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WP Optins – My Honest Review

WP Optins Pages

On the recommendation of Kimberly Castleberry, I’m reviewing a WordPress Plugin that easily allows bloggers to create sales and squeeze pages right on their blogs. WP Optins Plugin($) is a small but powerful plugin that is perfect for bloggers that don’t have the time or technical know-how/resources to create these important pages.

Blogging is much more than just posting our thoughts in a public platform, if you’re blogging for business, it can tie into internet marketing and email marketing. Setting up a squeeze page is one of the most common methods of building a list. That list can be used to promote product sales and WP Optins Plugin($) works perfectly for both the opt-in pages and sales pages.

There are other plugins that will do the same sort of thing as WP Optins Plugin($) but many come with a hefty price tag and require a significant learning curve. WP Optins($) simplifies the process and allows any WordPress blogger to build their lists and offer products on our blogs. This is all done right inside our WordPress page editor.

My first thought after installing and using the plugin was how convenient everything is. The layout is almost step by step and it’s built right into the page editor that we’re already accustomed to. I setup a demo squeeze page, complete with my AWeber optin form, in a matter of minutes.

I have no problem recommending this product. The price is right, the support is there and every blogger that plans to profit from their blogs needs the ability to capture subscribers and make sales. WP Optins($) is a powerful tool that helps you to do just that. Check it out now($)

Your Thoughts?

Do you use a squeeze page for list building? Are you offering products on your blog? Can you see the benefit of a tool like this? I’d love to get your opinion on this and, as always, your comments are welcome and appreciated here. :)

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