I could hear the SERP Nazi saying “No Picture for You” and it made me mad!

      There are so MANY more reasons to use video in general but, I didn’t want an hour long video. I also didn’t want to get into the “Hosting your own” video topic. I felt I should stick with the basics of YouTube for now.

      If questions come in, I may grab them and do a lil Q&A video.

  2. Video results are seems to be appear in the normal web search. So its well to optimize the video and use it in blogs.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Tessa!
      Yes video can show up in the regular Google results, the Google Video Results, and at YouTube so you get 3 listings for the price of 1 video. Where as a text post is ONLY going to be found in the regular Google search.

      I like the idea of being listed in so many places!

  3. Will it still have great impact to your SERP even if the video is not yours?

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Herbet! You’ve ask a somewhat loaded question as the answer is another entire post. I’ll give you the fast short version for now.

      If you are referring to the regular Google results page then the video needs to include your site link, your name, or your brand name so when a person clicks straight to the video it has some connection to you.

      One way to get benefits from using other peoples YouTube videos on your site is that you are sharing great info with your readers, if the video is made by someone talking about your product (or a testimonial) and you may get the reader to stay on your site longer (cutting down on bounce rate). But a post on your site with a YouTube video will still need to be treated as a regular post if you want it to rank in the SERP’s. The person that made the video may be happy that you are using it and may share it with their fans…that could lead to your post getting more visitors.

      There is an exception to using other people’s videos IF the video is self hosted by the owner. A self hosted video can be embedded on your site and show up in the Google Video Results and lead to your site. You will need to have a Video Site map such as XML Sitemap for Videos (a WordPress Plug In) and submit the sitemap to your Google Web Master Tools. (I will do a post on Video Site Maps soon so make sure you have subscribed).

      Keep in Mind- YouTube videos will always direct to YouTube and never direct from the SERP’s to your site! This why you need to make your own videos or have someone make them for you and brand it to you. Like I have been doing for the Hot Blog Tips here. I am making the videos but they are uploaded to Brians YouTube channel with links to his site.

  4. Thank you so much Sheryl for the informative response, I will keep this in mind.

  5. This is excellent! A great example of getting another way to your goal instead of the traditional one.

    YouTube is really a #2 search engine and more and more people are using it for all kinds of “How Tos”.

    I still need to prepare myself for this one since I hate my voice when recorded.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Thanks for stopping in Ana!

      I think we will be seeing video become the norm for bloggers/marketers.

      Don’t worry about not liking the sound of your own voice…most people (me) have the same problem. We will be covering some voice and audio recording tips so stay tuned.

      • Thanks for replying, Sheryl

        It’s my pleasure, because I really think that you are onto something very big here. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about us with funny recorded voices. I must say that I sound like a frightened 7-year-old girl.

  6. I haven’t tried yet putting videos on my blogs for I am not sure if it will work as positive as expected.I am aware that video marketing is one of the techniques nowadays to market your business online. But I am not closing my doors in trying this in the future.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Donah, just remember that we never know how well something will work until we try. So it’s good that you aren’t ruling it may just find that it is GREAT!

  7. Ana, if you’re voice is not good when recorded, you can try the services of female voice overs, there are a lot of them

    • Hi Herbert,

      thanks Herbert, I will definitely look into it because I’d like to give this a try and you definitely wouldn’t want to hear me speaking on this video!

      This is a good idea!

      • Twitter: HotBlogTips
        Herbert has a good point Ana, Sheryl is going to help with your voice but if you do need to hire someone check out You can get short videos, editing and voice-over work.
        admin recently posted..Outsource Blogging Tasks For $5 On FiverrMy Profile

        • Yes, I’ll definitely hire somebody. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it right away. Perhaps, I freaked about my voice too soon 🙂

          Thanks for the link. I believe that has those people as well.

          • Sheryl_Loch says:

            Ana, just remember that you probably talk to people all the time & the only one that “freaks” about your voice is you. LOL!

            Even professional Voice Overs have heard themselves at different times & thought “ACK”.

            There are also editors that you can use to deepen or lighten your voice on a recording. We used it on 1 video I did so I sounded like Mini Mouse (or a spastic chipmunk). I cringed that it was me but it worked like we wanted it to. I just never want to hear it again.

  8. Julie Hayes says:

    For me I prefer using both text blogs and videos to promote the site. Some of the visitors prefers watching rather than reading so its better to target all the visitors that wanted to read and watch.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Julie, with text and audio you have it all covered. I also use the Closed Captions on many videos. We will be showing people how to do the CC and why they should take the time to do it.

