Your YouTube Subscriber Count May Drop

YouTube Cleans House

image - Faceless SubscribersThat’s right you may notice that your Youtube Subscribers count has suddenly dropped. If it has dropped yet, it may do so in the very near future.

Now before you start crying foul let’s look at the reasoning.

Youtube recently announced (Upcoming improvements to accuracy of subscriber counts) that they were working to clean out subscribers list. When they are done with this, people will be able to see a more accurate count of real/active subscribers.  The change was set to happen on January 12, 2010 but seems to have been postponed for a while why they perfect the process.

Youtube is going to subtract accounts that are inactive/closed or accounts they feel were gotten with artificial or in malicious ways that go against their TOS.

So who will be terribly upset by these new counts?

Men with small… never mind. Yes, those people who need big numbers to look important, even if that huge number is inaccurate of the total number ever seeing or caring about their videos.

People who have gamed the subscriber counts. I am sure we have all seen the “Get free Youtube subscribers” type of ads. In fact you have likely had a boatload of messages sent to your account by these sites/people. People who have used these may see a HUGE drop in subscribers. These are the same people who have hundreds or thousands of subscribers but very few video views. In other words, Youtube is on to you and you need to do the work to get the numbers. I pray they remove any and all ways for the bots of these programs to gain any access.

Who will not be upset by these changes?

ME! That’s right, I don’t care at all. My thinking is that I want an accurate show of subscribers. I want to see an accurate count on my competition. I want to know how many real live active users are interested in my channel.

Who else should be happy about the change in subscriber numbers?

YOU! Now you will know if what you are doing is working. If you lose a few subscribers because they have been inactive that doesn’t matter. You can simply get new active ones. Subscribers that don’t watch your videos are not worth much to you. The idea of Youtube is to have people watch what you upload. If they are inactive or fake accounts then you are not really losing anything if they are suddenly gone.

So now you have been warned. If your numbers change, don’t freak out. Just keep putting up quality videos, commenting on others, liking, sharing…you will get new subscribers and be fine.

This is the opinion of Sheryl and not necessarily of Hot Blog Tips –€“ The whole getting huge amounts of worthless subscribers is crap! I don’t believe in the “Fake till you make it” junk. Instead of wasting your time worrying how you can look like you are “special“, spend that time actually making yourself good at what you do by being an asset not just an ass.

Note From Brian – Sheryl is part of this blog and does speak for Hot Blog Tips, even if she doesn’t know it,
so that’s OUR opinion. 😉

So, are you looking forward to seeing the new more accurate number of subscribers?

As a blogger would you go and get rid of inactive subscribers even if it made your numbers go down? Do you even notice the number of subscribers most blogs have?

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  1. sai krishna says:

    Twitter: saithegeek
    nice and cool explanation brian 🙂 your new theme font and headings are looks very attractive 🙂

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Thanks Sai, Sheryl stays on top of things like this and keeps us informed on what’s important, especially for video.

      Our new theme is HTML5 and CSS3 and seems to load very fast. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

  2. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says:

    Well, I completely agree with you! If you have a huge number of not active subscribers, then it won’t be a big problem for you to delete some of them. It’s better to get new ones, who will be more interested. Thanks a lot for sharing this post!

  3. Singjon Tan says:

    Yes, it could be a good news, really! But I’m going to think a bit of what or how many would I lose. You’re, I guess I don’t need to care cause there are more active user in replacement after this clean up.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Singjon, you are right…there are more and more people using Youtube every day so…keep putting your videos out for people to find!

  4. Theo Magen says:

    It is indeed good to hear that YouTube is getting cleaning services! Like you even I will be happy to know the real active subscribers. And I think no one should get depressed by this, as it will not just be limited to themselves. All the bloggers will be on same wavelength as there will be no fake/inactive subscribers. Thanks for sharing this, was not aware of this.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      I think most normal YouTubers will not see much of a drop if they haven’t tried any of the fake account spam methods of getting subscribers.

  5. Knowing about the real subscribers is interesting idea! It is a good decision by Youtube of cleaning house. As it is there are too many fake subscribers whom the companies itself create to increase the count. By cleaning the counts there real face will be seen. But I don’t think there will be any injustice to anyone by this move of Youtube so no one has to worry about their counts. Just hope this act of Youtube becomes successful in a positive way! Thanks for informing!

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Some of the HUGE Youtubers may see a drop and not from fake account but from old inactive ones that may get dropped. I am sure they can replace them with no problem if they just keep putting out great videos.

