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YouTube Private And Deleted Video Views Removed

image - YouTube Closed CaptioningOn 1/31/13 YouTube announced that you may be noticing a drop in your view counts. They actually have 3 ways in which you may lose views on your channel page.

1)      They have had a bug and the mobile views spiked. The number of mobile views will be adjusted over the next few days.

2)      If you have deleted a video from your channel, any views that video had gotten, will be deleted from your total channel view count. Deleting the video = Deletes the views.

3)      Any video that you have marked as private will not count in your total channel view count.

This just means that when you visit a channel, you will see the total view count that matches the PUBLIC videos for that channel.

I believe they did this to clear up confusion as to why a channel may have no visible upload, yet they have thousands of views.

Some think this is just not right for YouTube to do as they feel they earned the views at some point and should still get “credit” for showing them in their channel count.

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  1. That makes total sense to me. You remove a video, why keep the number of views right? I am surprised they’re removing views from private videos since the owner will usually forward that video to the people they want seeing it so I’m wondering if they’re only excluding it from total views yet will still show how many views that particular video received to the creator.
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    • I am sure the private videos will still have view counts in the Video manager (just like HoA’s do).

      A private video doesn’t add to the “public arena” and therefore you don’t want the public to see the video then the public doesn’t need to see the views.

      They are also looking at having premium channels where people can pay or charge to have access to certain videos…I guarantee this all ties in together.

  2. So, here i am, i am one of them people that lost vieuws, over 2k to be correct. I now have 1k subs and 700 vieuws, that doesnt add up right? if i count the views under my video, it has ALOT more than my channel total… and btw my video’s are now ‘frozen’at the 301 thing, but they don’t get back? help pls…

    • Yes, Brian is right. Looks like your video commenters belong to one of those sites where you sign up, like and comment on other peoples videos to earn “point” so you ca then request views, likes, subs and comments on your videos.

      If I can figure it out in 2 minutes…Youtube can surely figure it out.

      Could I be wrong? Possibly, but I don’t think so in this case.

  3. great post sheryl. i dont use youtube too much and i have never uploaded a video there but i have heard many times that youtube can be a great way to attract customers and traffic. will think about it and thanks for this info that deleting videos also deletes views

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