  9. Doing a video every now and then is great because it gives readers a visual and audio reference for reading text posts. They can hear it in your voice and imagine you as more of a person than just a profile pic.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Annie, you’re right! People like having that connection of a voice. If you do massage, I’m sure you know how relaxing it can be for some people to “know” you a little before they have you work on them.

      Video with info about what to expect during a massage may relieve your clients of any fear.

  10. I find video is better if you need a demonstration for fitness or even showing how a computer program works. Other then that I would rather just read. Maybe it’s just cause I have kids making noise so it’s harder to concentrate on the video when I can’t hear it. LOL.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      I’m guessing that fitness is your interest so that’s when you engoy a video 😉

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Darren, I have times when I like to read and others when I would rather listen. My little one is not so little anymore and she normally complains about me interrupting her. 😉

      The last video post we did at had the video with the transcript under it which is another great option so we could cover it all. This video I opted for the Closed Captioning instead of plain transcript.

      I figure that the more ideas we share…the more likely it is that people will find what works for them and it lets people share what they like or don’t like.

  11. Allen Cerezo says:

    I have tried putting videos on YouTube a year ago. I did it to promote one of my landing pages and park domains. Basically, i’ll put link inside my videos and the users who will click it will be redirected to my landing pages. As to the park domains, I put the whole URL(not clickable). So the visitors will have to type the URL on the address bar. This is because traffic from SE to park domains are not counted by my advertiser. I have also done blackhat techniques for the video rankings.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      I didn’t know you could do that with YouTube. I’ll let Sheryl take this one.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Allen! The clickable URL’s can work ok if you are a partner or have the ability to place the video code yourself. Many times people will pick up the video straight off of YouTube and it won’t have the clickable link.

      But, if you are either a partner, host your own, or can place the code then the clickables off site are GREAT!

      When I started doing videos with a brand name that was unknown, I was in shock at how many people will type the site name into Google.

      Sometimes, I don’t care how people get where I want them to go..just as long as they get there. LOL!

  12. I agree with Darren. With reading you can stop and then start again easier, with video and kids as background noise it might be hard to follow.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      I tell my kids to shut up and get out when they get carried away. They’re all adults now though. lol

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Carson, I find that somedays I like to read & other days I would just rather listen (o be shown).

      My kids are not little so, I’m like Brian that I can tell them to to move along or be quiet. 😉

  13. totally agreed. as we say practical work is much better than theoretical same is the case of written text and videos. But maintaing a balance is always important whether it could be text or videos.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Maintaining balance is one of my favorite tips Kavita, it fits almost every aspect of work and life. I love that! Thanks for the comment.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hello Kavita! You are so right.
      There are uses for video and text both. And it’s nice when you can use which ever one seems to fit or work best for the situation.

  14. Great advice, I really think YouTube is an under utilized source of traffic.

    Those that really don’t wanna show their face could create an informative slideshow for their traffic instead. That’s something that greatly helped me

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Slideshows and Screen Capture is more for me Sandip, along with people and things I video. I’m not big on being in front of the camera.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi again Sandip!
      I think lots of people just see YouTube as a place for silly cat videos and miss the big picture. Just think of how many people watch cooking, crafts, or other DIY TV shows…

      Our next post is on using Screen Capture Video. I think it is a great way to get people started, especially the shy ones. Or those of us that have a face for voice over. LOL

  15. Youtube pours in good traffic for some blogs.
    I’m trying hard for it too

  16. I’m planning to put my videos on Youtube, maybe it’s time to try new ideas on how to compete on getting traffic. Thanks for letting me know this!

  17. I really think YouTube is an under utilized source of traffic..Great advice!I figure that the more ideas we share…the more likely it is that people will find what works for them and it lets people share what they like or don’t like.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      That’s what we’re here for Jewel. We learn from comments too.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Jewel!
      Everyone has tips for do’s, don’ts, likes, and dislikes…the more we share those, the more we can all learn. Then we can conquer the world! Or at least get our message out in a more effective way. 😉

  18. Noel Addison says:

    The thing I really like about using videos is that you can be more “personal”. Written words are great and all but getting the right “tone” down can be hard especially for individuals who are just learning how to write for their blogs to connect with people. With videos, you can easily convey what you want to say without the risk of being misunderstood.

    I too would like to know what software you use to make your videos. Hopefully it’s free. 🙂

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Absolutely Noel, that hidden “tone” get’s a lot of us in trouble even on things like email and chat. Things can be taken the wrong way very quickly. I appreciate that input.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      I Noel! Tone…that gets me in all kinds of trouble. LOL! I may be smirking and giggling but that sure doesn’t come through in text. Sarcasm is hard to get in the written word.