  6. I think Youtube has taken a step towards becoming a more secured medium for internet marketing and also for entertainment. I am happy after reading this post. But after looking at the huge drop for the counts I would be in a little pain but I am looking forward to get to know the real counts for my videos. And even I think that it is a very good move to stop the fake counts.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Since Youtube is owned by Google, people should have expected that they would one day get around to getting rid of junk or dead accounts from the subscribers list.

  7. They’re just going the obvious way, quality over quantity. And i like it, i prefer low and accurate instead of high and fake. You can get a better feel of the game like this.
    All those haters that like big numbers will have to get used to it.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Yes Stan, quality over quantity is a good thing. If they don’t like it then to bad since I doubt that Youtube is going to change their mind. LOL

  8. I’m not at all worried because they haven’t got all that much to play with when it comes to my subscribers 😀

    Besides, I reckon most of mine are legitimate ones and therefore they won’t get the chop.

    I think it’s a good idea that they’re planning to do it as it will legitimise the actual numbers.
    Sire recently posted..I Need Your Vote For The Shorty AwardsMy Profile

  9. I think this is for everyone’s sake. Google has always wanted to give us quality results so it is doing what it thinks is the best way to do it. Fake accounts are everywhere so it would be great to lessen them.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      I agree, Youtube is so big now that they really need to keep people from manipulating results with fake accounts. Otherwise all the real people that are playing by the rules are the ones that get shaft.

  10. Twitter: mitch_m
    Good deal; since I only have 6 or 7 subscribers and they’ve all come in the last couple of months I should be okay. 🙂 Of course, to prove I had to read the article, when I saw the title I thought it was talking about viewers and I was thinking I have so few viewers that I couldn’t afford having any taken away. lol

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi Mitch! Most of the Youtube accounts I run do not have a large number of subscribers either. But, I am pretty sure that all of them are real and since my accounts have been up less than 2 years…I bet they are all still considered active users.

      Maybe you should start doing a hula dance to get more views. 😉

  11. Some people might find this frustrating but i think this is a smart move from YouTube. This is would help internet marketers improve their marketing strategy in order to make more money online.

  12. Twitter: theapptimes
    Well, lets hope people don’t start crying foul that their subscriber counts were genuine. The Panda has created enough damage as it is.

  13. One way its better they removed junk account. Not it would make clear who is genius and have quality content.
    Yet again tough job to build subscriber list.

  14. I love youtube. It helps me a lot in my marketing. Now that youtube had updated there website. I am now loving it more. Thanks for the info!

    • Abhi Balani says:

      Twitter: abhibalani
      Staurt, same here. I also love Youtube. And also loving the new upgrades. It’s getting more easier to navigate to crawl through all the subscriptions.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Your Welcome Stuart! Youtube can be a great marketing tool for sure.

      Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to leave a comment!

  15. Twitter: chamightlike
    I know I shouldn’t care about inflate numbers, but there’s still a small part of me that does.
    The reason being? When I do a search and am offered the choice of watching two videos on the same subject and one has a higher view count, I will go with the one with the higher view count.
    True, this has nothing to do with subscriber count, but a lot of people game Youtube views too, for example buying them on Fiverr.
    Still, I’m happy to hear of more and more people who are comfortable with real numbers even if they’re not huge.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Hi mike, thanks for stopping by Hot blog Tips and contributing to the discussion.

      I also look at view counts and know that they can be misleading if someone has bought views but we just have to hope that those un-honest views don’t add up to fast.

      I tend to also look at the comments and do a guess as to if the number of comments seem to be reasonable for the number of views.

      I think more people may be understanding the concept of Quality over Quantity??!!

  16. This is good for YouTube since the number of inactive accounts balloons everyday. Cleaning the yard and do housekeeping in general is great. Thanks for cleaning up YouTube.

    • Sheryl_Loch says:

      Yes Hanna, there are so many people trying to game the system and I hope one day it catches up with them and bites them on the butt. 😉

  17. Abhi Balani says:

    Twitter: abhibalani
    Haha… I’ll not be upset with that, even. As I’ve just started working with youtube. So I don’t have much subscribers.

  18. sai krishna says:

    Twitter: saithegeek
    Thanks for your reply brian 🙂 recently my you tube channel subscribers also dropped 🙁 . i’m working hard to improve subscribers 🙂

  19. This happened to me some months ago, I don’t remember when exactely, I was just chocked, but then it passed.

  20. Fake Youtube subscribers. How funny. I’m glad they are putting an end to that. I would just try to put some good humor in all my videos. That will bring in more subscribers than by cheating.

  21. Danica Green says:

    This might be a good news but a sure ball bad news for those inactive subscribers. Maybe they should start activating their accounts so that they will not be included in the inactive subscribers that will be deleted.

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