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YouTube’€™s Recent Tag Changes Has Me Cussing

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YouTube TagsYes, YouTube is at it again with making changes. About the time I teach people how to do it right, they change things on us.

Attempt #1

When you go to upload a new video you will notice that just copying and pasting your set of tags in may not work as well as it did. When I tried this out, most of my tags seemed ok at first glance. Then when I looked closer, I noticed that the commas I use to separate my tags were now part of the tag. *Insert cuss word*.

Attempt #2

Next I noticed that some tag phrases were blended. I normally just use quotation marks around phrases and separate each phrase with a comma. NOPE not working now! *Insert more cuss words* As I messed around and got all my tags just as I wanted, I went over to view the video page to see how they were. I opened up “view page source” and WTH? What happened to my tags? They sure didn’t come out in the order they were placed in. *More cussing ensues*

Attempt #3

Go back in to Edit the Video and delete all tags and replace them in reverse order of importance. This should do it. WRONG! *Now I say “screw it” because this channel must be borked, goes to another channel*

Attempt #4

On this channel I have a plan and place each tag in separately and in alphabetical order. This way I can possibly figure out how they are being rearranged. Save all the changes and head over to the video page. Another View Page Source and I see 5 of my tags, but I’m not sure why those are the tags listed first. I go back to edit the video and…WTH are all my tags? Out of the 13 tags I put in by hand and saved. Only 5 are still there. *Cussing profusely and looking for a kitten to kick*


So, YouTube just made the tag changes the other day and obviously there are a few glitches. Ok, at least all the channels I manage seem to have glitches. I would love to give you straight answers as to why or how long this “screw up” with tags will last, but I have no idea. I do “Think” that it could come down to YouTube using tags it feels are associated with your description, title or closed captions. It could also be that they are listing what they feel are the most relevant tags first, even if you don’t think they are the most relevant. Now this 400+ word post is simply to tell you that you are not alone in your cussing at the YouTube Tag changes. I am right there with you.

What Do You See?

If you have noticed any weird things happening with tags on new videos within the last few days, please let us know. Maybe we can find a rhyme or reason.

My Advice

NOTE: If you have videos that are not new and the tags are fine…do NOT edit them or you may find you have now screwed your good tagging. Thanks and have a great day! 😉 Sheryl

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  1. Twitter: HotBlogTips
    Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention Sheryl. At first I thought maybe YouTube was limiting tags to just 5 per video but it looks like that’s not the case.

    • Ya know Brian, I normally am the one that just rolls along with YouTube changes while everyone else is screaming. However, this change had me so mad!

      1. I am picky with my tags.
      2. No consistency across channels.
      3. I don’t think it is settled yet and we will have more surprises with tags.

      Yes, you can put some of your regular tags in as “Default” although that wasn’t helping me a lot since there are only a few tags that are always used. So, if I set 5 tags as default, take 3 out for many videos, I still have 6-10 to place by hand and mess with.

      Oh and…I saw the new “trial” video pages are showing up again. Hold your hats boys, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

  2. David Hobson says:

    Twitter: Blog_Tipster
    YouTube is really annoying at the moment, forever changing things. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

  3. I fought with these tag changes too. It wasn’t good communicated I think and I feel a little left alone to figure out how to solve my problems. I am glad to hear that you have the same problems and it’s not because I am to stupid to check how it should be used now.

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      No, you’re not stupid Anna, YouTube/Google just don’t care enough to keep their users informed. They work for advertisers, we’re just the reason for their existence.

    • I am right there with you Anna! Sometimes I think it is just me that is having problems, but this time it was a mess for everyone.

      The tags didn’t give me as much of a fit today. Maybe things are going to straighten out.

  4. Twitter: jonnalarajkumar
    Wow, wonderful post,

    I’ve done the same thing which you’ve talking in first paragraph. usually i will be copying the tags and get it done easily.


  5. Twitter: BlogSetupGuide
    oh I feel your pain. It’s plan retarded! Why not kick a baby not a kitten? Sorry, not that much of an insightful response from me. YouTube has been making me mad lately, but I just happen to stumble across this post.
    Garen recently posted..65 Blog TipsMy Profile

  6. Sheryl rocks….appreciable information.
    Search engine gives more value to those website which has unique videos related to their blogs. May be in the “Blogging” word become “video blogging” so be conscious about video blogs and remember whenever changes occur there is a chance of growth because implementation their is a rise in competition.

  7. Twitter: internetdreamof

    Interesting. I didn’t know much about this, since I don’t use YouTube much.

    But that has changed.

    Now I am using YouTube, and have created my first video for Internet Dreams! 🙂
    Samuel recently posted..7 Cool WordPress Plugins!My Profile

    • Congratulation Samuel on your first YouTube video! With each video you put out, just watch to see what is working and what is not, then make your adjustments. Don’t be afraid to try new things with your videos. You will be rockin it soon!

  8. This is a problem with all the social networking sites online. Once the people start learning and adapting to their new features, they again change their features and add something very different to it. We then have to learn everything all over again. However, I have not tried this new thing in youtube yet.

  9. Twitter: freedommmc
    This could be a sign that developers don’t have anything better to do.

    you know how you can tweak your theme over and over again for hours making tiny changes.

    Shouldn’t they be figuring out a better way for me to block ads?

    What do you think about adsense for youtube?

    • Freedom Jackson, I hadn’t thought about the developers just “keeping busy”. I sure hops someone finds meaningful task for them to do, so they don’t go to crazy. ;-}

      They will not likely ever want you to block ads as that is what funds their pay checks.

      Ads on YouTube are like anything else, some people make money with them others don’t, and it all depends on their traffic.

      I’m just so happy that the election is over so if I have to watch ads, they are not campaign ads.

  10. Twitter: FerbHinlor
    Hi Brian,

    I can’t believe YouTube made change so fast and I don’t make video for my channel and blog, but thanks to your tips, I love them.

    There are some new features I like from the new theme and old theme like the way they style videos in playlists; it’s easier to watch and not really annoying compare to the old theme. But 4 columns theme is really not for me.

    Thank you – Ferb

    • Twitter: HotBlogTips
      Thanks Ferb, I can’t take the credit though, this is Sheryl’s post. 🙂 Sheryl has turned herself into a YouTube expert and she’s who I depend on. (Don’t tell her I said that though, she might get a big hear lol)

  11. Hey Sheryl. I noticed that the tags were a little screwed but didn’t realize that it was because of something that Google had changed. Typical!

    One has to ask though, why you would like to kick the kitten? Where was Brad?
    Sire recently posted..Review Of The Covert Social Buzz PluginMy Profile

  12. I didn’t know about these changes so thanks for the heads up!

  13. Thanks for the heads-up, Youtube has been implementing a great deal of changes over the course of a few months. I”ll definitely check them out.

  14. Akos Fintor says:

    Twitter: Akos_Fintor
    Hey Sheryl,

    I think Google (YouTube) don’t want peeps to tag videos with long tail keywords?!


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