      I will be doing a post on the software I use. It is not free but, it is not as pricey as Camtasia, Vegas, Adobe CS5 (or many of the other ones).

  19. I believe that by adding videos you can connect much better and much faster with your community. Plus it looks more personal and more professional.

  20. Jarrod Frenzel says:

    Great Advice Sheryl! You really stated good points here. I do agree with you that creating videos is one great way to get to the 1st page of Google. I used this trick once and it really drove tons of traffic to my site. However, you have to make sure that you’re video shows how your customers benefit to your product and as much as possible do it professionally.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hello Jarrod, thanks for stopping in! Glad to hear you had success with your video!

      Video can do wonders for traffic. Thankfully people watching videos are a bit more forgiving than if they are paying $20 to see a movie. 😉

      It also depends on what you are selling (or promoting).

  21. Video blogging sounds very exciting. Just reading the blogs written by different bloggers becomes very boring sometimes. Videos keeps the interest going and saves a lot of time. I guess in the coming time videos will play a major part of any blog.

  22. Faissal Alhaithami says:

    Sheryl thanks a lot for the video! I see that youtube is great traffic source!! even when it comes for links building..

    thanks again.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Do you have a YouTube channel Faissal? I enjoy your site and would love to check out your videos.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Faissal, putting links in your video description always helps, you are also branding so people type in your site name, there is a way to put clickable links in videos on other sites, and code you can use so when others share your video it credits your site.

      Video can really do a lot for any site!

  23. Hi Sheryl,

    Your video is fantastic and the points you discussed are enough reasons why bloggers should include video marketing. I’d like to add that videos add more credibility to your brand, site, or blog especially if you are seen talking in the video. 🙂

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hello Alex! Yes, video can build trust. Most people don’t want to buy from an imaginary person and video helps make you real. It also adds a bit of responsibility to the seller…you would hate to show your face if you are selling a scam. LOL!

  24. Thanks for the article, I’ve finally bought a decent microphone for my laptop and will hopefully get some videos up soon, once I’ve found my way around the software I’ve decided to use.

    I’d been intending to make use of YouTube for some time, but it’s taken me awhile.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Rob! Got a mic, got software….You can do it!!!

      Yes, the mics on laptops are usually not that great for videos. I started off with a $10 mic from Walmart. It wasn’t the best but it was better than nothing.

      I’m sure we will be seeing videos from you very soon!

  25. I agree that posting regular videos and becoming a (literally) visible internet presence can significantly increase your traffic and popularity in serious ways, it’s also not for EVERYONE. It’s a *whole* other art, separate from blogging, and some people just want to be writers, or maybe can’t deliver copy well in a clear voice, or any number of reasons. That said, those who put the work in and have a good rapport with the camera can really hit the blogging jackpot.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hello Gregory! Yes, people love to see and hear who they are doing business with.

      As far as having a rapport with the camera…I have a face for Voice Over!

      I also think that if someone really wants to do video, they can work on about any issue they have. Even if that means hiring a VO or something where they get video testimonials from customers. And some will be totally happy never doing a video of any kind.

      I like having people that never want to do video…gives others a chance to excel in an area. Most writers have me whipped all over the place so, I had to find an in. 😉

  26. Kristina L. says:

    Hi, Sheryl, and hi, Brian!
    It is an excellent idea to be listed in so many places when using video. If using only written text, we are appearing only in standard google search.
    Also, not many bloggers use videos, so switching to them can be refreshing, not to say unique(it can’t be unique as there is a community out there using it, anyway).
    And if combined with text, it gives even better results. My vote goes for the videos definitely!

  27. Adam Kafka says:

    Videos provide an excellent way of interacting with people. Videos dont only provide information pictorially, but they are better to understand and can be implied in case of any steps to be followed in performing any particular action. Overall it helps convey messages much more clearly.

  28. That was a nice and pumping introduction, I just hope you won’t stop here. One thing that I think you should emphasize more is about emotion. Just did my first video ever to promote one of my ebooks and I got an enormous amount of feedback. Almost everyone told me it was the emotional touch of the video that drove them further to see the site and, eventually, to buy the book.

  29. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    That emotional touch with video is a great point Victoria.

  30. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    I are. Please use your name the next time. URL removed.

  31. While there are many Internet users that swear by online video, there are just as many that can’t stand it. Those are mostly people that don’t have too much time to surf the web, and who prefer to access the information in textual format, because it allows them to scan through the content, and filter only the bit of information that they need. Overall I think it is worth a try though. Video is certainly going to be a huge part of the web in the coming years, and the sooner you get used to it, the better.

  32. Seattle Appraiser says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Video is a great way to interact with your viewers and gives a personal touch to your content.

  33. Video is not suitable for all topics. Depending on the topic or type of content that you want to create, video might not be suitable at all. Lists of resources, extensive articles and detailed researches, for example, are better presented in textual format.

  34. Hi David, thanks for adding to our conversation!

    Some topics are better left in text. You could possibly do a video into for a post that gives the reader a little info about the research or get someone interested in going to see your article. But over all, it is just up to the person as to how effective they think a video will be for their people.

    PS. I have some post that I would probably never make a video of simply because it would entail to much. 😉
    Sheryl recently posted.. Free Screen Capture Video Suggestions for BloggersMy Profile

  35. First off I’m not one to do homework Sheryl so there! 😀

    I have learned something though, I haven’t been branding all my videos. I have to remember to do that.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Sire, I knew we would have at least 1 rebel about the homework. Who would have thought it would be you? LOL!

      The branding is VERY important! I have videos that I can find all over the place and they don’t carry the description or a link to me so the Branding gives it more of a chance that people will associate the video with the site intended.

  36. great info. I’m going to have to start making some videos. One of the top three results for my #1 search term for my niche is a video and everythime I do the search I instantly look to the screenshot of their video instead of the #1 or #2 result. Powerful!

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Scott, the thumbnail of a video in the SERP can really be an eye grabber.

      You can work at bumping the other persons video off & get your own there! It can be done…I know because I have done it & you can too.

  37. I totally agree every blogger should post some videos on youtube, because somethings just cant be written down they need to be said. Keep on the good work.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hello Peter! Yes, somethings are just meant to be video. That way you can show expression, voice inflection, and let people feel a bit closer to the real you.

    • yes a good one “somethings just cant be written down they need to be said”

  38. Sheryl_Loch says:

    Hi Pj, great to know that you got a lil info that will help your videos! I know that some people use videos already we hope to stick in some “hidden” gems or reminders.

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

  39. Hey Sheryl,

    Great post here! There are a lot of things you’ve mentioned that I had no idea about at all. Thanks for that. I have been using videos for my posts but I have a better idea about them now thanks to what you’ve shared. Definitely agree with you though that every blogger should have a video. It’s the new way of spreading whatever thoughts you have or opinions.
    Thanks for sharing this and keep it up! 😀

  40. in a way,we will be able to increase pageview of videos,
    which can be later used to make money with adsense on them

  41. Memphis Workout says:

    Lists of resources, extensive articles and detailed researches, for example, are better presented in textual format. I have been using videos for my posts but I have a better idea about them now thanks to what you’ve shared .Those are mostly people that don’t have too much time to surf the web, and who prefer to access the information in textual format

  42. it’s a best way to getting traffic video marketing.
    nidhi recently posted..The Best Strategies To A Successful Search Engine MarketingMy Profile

  43. Shanky Sahni says:

    Well said Sheryl,
    Bloggers must have some video tutorials as well not only it will drive traffic to your blog through youtube but also make you look a professional blogger.
    Shanky Sahni recently posted..Why is blogging so addictive?My Profile

  44. Twitter: sunnythesis

    Putting videos helps to brand the blog too. And very interesting article.

    Shubham recently posted..How To Play Fruit Ninja FreeMy Profile

  45. sai krishna says:

    Twitter: saithegeek
    hello Sheryl_Loch , i already know about you 🙂 you are one of the partner of HotBlogtips weekly newsletter .. your weekly video tips was very nice and i’m one of the fan of yours .. your writing style is really awesome 🙂 hope you will contribute more articles for HotBlogTips ,,

  46. Videos just make the blogs more personal, in my humble opinion. It’s a great method to give people the feel of things rather than just solely reading. Great idea. Will try to implement videos on my blog…might be a bit tricky 😉

  47. Twitter: Yoursinfo
    Hello Shery,
    Thanks for this great tip. Videos are still a backlinking and targeted visitors method. Publishing on youtube can also give millions of views

  48. video’s would have great impact on ones readers as Videos is a completely new media and it allows the bloggers to connect to ones readers at a deeper level

  49. Twitter: internetdreamof
    Videos are one the top-notch content sharing things a blogger can do. I am going to look into it, and podcast is another very good option.

    I love how videos that are on you tube is so loved by Google. People love to see anything moving or visual.

    Excellent article!
    Samuel recently posted..How To Write A Good Article!My Profile

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